My Story: A Battle Against Heart Palpitations

My Story of Anxiety, Stress, and Heart Palpitations

The Beginning

This whole thing started It started a few years ago after my first son was born. My wife and I had recently moved to Texas from Virginia. Once we arrived in Texas, we hit the ground running and quickly bought a house, then I started my new job, and then for some reason I felt compelled to immediately began a major remodeling project with the help of my grandfather. I would work all day and then come home to a quick dinner, then jump right back to work on the remodeling project, all while our two month old screamed in the background because of a reflux issue. So, after a few weeks of hardly any sleep my heart apparently got knocked off rhythm and I developed an irregular heartbeat.

Cardiologist Bound

It started off with just an occasional hard thud that I would casually notice while working on the house. Then once I realized that my heart was actually skipping, it had my full attention. And the skips began to escalate. It got so bad that I almost passed out and thought I was dying of a heart attack at the ripe old age of 28. My wife was kind enough to drive me to the doctor, where an EKG revealed… absolutely nothing. However, just for good measure, my doctor referred me to a cardiologist. When I visited, paramedics where wheeling out a guy on a stretcher who apparently had a heart attack. Not a good first impression. The cardiologist did all sorts of tests on me: a blood test, EKG, stress test, cat scan, holter monitor. You name it, I probably did it. The results finally came in, I had occasional Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs) and Premature Atrial Contractions (PACs). Unfortunately, occasional turned into 1000’s a day. But on that day, my cardiologist gave me 25mg of Toprol to take if needed and set me on my way.

Personal Life and Work

For the record: when all this occurred, I was 28 years old and weighted about 160 Lbs. (I am about 5’11”), so I wasn’t exactly your typical heart problem candidate. I ran most days and was even preparing for my first Triathlon. I ate fine, but like most people, I probably should have been eating more vegetables. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I had even cut out most soft drinks since I was preparing for a triathlon. My life was pretty bland by most standards, so I could not point to any one thing that would cause my irregular heat beat, but the more I thought about the palpitations, the more it happened. It was horrible. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t work. It made me irritable and tired. It began to consume my thoughts.

Medicine and Supplements

I am not a big fan of taking medicine if I don’t have to, so I resisted taking the Toprol for as long as possible. But there were nights when the palpitations were overwhelming (it probably wasn’t helping that I would always be checking my pulse to see how far apart the skips occurred). So I would end up taking the Toprol. It eventually got to the point where I was taking the Toprol everyday. For those of you who have never heard of Toprol, it is a beta-blocker that slows down your heart rate and stabilizes your blood pressure. It worked at first, but it made me real sluggish and melancholy. I hated it. And once I realized that all it did was essentially lower my blood pressure, I slowly weened my self off of it (with the permission of my cardiologist) and began to look for alternative ways to lower my blood pressure. And that began my obsession with finding a cure for irregular heartbeats.

Research Obsession

I started off by googling “palpitations” and other words related to an irregular heart beat, but all of the results pointed to big medical sites like WebMD that simply outlined “palpitation” symptoms and told me that death was possible. Not good. And once I began looking into natural remedies for palpitations, I kept running into crazy suggestions, like “Snake Gourde Paste” that seemed too bizarre to be real. What I didn’t find were any of the definitive answers that I was looking for.

So that kickstarted my quest to sort through all the junk and get to the bottom of this whole irregular heart beat thing…which ultimately resulted in this blog. Along the way, I have figured out some things that have worked for me, which I hope work for you or anyone else battling an irregular heartbeat, anxiety, or stress.

My Goal

The goal of this site is simple: address the issues of anxiety, worry, depression, stress, fear and heart palpitations and then effectively and efficiently banish them from our lives forever. Topics include: Health and Nutrition, Fitness, Productivity, Stress Management, and even Religion. I would love to get your feedback and hear any remedies that may have worked for you or anyone else you know. All I ask is that you keep your comments constructive and remember that this is not a medical website. Hope some of this information helps.

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  1. Are there any updates to your story?

    • There is! I am still doing great (with the occasional rough day – but nothing like the old days of skipping every few beats). I am currently working on a project at work that is demanding all my time, but once that is finished (sometime around the new year) I hope to get back to blogging about my experience with anxiety and heart palpitations. In the meantime, I recommend that you visit – it is a great community that stays grounded with the help of an actual physician. It has been a really helpful website for me. 

      • Hi, i felt great reading your story. the internet is the only place i can see other people having the same as i do, i dont think or know anyone here dealing with the same thing as we do. i thought my skipped heartbeat is so bad already, but then i have read your story. well i think for the past six months since i felt the sensation of skipped heartbeat, i only had maybe 30 skipped beats ( which i felt) cause i believe im having skipped beats beyond my attention. sometimes im having one a day, one strong feeling, sometimes twice, then a week will pass without it then it will come back. my worst was like 5 a minute, for a minute then it was gone that night. the feeling is so off and sometimes so strong! it feels like my body shuts down for a brief period. it feel like my body is a water then a big drop of water drops to my chest then the weird feeling spreads through my body like waves. LOL . then it will trigger my panic attack, my heart then pounds sometimes irregularly after that episode,. it sucks, im leaving with a constant fear of my heart. i cannot jog, i used to play basketball everyday. i cant do them anymore, just by climbing stairs makes my heart pound hard, same as when i try to run, then ill feel panicky. i am taking propranolol so i can stay with my job. maybe i just need to take it slow with all the stresses i had. im still optimistic ill be ok someday. i am just exercising lightly and i think it helps. stretching, deep breathing. eating healthy foods. just this afternoon my heart beats fast then slow then it seems that i cant move, i just stood there and let it pass. i had numerous ecg and had echocardiogram and was fine. skipped beats are not my main problem with palpitation now but the pounding..

        • Take seroxat.continue at least 1 or 2 years & stop but not drastically. U may take once in a while if u feel the palpitations. Make sure u also take supplementary.. fish oil, q10, calcium& epo. Warning..stopping seroxat is hell, b strong & patient , continue on supplementary, later,gradually it goes off..

        • I’m 33 and have the same issues as you do. I was put on Beta-Blockers as well, and even though it does help, the moment I try to jog my heart races to upwards of 200+ bpm. The last time I went the ER a few months ago, my BP was 200/120, pulse was 160+ and was having PACs on the EKG.

          They later told me that day that I has SVT and Tachycardia and hypertension. After the pharmacist explained to me the do’s and dont’s of beta-blockers, it turns out I shouldn’t even be on them in the first place as my pulse likes to drop into the 40’s at random times, and especially the first hour or two when I first wake up.

        • Gosh reading this and his story has made me feel so great I’m 25 and have been battling heart palpitations since I had my first child. I quit drinking soda (3yrs now) changed my eating habits and got into to exercising to help my body be healthier but then when I started feeling them while exercising it has been so discouraging. I’ve always been overweight had horrible eating habits etc then I realized what I had been doing to my body so I turned many things around but the palpitations bring me down in terrified to exercise I won’t run or do anything vigorous because of the fear and anxiety I get when I have them. I hate living like this I just wish I was “normal” everyday. So coming across threads like these where people are experiencing the exact same issues as you is just comforting. Thanks for sharing your story it helps people like me feel not so alone.

          • I too am very glad I found this blog. Against my CBT’s advice I have been looking online for something, anything that can help me out. I always figured since my heart needs exercise that as long as I am active and running and playing basketball and volleyball, I should be healthy and not have skipped beats, right? Well even recently while playing ball I had to stop because I was having repetitive PAC’s and it was kind of making me dizzy and taking my breath away. I have been to the ER so many times thinking it is something big and they keep telling me nope, I am fine. I even did a treadmill test and they say I passed with flying colors. If that is the case, why does my heart continue to freak me out and make me feel like I am going to keel over any second. The anxiety builds and builds until my days just aren’t normal anymore. It is weird, but nice to know that other people struggle with this exact same thing.

          • I am also overweight and have had palpitations for a good 3 or 4 years. I am also too scared to do any vigorous excessive exercise even though I would love to. Any time I do my heart rate is so fast or palpitates even a while after it. I had been feeling good recently and hasn’t had any palpitations for a few weeks which was great I felt brilliant. And then boom there they have came back this week! Sometimes I feel shaky, light headed and shaky or blurred vision. I am sick of boring other people about it and them telling me it’s in my head. It’s my body I know what’s right and what’s wrong. I have had numerous ECG’s an ultrasound of my heart and 24 hour heart monitors. They found that my heart rate would fluctuate from 120 to 160 BPM but within those fluctuations and when I had reported I had felt palpitations my heart rate remained a normal rythym. Very frustrating and difficult to lead a normal life interesting to see many other people have the same issue and worry just as much as me. I wish you all a healthy happy life. X

          • Plz contact me to talk about this .. im 27 years old and i have been suffering from heart palpitations for more than 5 years.

          • Wow this sounds like me, my palpitations started after having my baby too, sometimes I have a couple a day and other time it’s near 30 a day. My anxiety is quite bad since being traumatised by my pregnancy and emergency c section. I have good days and bad

          • I also struggle with heart palpitations and I have anxiety. It sucks. But I’m happy I’m not alone. (:

        • I too have heart palpitations. My blood pressure is fine the other morning I checked it and it was 125/79, not bad I’m 56 years old and have smoked most of my adult life till recently I just quit I was having shortness of breath and Extremely high anxiety. I’ve always eaten pretty well, But I also drank alcohol after work. Now I am on a high vitamin regiment along with a much higher fiber and better diet, I also exercise three times a week treadmill and light weights.
          After a busy day when I’m at rest my heart will flutter skip beats sometimes be hard and then and then to beets faint and fast. I don’t have health insurance but I’m working on it. I take a few aspirin drink a lot of water do deep breathing exercises and after a while it seems to dissipate and go away.

          It has been a short time since my lifestyle has changed and I’m hoping the exercise diet and lack of smoking will keep my heart normalized. I will post something else after I talk to my cardiologist if I find anything else out regarding this issue.

        • Hi, I had the same experience as you and I devolved into worrying about dying all the time. It turned out I was going through ‘the change’ and my hormone levels were all over the place. I’ve now been on HRT for 5 yrs, and I still have occasions where my heart surprises me with a thump which leads to over-thinking and worrying. I was never like this! What I wanted to share with you that you might want to check with your doctor about is – that wave or ‘water drop feeling’ you described would happen to me, and it emanated from my belly and radiated outward. It was my adrenal glands! Every day they were firing off, sending a wave of adrenaline through my body. As my estrogen hormones started to fall off, other hormones asserted themselves for dominance. I was a mess. I don’t see enough focus on hormones, which are wildly individual and always in flux – whether we’re male or female, young or old. I take 25 mg of metoprolol split in half every day and it’s just enough to keep me even – but if I were to take a 50 mg I’d go all droopy and blue. Not everybody has the same tolerance, and like you I don’t like pills. Another help for me has been magnesium, and eliminating sugar, caffeine, and grains in favor of a “Paleo” plan. Keeps my sugar even, and I’m never hungry – eat whenever I need to. Apples, almonds, good protein, veggies. The answers may be slow, but if you listen to your body you’ll get it sorted. Good luck!

          • Hi,
            I’m so happy to be able to reply. I see this is an old listing, so maybe your problem of PVC’s has disappeared. I hope so for your sake. I’m a 63 yr old female. I’ve been having them just for a couple days, but I’ve had them off and on for a few years now. It always frightens be and that makes them worse. It’s a scary feeling and a vicious cycle. If your’s have disappeared, was there anything special you did that helped? I understand if you would rather not reply.

          • Thank you! Beginning perimenopause. Its has been one heck of a ride so far! Yes, hormones need to be addressed far more often.

        • I am so relieved to notice other people also experience this problem. I had a few traumas in my lifetime (66 years old now) and all of a sudden experienced panic attacks (feels like dying) and after a while skipped heartbeats started, (for 6 years now) which also feels life threatening. After all the medical tests and hospitalisation, a naturopath did a few blood tests and found that my thyroid produced antibodies, which mainly caused anxiety and palpitations etc. Also low magnesium. I now spray magnesium chloride every 4 hours or so and that helps to keep the anxiety and palpitations at bay. I can only hope and pray that this condition will pass one day. I suggest that you try this affordable and easy remedy, maybe this will help, of course together with healthy foods and excercise (walking is good).

      • Charlotte mathis November 29, 2014 at 8:46 am

        I’ve been battling panic attacks and chronic anxiety since I was about 8. As I got older, not only would I have heart palpitations but I would have severe chest pains, cold sweats, pressure feeling in my head, and soreness in my shoulders. I went through Dr after Dr. Ekgs, blood tests, sleep tests, ob/gyn, you name it. No one could find anything physically wrong with me. But then my ob/gyn told me that it could be my anxiety flaring up especially after having my first son.. And hormones going back to normal. And now they are even worse after I’ve had my 2nd little boy and he’s having open heart surgery on Tuesday. My nerves are shot. I can’t even focus now. My heart is going crazy. I can’t even function properly. Anxiety/panic attacks.. Can and will consume your life if you let them. I’m doing all I can to handle this and its getting harder. The more stressed you become.. The worse it can be.

        I really hope you are feeling better. 🙂

        • I feel so bad for you…and everyone who has this “thing” going on. It’s hard to carry on every day when you never know when “IT” will strike. I hate it. I started to have palpitations and racing heartbeat, etc., just after my mother passed when I was 18, about 50 years ago! Can hardly believe that much time has passed. I have had many sessions with this problem, from being raced to the hospital by ambulance, tests and more tests by different doctors, monitors, ekg’s, tests, only to find out it is PVC’s and told there is no cure, just learn to live with them. Also told to try relaxing techniques, etc. I have been on Metropolol for the last 3 years, which seems to help, but other times does not. Food definitely plays a big role for me, and as long as I eat mostly vegetables, lots of vegetables, whole wheat grains, lean protein, etc., it helps. Exercise also helps, but I am limited to more milder forms. Suppressed anger, resentment, frustration, is bad for it , so I try to work on the causes of that, etc… Overall, a complete drag to everyday life. You never know when it will strike. I do a small practice in yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, oh, I try lots of things. I have a night time drink called Calm (from a local health food store) that is primarily magnesium, which is also supposed to be good for palpitations. I actually talk out loud to myself when I get really afraid, telling myself to calm down, that I will be okay, that this, too, will pass, as it always does. I also try positive affirmations at any time, such as “My heart is healthy, it is correcting itself…etc…” Oh yes…the last thing that I have found that does seem to help fairly often is Tapping. Check out Nick Ortner’s site on EFT. It may help you. If nothing else, it keeps your mind occupied and gives you something to focus on other than the damn problem. Don’t know if any of this helps anyone, but I do know how each and everyone feels with this, and I just hope you each may find some relief somehow in the days ahead. Take care.

          • Just a correction…MY AGE! BIG ERROR! It should read “about 40 (not 50)years ago!” Ha! Ha! Must get that straight! (as if anyone will give 2 hoots but me!)

          • Thanks Faith,

            I have found that laughter helps and a glass of wine! Also if I have milk products or red meat it seems to be worse. I am still looking into root canals and the connection with the heart. I am also going to see a cardiologist that specializes in electrophysiology… Stress is a big trigger.

            Blessings, Deb

          • Aaron Plummer April 7, 2015 at 9:38 am

            Faith you just described my feelings and symptoms exactly. I am actually going to try yoga this week as I have signed up for some classes. I hope it helps because like you I am on metropolol as well as some chinese herbal drink medicine. I pray that it will help…at 39 I am too young to have complications already.

          • I have had palpitations since i was 17. I am now 39 years old and still get them.
            They get really bad if i drink alcohol or eat chocolate or if I dont get enough sleep. It is really hard to live with them and they always cause me anxiety. A few things have worked for me. I used to get over 2000 palpitations a day and nothing worked.. Meditation helped me relax but did not take away the palps. I tried brain wave optimization and they went away for almost 2 years but that costs about $2000 every time. I went to a nutritionist and i thought that was helping but they are back. I noticed that when I went to the park and walked barefoot and sat there for a few hours, I did not get even one palpitation. Hmmmm i am going to try that again this week. I worry too much and worrying makes it worse.

          • Wow this helped me a lot. I’ve been dealing with this thing since I’m about 17 and now 25. I’ve had so many test done by cardiologist and they’ve only picked up some PVCs on a halter monitor. Of course by the time I’m seen by a cardiologist the symptoms are gone so I sound insane because they can’t even hear what I’m experiencing on the stethoscope. I looked into the tapping thing and I’m definitely going to try it. I’m too young to be having these issues and constantly worrying about my heart. I’m so glad I can find other people online that experience the same thing.

          • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the rest of us. I’m having the same problem with my heart palpitations. I’ve noticed that caffeine really affects me in a bad way. Too much of it is really not good for me. It will even make me feel nauseous and dizzy. I will take into account all your advice.
            I wish you the best of luck. Hope you get better.

          • Guys, I cannot begin to describe how much this helps me personally, I swore there was no way another human being is living with such horrible problems, let me start by saying I am a 30 year old male that has suffered for roughly 8 years with these ” palpitations”! Sometimes they are once and others are “hard” hits and a couple together, I’ve even had most of the “small” hits take my breath as it skips but not much side effect after, because of this starting as well as becoming a hypochondriac over the years and can’t do ANYTHING without being terrified it’s gonna get me, even when I do the things I LOVE like hunting, fishing, outdoors, softball ext, happens almost every time I exercise, and seems to come faster if I eat too much bad food at a time and get bloated, I went to the ER in 2009 6 times in one month, all kinds of tests, then went to a stress test and was all ok! I didn’t believe this load of crap because I know how I’m supposed to feel and how could these things just come about when I’m 22 years old? Don’t understand, but now they are back and sometimes worse then years ago and I’m freaking out! I’m so scared now that I am afraid to get blood work or even see my doctor to hear any “bad news” but I know I need to, but after having a life in my 20’s pass me by with memories of that I can’t continue to live that way! I teared up a little reading all these posts, I had no idea there were people just like me that I swore were non existent, thank you all so much for your stories, it has already made me feel better.

        • How are you feeling now and how is your son?

        • No doubt that hormones are involved, but I have had the same problems (without the pregnancies) and after a year’s worth of research and doctors who did not help me, I have found something that works….magnesium glycinate. Most people are deficient in magnesium and it can cause a slew of health issues including anxiety and heart palps. Magnesium glycinate is a chelated form that is highly absorbable so it does not cause digestive problems. It has calmed my nerves tremendously and I rarely have the heart pounding anymore (probably due to my body needing something else…magnesium needs vitamin D and potassium to be absorbed and utilized in the body properly…I usually just drink some coconut water and I’m good.) This stuff has literally saved my life. Laying in bed with a pounding heart that makes you feel like you whole chest is going to give out is horrible. And my panicky thoughts made getting up and facing the day seem impossible. Give it a try. (Try to get a product that has no fillers in it like silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate…they will be toxic and less effective. Feel free to email me with any questions. Hope that helps for anyone reading!

          • Hello Steph,
            I also get the pounding feeling in my chest along with the feeling of my heart jumping around in my chest. Ive tried magnesium and it made me feel horrible…a feeling of weakness, lightheaded and pounding heart.. so much anxiety. How do you feel when taking magnesium? I have tried Epsom salt and it was very horrible experience. I am just lost and dont know what to do, I am so tired of this scary feeling.
            Thank You!

          • Could you posted the pill bottle I where could we order them

        • A very late (2 years) reply. How are you and your child doing now ?

        • I hope you are doing better. I hope your little boy had a successful heart surgery. I can not imagine going through that. I also have suffered with heart palpations since having my second child. It has been one solid year of them. Some days better then others having less of them. All my cardiac, thyroid etc. Test normal. Why I am still having them is a mystery. I hope it is all just hormonal or anxiety related. I totally feel your frustration.

      • Deborah Shepard January 9, 2015 at 2:58 pm

        I have been having palpitations for over to months. I have been in and out of ER and spent 3 days in the hospital to find out that I have benign palpitations through a process of test such as: stress test, echocardiogram and an angiogram… Due to side effects, I refuse to go on medications. In addition, after researching beta-blockers used for palpitations, I understand that they do not help with palpitations. In fact my while in the hospital my Dr. told me that the side effects of the meds are usually worse than the palpitations and most often do not help with palpitations. In addition, my last visit to the ER, the Dr. told me that my heart is fine that there is something else causing palpitations which could possibly be acid reflex. He explained that since the esophagus is so close to the heart that palpitations could be caused by sever acid reflex and esophageal spasms.

        I have chosen a holistic approach to health and well being…an alternative therapy. In addition, I have done quite a bit of research on amalgams removals (which I have had) and root canals and the relation to the heart in general, specifically “palpitations”. Last year I had 4 root canals and the year before I had all my amalgams removed. You may check out for more information regarding dental toxicity and how it affects the immune system and how root canals and the relation to the heart (incase this might relate to you). Thyroid has a direct affect on the heart; therefore, if there is an imbalance of Free T3, T4 and TSH which are related to heart palpitations (slightly low T3 even though TSH is normal). Moreover, elevated T4. Talk with your Dr.

        SSRI anti depressants make me crazy and my body does not act very well to meds in general. The only med that I take is a generic form of Xanax “Alprazolam” 1/2 tablet of .25 mg and I only take as needed. FYI, I found this on the Internet regarding Lexapro under side effects ” fast or uneven heartbeats, tremors, feeling like you might pass out”.

        I feel for you and understand what you are going through. I am working through this too.

      • Deborah Shepard January 9, 2015 at 2:59 pm

        Hi, I went to the link you provided for heart palpitations but it does not let me register. Any recommendations Thank you.

      • I am 66 and had palpatations all my life and worse as i got older, from time to time. Been thro the tests, echo, heart monitor for 2 wks at two diffeent times. Only thing that helps me is Hawthorn herb. It makes the skips go away to where i feel normal again. Once i start to slack off and then stop taking it for a couple months or more the palps, skips, pvc’s, pac’s, come back hard. Then i take the hawthorn again and i get back to normal within a wk or two. I use the liquid tincture. Works faster. I pay ten bucks for a small bottle that lasts a long time. I take ten drops 3x a day. There’s a more expensive one for fifty bucks that i think works even better., from Healthy Hearts Club. I like it better but the cheap one seems to be doing the job.

        • Hi! my name is also Marie I went for an ECG and the doctor told me that my heart skips all over the place now he wants me to go do a stress test I am a little worried if I have any problems with my heart valves or arteries that I would probably get a heart attack right there and then

      • Deborah Shepard May 20, 2015 at 4:01 pm

        I cannot pull up the website you suggested:

      • hi i m 40 Year old woman have been dealing with the same problem but as of the last 7 days it seems like that is all my heart is doing skipping and fluttering it scares me so bad i have had all kinds of test to and they say nothing is wrong with me . yes i smoke i need to quit i dont drink and if i have a soda it is sprite so no caffine. i was listening to my heart and in 1 min my heart would skip 6 times its driving me crazy

      • I am.having the same problem (skipping hearthe beats) since 4 months and it’s scaring me to death. .I have done all kinna tests. .EKG holter monitor stress test ultra sounds you name it and everything is normal ..I just don’t understand if everything is normal than why these skipping heart beats …I had never had this problem even did the thyroid test that’s normal too.. I noticed my palpitation starts or get worse of I eat something, anything. just update if there’s anything that has worked for you …I quit smoking almost 5 months quit drinking, cofee but I just hate the feeling when it starts. .

      • Any additional updates? You still around?

      • I ‘ve had a pretty wild month that all started with heart palpitations, well quitting smoking to be exact. My palpitations never bothered me too much, UNTIL I quit smoking. The first week quitting, I woke up five times in a row out of breath with my heart racing. I also started to notice the palpitations were becoming more frequent. I quit smoking two months ago and I decided 2016 would be the year I got my health together. I visited the dentist, gyno, and my regular doc. I’ve had health anxiety for a few years and had been practicing avoidance behavior. Well, I just turned 36 and this would be the year to get my stuff together. I went to the MD because the gyno mentioned my high bp. So, while at the doc, I mention the heart palpitations. Next thing I know, they are hooking me up to an ekg “just in case.” Doc comes back in and tells me there’s a “blip” on the ekg. Well, I’m also overweight si she decides to test cholesterol and glucose levels. My LDL turned out to be 199 so she offers me a nuclear stress test. The test come s back ABNORMAL!!! It shows anterior wall ischemia and they think I may have a blockage. They say I need to see a cardiologist. I just turned 36!!! I see the cardiologist who says I need a heart cath. Long story short, I have heart cath and there are no blockages. To quote my cardiologist, I have wide open arteries. I still don’t understand the ekg changes and my last echo was good. I see my primary again on three weeks. I’m hoping for closure because I’m still feeling the anxiety.

      • Hi there,

        I’m not sure if you’re still looking at the blog, but I felt compelled to send a message. Here’s my story as brief as I can tell it. I first started getting palpitations at age 17-18 and like you had all the tests over the year well into my 20s. At its worst I’d have palpitation every minute, so hundreds and hundreds a day and it made me anxious. Although I never had any pain or other side effects, it was a horrible feeling. Unfortunately I also suffered from a serious acne problem, which I’d had lots of antibiotics for (really not worth taking folks) as it happens when I was in my mid 30s I’d had a potentially dangerous eye infection and swelling, so the doctor prescribed me with flucoxicillin a form of penicillin I think. After the course had finished and my eye clearered up low Andy behold my heart palpitations disappeared! It’s only very occasionally that I get the odd one or if I’m laughing heavily. Today I’ve a bad infection and on the same meds. (I’m now 39 years old) surprise, surprise in the box and instructions it says that flucloxicilin is for treatment of infections and also heart infections. All the doctors tell me it’s a complete coincidence and unrelated regarding my palpitations going. I disagree, I think I’d carried a heart infection all those years. I eventually had an ultrasound scan of my heart Andy it revealed that I had mild regurgitation of the tricuspid value. Some docs said it was a useless valve anyway, don’t worry… some said don’t worry and mostly they said that most people have this form of regurgitation, again don’t worry! I guess in the back of my mind, there’s this niggling doubt and I think I’m fine. I exercise and rowed a marathon for cancer research this year and no problems. It now worries me greatly that other people are going through their young adult lives and having the same problems, almost like the doctors don’t believe them, making people feel like hypercondriacts. I’m not a medical expert (wish I was!) and maybe it was a complete coinsidance about my palpitations going, but maybe someone on this thread had the same issues and their doctors aren’t listening to them either? Heart infections are rare for young people, but for the sake of a course of relatively harmless penicillin, it might help people?

      • I’m Joyce 67 yr. old female, dinosed with afib a week after a very busy Christmas season,with lots o company and3jobs . Needless to say very active.
        I did all kinds of research but much to my di stain went with Drs ,8 weeks on all their ❤️Medication but not blood thinner. After 8 weeks of my heart racing up to179 at least 5 times a day, caradlogist made my next appt a month away.
        He could care less, so I started weaning myself off the meds with all types of natural remedies .rhen it happened a sever stroke 3/29/16.
        I’m talking stomac tubes, trake,wheelchair and therapy tring to recover. Still in they say controlled afib. Now what? Doing accupunture now,waiting. Help someone p,ease

      • I have the same thing palpitations ,stress ,high blood pressure and reading your blog gave me some comfort knowing that im not alone. I feel that im not being taken seriously about my palpitations ,one day as i was going to work i felt weird and went to the ER were i had an EKG done blood work and xray taken as i waited 4.5 hours for someone to acknowledge me from the doctors who for some reason did not care to talk to me about any of my results finally i got upset called the nurse and explained that i have been waiting patiently for a long time and when the doctor was called by her he sat down by were all the doctors were didnt come to my room and said i was ok. Today i went to my doctor and within 5 minutes said i was having palpitations and said i should see a cardiologist weird that a hospital took 5 hours and said i can go home.The hospital later on today called me if i wanted to see a cardiologist. Nobody takes palpitations seriously i do and it scares me but hopefully i can get some resolve by the cardiologist. Thanks for this blog

      • Can i come and stay with you. I cantgo on any longer with these things. Im having dangerous thoughts because i cant live with these anymore.

      • How are you today in 2017?

      • Hi i have several illnesses including invisible illnesses so to joe public i would probably look not to ill which couldn’t be further from the truth I’m just wondering when you had the palpitations did your body actually shut down i have to go straight to bed straight away i litterally can’t breath and this goes on and on and on my very best days i might see 10hurs aday at most usually i struggle to see 7/8 hurs I’m having all the test that you mentioned and although having a very troubled life from being a small child I’m finding it hard to believe this is all due to anxiety and stress and depression and mental health issues it’s the total closing down of my body that i can’t understand I’m so sorry to mither you just wondered if you had the same problem hopefully you’ll reply thanks very much Elizabeth.

      • Hi there, I went through the exact thing you are talking about. I took Toprol xl for about 4 years and when i would stop they would come back worse sometimes. I slowly took myself off of them and haven’t used them in about 4 years now. What worked for me is an earthing pad. the day i got it they were gone. I still get them every few weeks one at a time or sometimes a flutter for about 4 seconds and its scary but goes away. If I dont get enough sleep or drink alcohol they will be there then next day. Also, I heard if your not getting enough oxygen at night, that will affect your heart too. I might have sleep apnea and I am going to get a sleep test this week. My cardiologist said I can have all the palpitations and it doesnt affect my heart. I used to have over 2000 a day and now maybe 2 a week. But still its scary.

    • There was a time I was having mysterious heart activity and come to find out it was due to vitamins,and other over the counter supplements. When i quit taking them my system and blood flow went back to normal. Years ago

    • I also had mysterious heart activity, come to find out my heart and system did not agree with the vitamins and over the counter supplements I was taking that was supposed to be good for me. As soon as I quit taking the stuff my heart and system went back to normal and I felt fine. Some years ago I re-injured my knee and took too much Vicodin and got the dosage schedule wrong, my heart started to race and I thought I was going to die and I started freaking out, I then went into a meditations mode and my heart slowed to normal, ever since then that experience has got to my physic, and because of that experience I freaked out over every little heart or system glitch and it got to me and stressed me even more, until “I SAID F*CK IT” I AM THE BOSS OF MY HEART AND MY BODY, AND IF MY HEART STOPS IT STOPS” I CANT DO NOTHING ABOUT” IF I DON’T WAKE UP? I DON’T WAKE UP?I am not going to be scared any more, ever since I reached that level I sleep great at night. I am 5″10 280lbs 34 “trying to lose weight of course” but all in all? I feel fine. Point being is that we cant explain what happens to us, it just does, and we got to say the heck with it. hope this helps

      • Yes it did thanks. Need to have that kind of attitude 🙂

      • Hey Clifford I really like your story and Davids…. I can relate so much…….I have been wanting to get into contact with people who have the same thing so if there is anyway for you and david to reply and maybe we can exchange emails or something….thanks

    • My ongoing palps started 2 months ago. I am 56 year old postmenopausal…. After two ambulance rides to ER and a 3 day stay in the hospital, I am told my heart is like a youngster after having a echocardiogram, angieogram and stress test, but the electrical system is not working correctly. With all this said, my cardiologist cannot give me a reason why and prescribed a beta blocker with all kinds of side affects. Drugs do not agree with me and do not help with the symptoms.

      I sleep well at night. Thank God! However, the palps will start about 30 min. after I get up or after I eat breakfast and go all day long. I also have indigestion and acid reflex and feel as though I need to burp and I often do. I am questioning if the palps could be due to possible gallstones or digestive problems? So I am asking my MD to do an ultrasound of my gallbladder, pancreas, and liver.

      I have also gone to see a hormone specialist for bio identical hormones. I am at my witts end. Any suggestions? Thank you.

      • Yes. I believe much of that can be caused by improper digestion of the foods you are eating. Wheat is very toxic now due to GMOs and the fact that the big farms kill it with herbicides before harvesting it. In addition to it being toxic, it is also naturally more difficult to digest than meat or fruit or veggies. Eliminate all wheat: flour, bread, noodles… this should help some. My palpitations are more due to a prolapsed valve. But if I avoid wheat, they happen less frequently.

      • Have you looked into magnesium oil?

      • My dr. is a medical/holistic/researcher. Metal and fillings could contribute because of all the work I had. I too am having palpations for months. My thryoid is now off, but she feels that is secondary. (Had it zapped 17 years ago, radioactive iodine). Probably could of remedied that if I knew more alternative. She is finding the thyroid is secondary to copper toxicity, mold and lyme. I am from the east and I would not be surprised if something is going on. Much too can relate to our methylation cycles (meaning what our bodies come in with when we are born) Yes, it is deep but the more I read about all this, the more it makes sense. Am going to begin the nasal testing for mold. Have tried everything else – I cannot rely on medical endochronlogists – they are just looking at numbers on my blood tests. The body manifests things over the years – as far back as 40+

      • hi am Sally 43y who goes thru the battle it only been almost 3 weeks $tr@ight with the palpsit’s a horrible ffeeling .but I’ve always had them on and off for a a few years now ..but tonight its been 30 mins or more non stop ..tmrr I see my cardioligis that I have not seen in two years ….I did start smoking on and off for a year now ..since my mom had a stroke so I quit cold Turkey health is more important …may god bless n help all of ya …I’m going to get on my knees and pray to god to stop this he the only one who can help …good luck guys I won’t wish this on no one …n ps I just had a baby six months ago n been going thrua lot of stress so maybe that could be it …I’ll keep ya posted …

    • Deborah Shepard January 9, 2015 at 12:32 pm

      I have been having palpitations for over to months. I have been in and out of ER and spent 3 days in the hospital to find out that I have benign palpitations through a process of test such as: stress test, echocardiogram and an angiogram… Due to side effects, I refuse to go on medications. In addition, after researching beta-blockers used for palpitations, I understand that they do not help with palpitations. In fact my while in the hospital my Dr. told me that the side effects of the meds are usually worse than the palpitations and most often do not help with palpitations. In addition, my last visit to the ER, the Dr. told me that my heart is fine that there is something else causing palpitations which could possibly be acid reflex. He explained that since the esophagus is so close to the heart that palpitations could be caused by sever acid reflex and esophageal spasms.

      I have chosen a holistic approach to health and well being…an alternative therapy. In addition, I have done quite a bit of research on amalgams removals (which I have had) and root canals and the relation to the heart in general, specifically “palpitations”. Last year I had 4 root canals and the year before I had all my amalgams removed. You may check out for more information regarding dental toxicity and how it affects the immune system and how root canals and the relation to the heart (incase this might relate to you). Thyroid has a direct affect on the heart; therefore, if there is an imbalance of Free T3, T4 and TSH which are related to heart palpitations (slightly low T3 even though TSH is normal). Moreover, elevated T4. Talk with your Dr.

      SSRI anti depressants make me crazy and my body does not act very well to meds in general. The only med that I take is a generic form of Xanax “Alprazolam” 1/2 tablet of .25 mg and I only take as needed. FYI, I found this on the Internet regarding Lexapro under side effects ” fast or uneven heartbeats, tremors, feeling like you might pass out”.

      I feel for you and understand what you are going through. I am working through this too.

      • Hi I started having palpitations a while now it stops and goes and comes back with a bang. At first I did not understand was scared. But I am now 48 and last night was the worst I have not slept my body like it’s shooting adrenalin in my system and my heart is pounding away. My wife tries to help but it just goes on. I have taken xanax waiting for it to kick in. I hav done a lot of test still hav some more to do. I wish you guys the best keep the faith thanks for the blog.

        • Eric, yours sounds similar to mine. That adrenalin feeling you are having is called the “fight or flight” response. If you’re taking Xanax I assume you have anxiety or stress issues. You might want to look into serotonin imbalances that could be causing this response to constantly trigger. The best thing you can do is practice things that do ANYTHING to help you relax such as meditation, yoga, CBT therapy, guided visualization etc. Also look into the rest of your hormones. Hope this helps you.

    • Hi everyone, I’m 23 years old and my story started a week after new years eve of 2014 when my loveliest girlfriend and I went to a cinema to see Paranormal Activity, when suddenly I felt uncomfortable during the movie.
      I lived my life as I am gonna live twice, I smoked cigarettes, didn’t drink alcohol, but ate unhealthy. I loved energy drinks and soda and got them several (too many) times a week, loved eating snacks, candy and fast food.. I didn’t even care that I ate more unhealthy than eating well.. Didn’t have bad self esteem, had lots of friends and loved my life.. Then everything changed when my girlfriend and I went to a cinema to watch Paranormal Activity.
      During the movie, my vision kinda zoomed into the screen which sound pretty weird, then I felt my heart pump rapidly and hard, at that point, my breathing became uncomfortably tight, I couldn’t catch my breath and I was in shock. My girlfriend and I drove to acute hospital just to find out that the situation I got into, was because we saw a horror movie, as the nurse said.. They did ECG and I was told that everything should be fine, and they even said that it’s normal to experience this at my age.. They didn’t made me explain what I felt, and they even let me go without letting me ask them some questions..
      Half a year after, I still experienced irregular, fast heart beats, even got several symptoms and mild depression that i’m trying to ignore. My lungs feel tight sometimes and at the same time I feel tightness around my neck. It comes off by itself, I just have to be calm, and where sometimes it stays more or less. I also feel pressure around my chest, and I’ve been to a doctor and cardiologist, both of them never found anything wrong with my heart, they say that my heart is over-healthy and at my age again is normal.. I started to believe what they said, and I started to say and think that everything is ok..
      I have quit cigarettes and energy drinks the day after the awful thing happened and began to eat better and drink less soda and more water. Couple a days after the experience, my thoughts and vision became very weird. When this extremely weird thing happens, my thoughts and vision becomes very “low”. The way I think became slow, and my vision becomes weird, it would last and hour or so, and i’ll feel normal again..
      The symptoms I have got are plenty. My ears have started to ring when I’m in a silent room, my visual got blurry and started to loose weight. The weird thoughts have stopped, thankfully. I used most of my time being home, and stayed away from cinema and anxiety was building inside me, but thankfully, I think I might become stronger now as I often go out in public more often.
      I had a break from secondary school and started again after 6 months after what happened, and I am about to graduate. My girlfriend only knows that I have been through anxiety, and just wanted to share my story. Sorry for bad grammar, english is not my mother language 😀
      My girlfriend is what I am thankful for, for helping me getting through this horrible thing.
      I’m still having some issues with my health, and I’m experiencing milder skipping heart.
      But I believe that this will stop one day, just carry on and be strong and live your life healthy and quit smoking 🙂

      • thanks Thor I doid stop smoking n will learn how to be less stress tmrr I’ll see my heart doc if they say all is good I’m def going to meditate more eat healthy expensive n trust in my god …

      • Sounds exactly like anxiety attacks!! My cognitive behavior therapist has told me to stop watching Walking Dead because even the intense scenes can start me on an anxiety attack where the body starts over examining itself in a fight or flight method. You start to find other “weird” things with your body, i.e. ringing in the ears, blurry vision, just something feeling not right. You have to plow through these sensations and use a lot of self talk that it’s just anxiety and you can get through it, just calm down and nothing is wrong. This is what I am learning at least with my therapist.

      • Many of us sufferers need to look into Roemheld syndrome or it is also called Gastro cardia. It is actually stomach, gas or hiatal hernia that causes the irritation of the vagus nerve. That is what mimics the heat issues, palpitations, rapid heart rate, anxiety. I’m working on trying to alleviate these symptoms with supplements, DGL, Gas-X, and Aloe vera gel. Also manual manipulation of the hiatal hernia. Research Roemheld and the vagus nerve. Best of luck to all of us.

    • Here is what I have found to help me: Potassium Citrate 3 times per day, 1/2 tsp of salt in water (drink), and 10 oz of gatorade (1/2 morning and at night). I’m also using Bio-identical hormones…

    • Has anyone had an ablation or talked with a cardiologist about it?

    • Ive been in bed 9months with twrror. One minute i was soin karate and riding- the next im peteified to the stage ive wer myself with fear as i wont walk to the toilet.
      Is this it bow- my life?

    • I am 45 and have been battling heart palpitations for the last 2 years eventually ending up in ER 3 times and an appointment with the cardiologist. I had a heart 3D echocardiogram which revealed nothing apart from a slight valve issue which is apparently normal and nothing to worry about and a large aorta (again upper end of normal but normal!). They also caught the irregular heart beat on the cardio gram and again said it was nothing to worry about. I was also going through a huge amount of stress when the palpitations kicked off. I still battle with the anxiety when it happens which is fairly regularly again. I did find when I exercised it got better so I am going to start a regular exercise program again. I’m not overweight, I eat really well, hardly drink but feel stressed. I really believe that this is my body’s way of showing me that I need to slow down. My cortisol levels are fine so the doctor also doesn’t think I’m that t to find this website where we can all share our stories and any healing we have. Personally I have found that frankincense has been beneficial. I rub 2 drops over my heart in the morning and at night and on my wrists. I haven’t taken any of the beta blocker medication that I was given by the cardiologist. I think the medication would make me feel worse.

      • Andrea, you story really hits home with me. I am a health and wellness major and just certified as a personal trainer so being active is my lively-hood. About a year ago I was doing weighted lunges and squatted down to pick up my weights to do another set and it is the first time I remember that it happened. My heart kind of paused and felt like it fluttered then as soon as I moved to put the weights down because something wasn’t right my heart sped up and beat all erratic. It only lasted for maybe 30 to 60 seconds but it felt like an eternity. I had to calmly stand there while my heart righted itself and not go into a full panic attack in an empty gym at 5:30 in the morning. I thought it was just a fluke thing that happened then it “started to happen”, their was no rhyme or reason to when it happens. Once it did it on the treadmill when I cleared my throat when I was running, and another time it happened when I was mowing the lawn and pushed the mower through the ditch. It also started to make these weird flutters when I would plop down on the couch and randomly throughout the day. I was starting to freak out, it caused me to have anxiety and by the time I made my doc’s appointment and was referred to a heart specialist I was having full fledged panic attacks at night when I should be relaxed and in bed. I wore 4 different halter monitors, had an echo cardiogram/ultrasound of my heart and the only thing they told me was that I had a slightly leaky tricuspid valve (which they said was normal) and an extra beat here and there. Other than that they said I was perfectly fine and healthy, I was prescribed tropol to take when I felt it was necessary (i’m sure I misspelled that) and had a bad reaction to it, I only took one and threw the rest away. They prescribed me diltiazem (again to take when I felt necessary) but I have never taken one because I had such a bad reaction to the prior prescription and totally freaks me out. End result the heart specialist thinks I have some kind of related stress reaction to my father dying and other stressors loaded on me. Since the appointment I had not had any of these things happen except for maybe two or three skipped beats, so I thought maybe they were right, It has been about a month and a half maybe two since my appointment. Then today I pulled my comforter off the bed and went to hang it up over the bedroom door while I took the sheets off the bed, I jumped with it in my arms over my head and hooked it on the door, as soon as I did this my heart did that thing where it goes all haywire for a minute. I am so disappointing by this, I had stopped lifting weights because I had so much anxiety over the idea of it happening and killing me where I stood in the gym. I have only been doing cardio and yoga lately, I was just starting to feel like wow, it had not happened in a while so I would start incorporating weights back into my workout. Now I don’t know what to do, and I don’t feel like anyone wants to help me figure it out. I am in the health and fitness industry and I am at a loss about it all.

      • Hello name is ash and I am 37 years old weight about 110 at the time . my fast beat beat started feb 2016 ..out of nowhere my heart rate went up to 180 plus and my blood pressure went over the roof .. ..I was taken to the ER and they ran all sort of test .. Echocardiograms shows a mild tricuspid regurgitation which my doctor assured me that almost everyone has a mild TR and that was not causing my fast heart beat ,I had a stress test which showed a really fast heart beat due to the lack of excising on my part, x-ray which shows a normal size heart .. EKGS and blood tests everything seem to be normal. My cardiologist put me on a low dosage of beta blocker carvedilol 3.25 – ½ in the morning and ½ at night ..I am staying away from caffeine and sugar is not my best friend as per my doctor oh and salt ..I do cheat buy the list of food I consumed are not a wide variety so sometime I will eat certain food and trigger a fast heart beat .anyway thank god I am so much better …3 months now and all is well ..please email me If there is anything I can help with . I find that since I was about 18 this all started but I never took noticed ..

        My diet these days are

        Beef like once every other week
        Lots of veggies
        And a coconut water about once a week …fresh coconut
        I avoid all preservative
        Avoid MSG like a plague!!!
        If you’re eating right then you don’t need to take vitamins (as per my doctor)
        Walk 2 miles a day
        And get 7 to 8 hours of rest each night

    • Im terrified of dying. I wont get out of bed and havent for a year. Theres so much to my story. You get to know what palps/ ectopics youre getting then suddenly a new one pops up n thats whats just happened and im so scared im shaking and feel sick. Anyone there help me please . Im so scared

      • You can’t die from ectopic heartbeats! No one ever did! It’s not possible! There is the same chance as dying from sneezing! Get out of bed and move around – you will feel better. Trust me!

        • How do you know that? Most of the time the doctors don’t even know what causes them or how to treat them. If these so-called benign PACS and PVCs don’t kill me, the depression will so one way or the other they are responsible. My life has been ruined by these things. I’m not living. I am dying a slow and miserable death.

      • I feel the same way. This started on 12/10/ 2016. On December 12 was birthday. I just turned 57 and I’m having the same feeling as everyone . I wish this stop it is ruining my life. All think I’m about die and I love life. I’m diabetic I had a stoke six years ago. Went ER several times in the last two months test were taking and the doctor can’t find nothing wrong they everything is normal. Went to my doctor had test done everything was normal and my doctor say I’ m not diabetic any more. I do have GERD I was wondering could that be the problem. I wished that some could me. I’m so afraid I’m crying now. Just wished this thing go away for everyone who has this problem.

        God bless you all. on

        • Hello. YES, there is a connection between GERD (acid reflux), sleep apnea, obesity and heart palpitations!! I take 2 tbsp. of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar daily to ward off GERD. This can help with your heart palps, try it!

  2. I was off work last year for 4 months with stress.  It’s not as if I am new to my work as I am currently 58 and have been working for 41 years.  I am in a technical job which requires me to attend breakdowns wherein I can be called out after hours.  Technology has quadrupled over the 41 years, and I am expected to keep abreast of it, without any courses.    Though 58 I am told I look in my forties, and certainly in my 20s and 30s I was very fit, doing Iyengar yoga; tai-chi; shiatsu; Zen meditation; shotokan karate; aikido; weights; aerobics – never smoked, ate well. 
    Life changes, though, and at 35 a relationship ended, I moved away and these things I did became sporadic.  At 40 I was in a new relationship and the foundations of my fitness remained.  Never been ill in my life.
    At 57 I had a panic attack, and my ability to cope seemed to vanish.  I had been thinking “How is it I am surrounded by people, and yet am on my own”?  referring to how every head turns to me when something goes wrong.  And the more I repair, the more I am required to repair.  The better I do, the more they lay on me.
    Funny thing is, in my 4 months off I received “counselling” which, essentially, said “Look, life can be pretty crap, but just fasten the rose tinted glasses on your head, look at it through them, and it won;lt feel as bad” – which is rubbish, to me. 
    I returned to work and fond nothing had changed, but my attitude had.
    My years of Yoga and Zen meditation – in which I could sit for an hour thinking of nothing and felt a well of deep calmness within, had vanished through lack of practise.  People said “get back to your yoga” not understanding I’d practised for about 5 years when I was ultra-fit, and couldn;t – 30 years or so later – simply jump right back in as if I;d never been away.  Any fixes from yoga or meditation would take more years of practise.

    But I began, have got a fair handle on it, and then I got sporadic and uncomfortable palpitations which I feel, deep within, are more stress related than anything physical.

    So where do I go from here?  What did YOU do to alleviate them?  There are times, like now, when I am completely free of them.  There are other times when I feel them banging about, thumping in my chest, making me cough, and they are uncomfortable.

    A lottery win would probably calm me down, or telling them to stick their job where the sun don’t shine but the first is unlikely (keep dreaming) and the 2nd not possible justyet as I still need to pay my bills, and telling them to ram their job  would probably increase my stress,not reduce it.

    So my quest continues to remove these palpitations for good. To that end I drink very little coffee or tea (if any) having susbtituted them with herbal/fruit teas instead.  I stopped drinking gin and tonic because I drank more tonic than gin, and the tonic contained quinine.  I eat well, amd reasonably fit, don’t smoke – but don;t do regular exercise as I work offshore and myjob entails going upoand down hundreds of stairs every day for 14 days, so it is hardly sedentary.  At almost 59 I am past the age of going to weights with my sweats on etc, although last time I went I was on a stepper (killer) in a row of steppers.  Either side of me was a couple ofyounger men, the one on my left in his 20s, the one on my right in his 30s.  I glanced at their controlsand saw they were not only on a much lower level than me, but only did 10 minutes whilst I plodded on for an hour.  So I am not unfit, but by my own standards compared to myself years ago, I am.

    Any help would be appreciated.  I have developed anticipatory anxiety and need to shut it down, even to considering hypnosis.

    Any ideas/suggestions??

    • I am really sorry to hear that you are having such difficulties with your irregular heart beat. The first thing I did was go to a good cardiologist who let me know that these heart palpitations were anxiety based. From there I kept looking for a magic cure for anxiety/heart palpitations and never found one. I finally took each part of my life that I thought could be contributing to my anxiety and I did everything I could to minimize the effects. For me (and I am sure they are different for each person) that meant looking at: 1) My Sleep 2) Fitness 3) Nutrition 4) Productivity/Time Management 5) Nutrition 6) Faith/Mental Attitude 7) Stress Management Techniques. Working on those areas went a long way to help reduce the number of palpitations I was experiencing. Keep in mind, I still have the occasional day where I notice my heart palpitations so I’m not someone who has it all figured out (that’s actually why I started this blog – so I could find the best ways to reduce stress/anxiety in each area and see what others have done).  I hope to get back to blogging about my experience with anxiety and heart palpitations soon. I wish you the very best in your journey. 

    • I would love ro meet you…… Ypir words made me cry xx

    • Hello name is ash and I am 37 years old weight about 110 at the time . my fast beat beat started feb 2016 ..out of nowhere my heart rate went up to 180 plus and my blood pressure went over the roof .. ..I was taken to the ER and they ran all sort of test .. Echocardiograms shows a mild tricuspid regurgitation which my doctor assured me that almost everyone has a mild TR and that was not causing my fast heart beat ,I had a stress test which showed a really fast heart beat due to the lack of excising on my part, x-ray which shows a normal size heart .. EKGS and blood tests everything seem to be normal. My cardiologist put me on a low dosage of beta blocker carvedilol 3.25 – ½ in the morning and ½ at night ..I am staying away from caffeine and sugar is not my best friend as per my doctor oh and salt ..I do cheat buy the list of food I consumed are not a wide variety so sometime I will eat certain food and trigger a fast heart beat .anyway thank god I am so much better …3 months now and all is well ..please email me If there is anything I can help with . I find that since I was about 18 this all started but I never took noticed ..

      My diet these days are

      Beef like once every other week
      Lots of veggies
      And a coconut water about once a week …fresh coconut
      I avoid all preservative
      Avoid MSG like a plague!!!
      If you’re eating right then you don’t need to take vitamins (as per my doctor)
      Walk 2 miles a day
      And get 7 to 8 hours of rest each night

  3. Millerfamily4824 January 14, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    Experiencing these irregular beats, but prob. due to peri-menopause.  Bummer.  Feels like someone just scared the crap out of me and my adrenalin is pumping like crazy.  Awful feeling.  Will give your suggestions a try.

  4. elena kaloudis March 7, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Your story is mine! I had another ER visit Sunday night. I was relaxing in my quiet living room about to sip on chamomille tea and boom, palpitations worse then I ever had. Ambulance recorded 176 bpm for the 1st few seconds then it went down to 120-115 bpm. I do abuse food and since this episode I developed a phobia of caffeine, sugar and chocolate. I believe that I went on such a chocolate binge for almost a week I messed my body up. I am getting a stress test next week, oh and all my testing and ekg’s have been normal. But like you I have become obsessed with taking my pulse. Yes I have major stress in my life too. My house got damaged by hurricane Irene and again by hurricane Sandy. I am not ruling out anxiety causing this and I hope it from anxiety but need to make sure I don’t have any underlying issues. Since Sunday attack I feel like I am paralyzed with fear. I take care of my three small kids by myself. I am in my late 30’s and I am hypothyroid. This is hell I’m scared to walk to fast, sleep on on my etc, etc. Reading your story made me feel better.

  5. I am so grateful for you and your blog. I just stumbled across your blog by Googling, “I want my heart palpitations to stop!”
    I’ve had palps since 2004 but they came and went and a cardiologist told me everything was fine. They never got to the point of running my life. Then in March of 2012 I had a lot of stressors in my life, the stomach flu, and a panic attack and the heart palpitations became out of control. I ended up at the electrophisioligists office (after a trip to the ER) and after lots of tests was told I am fine and to “deal with them”. Since then these palps are all consuming. I am 33 this month with 4-kids. I am too young to have to deal with this (not that anyone should). I am afraid to be alone because if I need help no one will be there to call 911.
    I look forward to future blog posts and trying the tips you have here. I also appreciate the forum you posted in the comments below. I have been looking for something like that for so long. I feel so alone all the time.

    • Maia, Thanks for the comments! I am really sorry to hear about your irregular heartbeat. But I am glad that you had your heart checked out by a cardiologist and that everything turned out fine. I can certainly relate to your story. I will try to post some new stuff here soon, but just know that it took me at least three trips back to the doctor to finally understand and believe that the heart palpitations I had were benign and not life threatening. Once I got that into my head the palpitations were drastically reduced. Our mind is a powerful thing and stress does horrible things to our bodies. Hang in there and don’t be too discouraged. I was having palpitations about 6-8 per minute (if not worse at times) and now I only get them in times of great stress or little sleep – and even then they don’t last as long as before. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Be sure to come back and give us an update from time to time and let us know what you find works for you!

      • What was the longest bout you have had them? This recent one has lasted 10 days…some times they are infrequent and others like yours 3-6 per minute.

        • When I first got them they occurred sporadically (maybe three or four days at a time), then I had a bad stretch which threw me into a panic attack, I ended up in the ER, and then I had them everyday for at least 6 months. I had a few good days here and there but then it would flare up again for weeks (sometimes months) at a time. Thankfully, now I only get occasional palpitations in the morning but even those don’t come near to the constant palpitations I had a few years ago.

          • Wow…..i never knew i could find such a blog. My problem is exactly as everyones and i think the solution lies in the head. I will explain my problem deeper once i have time.

      • Hi – really wanted to say thanks – I began having heart palpitations when I was pregnant with my first child – they were all worried and had me go to the hospital and see a cardiologist while pregnant – after I had him they stopped for a short time and then came back – always at night usually about an hour after I go to sleep -so fast forward ten years and I still struggle – been to three cardiologists (I moved a couple of times and every time I went in to my pcp with this issue they sent me to another workup) the last doc said everything was normal but wondered if maybe my heart hangs funny in my chest to set off palps. I do know that caffine, stress, lack of sleep, and for me sugar contribute! But I just had another bought that lasted 30min and reading to “bear down” on your website made them stop immediately!! So thanks for your work!!

    • i feel you, control the stress. Take a xanax if needed, and try to get a pro-active electrophisiologist.

    • I am right there with you. Apparently this condition is quite common. But like you,I tend to think this could kill me.what if I’m different? I’m scared to be by myself cause when I feel it start, I only have second to get to aspirin and water before it’s too late and my heart palps start. Scariest feeling.

      • Hi I have suffered from them for 30 years have check ups when they get really bad and have finally accepted that if I were going to die from them I would have by now .
        My consultant told me I was going to live to my 80 s bless him
        But I agree a bad bout is frightening I just talk myself through everything I’ve been told and carry on
        You will be okay and confide in a good friend they are invaluable.
        The tips on here are fabulous and have helped me tonight
        Kind regards to you

    • Maia, I feel your pain and I’m sorry you are going through this too. I feel exactly how you feel and find myself thinking what if something happened right now would there be someone who could give me CPR? I noticed this was almost 2 years that you wrote this and I would like an update as to what you might have done. I am struggling with this now for 3 years and I have had all the tests (MRI, CAT scans on chest and stomach, endoscopy, ecg, 14 day heart monitor, etc.) Doctors have finally just said that I will need either counseling or a holistic approach to whatever it is I have. Not very comforting. It is comforting seeing many other people are on here with the same problem and they are not dying.

    • Its a lonwly dark place that wont let anyone in , or tou out… Xx i know as i e been tjere dor months , in my bed- waiting for the grim reaper..
      Im so sad- for all of us bot just me. Why us? Ots killed any life i ever had. Im bedridden and the GPs n cardios do nothing. How sad is that for any of us, whyever age, religion. Race or other….

  6. Ashley Langford July 18, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    Another Texan here. I gave up alcohol because it triggered palpitations which progressed to short episodes of atrial fibrillation. Two electrophysiologists recommended an ablation but I got a third opinion at Mayo and the cardiologist didn’t think the episodes were frequent enough to have the procedure. That was 2-3 years ago. In November 2012, I started and finished P90X. My afib episodes were zero and there were only two days where palpitations kept me from exercise. Now I’m doing CrossFit. Unfortunately, my palpitations are worse and the afib episodes are back. I suspect it’s CrossFit because a lot of the movements like back squats and dead lifts stimulate the vagus nerve. My afib is vagally mediated. I really pay for it at night. I see a cardiologist Monday and the electrophysiologist in August. Not working out in the meantime. I want an ablation. That’s my story so far.

    I like the clean layout of your site. I’m a web developer/designer. 🙂

    • Hey Ashley, thank you for your nice comments. It’s always good to have a fellow Texan weigh in on things around here. Thanks for sharing your story too. I’m sorry to hear that your palpitations have flared up again (and your Afib). CrossFit is great, but it definitely puts a lot of stress on the body and I have heard a number of other people say that heavy lifting makes their palpitations worse (likely because of the Vagus Nerve).

      As far as ablations go, I have read mixed reviews. Apparently it doesn’t work for everyone, but some people say it stopped their palpitations for good and gave them their life back. Definitely come back and let us know how it goes it you end up getting one after seeing your Electrophysiologist.

      I hope your cardiologist appointment goes well this next week. All the best!

  7. Here’s what happened to me. I have been having palps since December 2005. Back then, my GP took an EKG and put me on a 24-hr holter test – nothing noticeable. Then he referred me to a cardiologist. I did a stress test and an ultra sound of my heart. The result was a mild back flow in my mitral valve. I have been monitoring it since. The palps were manageable until I had a scare last month when within a week I had two episodes where I felt like passing out. My heart raced and then was beating out of “synch” for 10 seconds or so. I went to the cardiologist and he did a stress test where I had 1 palp in eight minutes and the ekg was normal. Once again I was told to monitor the situation. If it gets worse he could give me a beta blocker. Here are some things that don’t help me. I have GERD, I get usually about five hours of sleep. I like to drink ice tea. I tend to notice if I feel “gassy” more times I get palps. I’ve read about the vagus nerve can cause palps because the nerve deals with the heart and stomach. I need to work on cutting down caffiene and getting more sleep. Any other helpful hints? Sometimes if I feel a little off I start to worry about palps. This anixety doesn’t help at all. Thanks for this site!

    • Hey Tony,

      Thanks for sharing your story. I hate to hear that your palpitations got worse since last month. It sounds like we have a lot of the same triggers. My palpitations are always worse when I don’t get enough sleep, I eat too much food or food that makes me bloated/gassy, and of course anxiety/stress. My personal belief is that anxiety is the main culprit in my situation and for most heart palpitations. Don’t get me wrong, these are plenty of other triggers for heart palpitations, but anxiety is often either the root cause or the amplifier of the palpitations. So after all the serious medical issues have been crossed off and determined to be benign or relatively harmless, I would start first with reducing anxiety. First on that list for me is sleep. Getting a good nights rest goes a long way in helping me with my anxiety. Second is eliminating caffein or other stimulants, third is a diet focused on reducing heavy carbs and increasing green vegetables, and forth is meditation/prayer with an emphasis on thanksgiving. Our minds are incredible and when anxiety/stress/fear come into our lives they tend to linger. I believe that when anxiety becomes a constant so does our bodies response to the anxiety (in our case heart palpitations – for others it might be IBS or migraines). Anything that causes stress on the body triggers our body’s response (heart palpitations). The key for those with anxiety based heart palpitations (in my opinion at least) is to retrain the body’s response to stress and anxiety. For me, that meant consciously recognizing the heart palpitations, remembering that my cardiologist says they are benign, reminding myself that they are not going to hurt me, and then choosing to ignore them as best as possible (I know, easy to say, extremely hard to do). But I hope that helps a little. I wish you all the best in your journey. Know that you are not alone. Please be sure to come back let us know how things are going and if you find anything that has helped.

      • Thanks! Great advice. Hope you are still doing well. I recently went back to my Cardiologist and had a echocardigram. My results were similar but he wants to keep an eye on my aortic root. Normal size is 3.6 mine is 3.8-4.0. I also have Mitral Valve Prolaspe and some reguritation (sp) – all rather mild. It seems like once a day I will feel the palp. Sometimes I will feel a heavy thump. Occasionally my heart will race 10 seconds or so – that’s really scary. Sometimes it feels harder to breathe. I don’t exercise alot but I think I’m not in bad physical shape. Now I’m 42 – 5’11” and about 170-175 lbs. My Cardiologist told me to come back and take the test again in 2 years. Which I guess is good news. He hopes to space the visits to every four years. I’m thinking for peace of mind of just getting a second opinion. I’m sure the MVP that I have can cause an issue. I heard taking magnesium supplements may help irregular heartbeats and help muscle function. I just started to take them in small doses. Currently I take a daily vitamin with a Vitamin D supplement. Hope I can get rid of these palps! Any information would be useful! Thanks everyone!

        • Thanks for the update Tony! I’m sorry to hear about your MVP but I believe that is fairly common and it sounds like your doc isn’t too concerned, which is good. I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting a second opinion though (especially since it’s worth the peace of mind), but it’s great that your cardiologist didn’t find anything more serious. I hope the daily vitamin and vitamin D supplement help. I don’t have MVP (that I know of), so I can’t speak much to that. Anyone out there with Mitral Valve Prolapse that has any suggestions?

          • so great to find this blog, I am 52 and have heart Palps for many years, not until this year have they developed in more of a problem, I have visited the ER 4 times, I now have Tachycardia with 9 beet skip, and my blood pressure just sky rockets. I to have night panic, and just last night I thought I was having a heat attack, I jumped up ran to the fridge and filled a zip lock bag full of ice, scarfed down a banana thinking that would help, then I realized I haven’t taken my BP. after putting the cuff on and dreading the results, it was 130/72 with a heart rate of 74, yes I was floored, but the overwhelming presents of a heart attack was so real. even though I am on beta blockers and have been for 3 months, I still find myself wonder just when the ‘next’ attack will be. I have arranged for a EP study to be done, this is a study for the doctor to see exactly what is going on with your heart, I would advise anyone with this problem to have it done, these palps maybe harmless, but if they mess with your quality of life, then that’s a serious matter.
            I do believe in the miracle power of the almighty God, so wither he chooses to heal me, or guide the hands of the doctors, my faith will not wither, as his promise was, that he would put no more on us then we can bare. good health to all and may the God over shadow you all with peace and comfort.

          • Hi everyone,
            Any have palps and know that maybe the gallbladder has something to do with it? I have gallbladder “sludge” but notice many of my palps seem gastro related. If I get palps minutes later i’m belching or passing gas. I wish cardio & gastro doctors would get on the same page with this. It seems like at least in my experience they don’t think the heart and gastro issues are related. Thanks everyone!

    • Hi. There is a definite connection between GERD (acid reflux), obesity, sleep apnea and heart palpitations!! Check it out. I take 2 tbsp. of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar daily to ward off reflux and lessen chances of palps.

  8. It was a real relief when I read your story. Im not sure whats going on. Im always on the go all day and I have no palpitations or irregular heart beats im confused on what it really is. But when I finally sit down to rest in the evening it hits me. It feels horrible my heart feels like its skipping and feels really awful. And of course it scares me. It only happens when im resting. But thank you for your blog its made me feel alot better. Thank you

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you are feeling better and I hope your palpitations are subsiding. I can certainly relate to the frustration you are having. Often times my palpitations would go away when I was busy, visiting with others, or simply distracted by something that was capturing my full attention. But when it was just me alone with my thoughts the palpitations would return or get significantly worse, especially when I would lay down to sleep. It was hard to hear anything other than the beat, beat, skip rhythm of my heart. Once I was told by my cardiologist they were benign, I had to make a conscious effort to not listen to my heartbeat all the time. It’s tough, especially if you have been dealing with palpitations for a while, but it can happen. I have found that music helps me, as does singing or humming, also tapping on my leg or rocking in a chair helped too. If you find anything that helps you please be sure to come back and share. All the best!

  9. April – Georgia September 26, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    Thank you for this blog! I found it about a week ago. At that same time, I started to walk (briskly) 30 minutes a day. Now, my heart palpitations have decreased dramatically. I don’t know if just walking for a week has really contributed at this point, but I know that exercise has always helped me with stress. I also believe that finding this site and seeing all these stories that sound so much like my own has been a big part in my decreased palpitations. I’m just so much more relaxed about it now – don’t feel like I’m about to drop dead at the tender age of 38! So thank you for all your stories. Let’s keep posting! As I have read from many others, I too have suffered in the past with anxiety and panic attacks. It seems to be a common thread as I read these stories. We’ve got to learn to relax! We’ve got to learn to Trust the One Who wants to bear ALL our burdens – Jesus Christ our Lord!

    • April, thanks for the comment! I am glad to hear that your palpitations have decreased dramatically. That’s wonderful! Exercise has always been the greatest stress reducer for me. Nothing else even comes close. I hope you continue to find ways to destroy your anxiety and stress and your heart palpitations become a thing of the past. And I agree with you, we all have to learn to relax. Definitely not an easy thing to do when your heart is skipping and you feel like you are on the brink of death, but it is definitely possible. And I also agree with you about casting our anxieties and burdens on Christ. One of my favorite things Jesus says is “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28.

      Keep us updated on how things are going and if you ever find any other tips or tricks that may be helpful. I really appreciate you sharing your story with us.

  10. Hi, I just wanna say I really like your site. I feel like I can trust and rely on it more than WebMD.
    I’m 18 and have had palps and an arrhythmia since I was about 12. I started playing ice hockey when I was 13, and my cardiologist cleared me for it. The heart problems went away. When I hit my junior year in HS though, I lost time for hockey, so I stopped getting that intense workout every week. The palps slowly came back, but not too bad. I still ran and worked out. (Being from Oklahoma, I fall victim to traditional southern food. I’m not much of a health food nut as it is… so I could be a lot healthier nutrition-wise, lol)
    So about two months ago, I had a panic attack for no apparent reason. Since then, it’s been constant anxiety. I’ll be afraid to go in public, afraid to be alone (especially at night), and now I’m afraid to get my heart rate up because I don’t want something to happen. I’m in school to be a firefighter, and if I can’t figure out a way to stop these heart palps and get over the anxiety, I don’t think I’ll be able to get on a fire department. I usually take a 1MG Ativan for when I feel the anxiety come on, but I hate medicine, so I really want to stop relying on it.
    What I wanna know is if anyone else ever feels what I feel. Like, breathing in but feeling like you aren’t getting enough air, feeling foggy, feeling agitated for no reason, feeling exhausted all the time, and feeling weak. Stuff like that.
    I’d love some feedback, because I feel like I’m too young to be this scared and anxious all the time. Again, I really enjoy your blog. It lets me know I’m not alone. I look forward to reading more. Thanks in advance for any advice or tips!

    • Thanks Maddi! I’m glad you like the site. I really appreciate you sharing your story with us. It is certainly one that I can relate to. I was rolling right along in life until I had a bunch of stress and then a major anxiety attack. I became paranoid and fearful of everything. I always thought I was on the brink of death and that anxiety spilled over to other areas of my life as well (like fear of flying and work related anxiety). It took a while for the anxiety to subside (and I still occasionally have flare ups), but now I am much more at peace with the palpitations and occasional anxiety symptoms and they don’t scare me any more. I do get an annual check up just to be safe, but be encouraged, because you can recover from anxiety related medical issues. Like you, one of the best ways I deal with stress and anxiety is through fitness and exercise. So if your doctor clears you to workout, I would trust their advice and get back to being active if possible. I also found peace in my life through the love and grace of Jesus Christ (“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28) and had to deal with the difficult issue of death. It’s not easy, but readjusting your mind to deal with anxiety is possible. Be sure to stay in touch and let us know how you are doing with your anxiety. Thanks again for your kind words. I wish you all the best on becoming a firefighter. It is certainly a worthy endeavor!

    • Maddi,
      I have had suffered from the same palpitation issues. It happend to me 4 times. I ended up in ER. Ecg. Stress test. Ultra sound. Holter all came out normal. (Thank God for that).
      Finally I was treated for anxiety. Given xanax 0.5mg to be taken during the attack. It worked for me. My conclusion in my case. Lack of sleep. Stressed work life and panic were the cause. Im managing those issues well and not having anymore palpts. But still dealing with general anxiety. Cheers . No worries. GOD BLESS.
      Brian (41yrs old)

    • Dear Maddi:

      I am sorry to hear about your issues at 18, I am 52 and have been dealing with many health issues and anxiety since I was 18, I am married Father of 6, all I can say is try to not concentrate on your body, get tested and try to live a life and trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior, God bless.

    • Exact same feeling, scared of reading reports due to the pals, scared of sleeping alone at night,

  11. Thanks you so much for this site! It’s great to have a community of palpitation suffers we can all lean on! Because the posts have helped me feel more comfortable with my problem, I thought I would contribute as well to hopefully help others.

    I am 36, and have had palpitations for about 4 yrs now, originally triggered under an extremely stressful incident. Anyway, like all of you, the sensation of skipped heart beats was scary, and I ended up in the doctor’s office for all the usual tests. A Holter monitor determined that I had a benign sinus arrythmia, but being benign doesn’t make it any less annoying. I’ve had it on and off for 4yrs now, and lately it seems to be more frequent which has me making another doctor appointment to see if there is anything they an do since it’s worst at night, causing sleep problems. Anyway, here are my triggers and what methods I’ve used to deal with my palpitations:

    – Stress – the worst trigger
    – Fatigue – they start in the late afternoon, and tend to continue all evening. Fortunately they tend to be gone by morning after sleep
    – Extreme Exercise – I use to play hockey, but found that about an hour after full exertion on the ice, the palpitations were terrible – I now just do light cardio rather than full-out cardio activities, which seems to be okay, and even helps the problem

    Palpitation Management:
    – Light Cardio Exercise – usually if I do about 10 min of light jogging on a treadmill when I’m having an attack, that is usually enough to short-circuit the arrythmia, at least temporarily
    – Sleep – can’t stress this one enough – don’t skimp on sleep!
    – Chest Pounding – a very low tech and seemingly silly sounding solution, but this works for me – by lightly tapping my chest with my fist for a few minutes, that also seems to short-circuit the palpitations, at least temporarily (it could just be distracting me from them, but either way, it seems to help)
    – Peppermint Tea – I’ve read a million different natural solutions, but this is the only one that seems to help – I’ll often have a cup of peppermint tea in the evening which lessens the symptoms – could just be a relaxing effect, but whatever – it helps me

    I hope these suggestions can help, and I look forward to hearing other suggestions for dealing with this chronic problem!

    • This is great stuff. Thanks Dave! Our palpitations are very similar, except that intense exercise helps reduce mine. I think your palpitation management list is spot on. I always forget about Peppermint Tea, but I have found it effective too, so I’ll have to go out and get some again. Thanks for sharing your story! If you ever come across anything else, definitely come back and let us know. All the best!

  12. This site is amazing and helped me realize that I’m not the only one suffering and experiencing these scary episodes of skipped beats. I’m now 44 and I have experienced palps for the last 20-25 years. It was in my early 20’s when I first got that “gap feeling” in my chest and thought to myself “what the heck was that??” In those days I would get a couple palps a year…Oh how I long for those days! Fast forward to the present….at their worst I now get 6-10 per minute, but that doesn’t happen too often.
    Trying to figure out what brings them on has led me to 2 conclusions: dehydration and change in atmospheric pressure. Weird, I know. In my 20’s I noticed that my flare ups would happen generally during 1 or 2 days in the spring or the fall, usually whenever the weather was changing. In those days “flare ups” consisted of about a 1/2 hour of palps, then nothing for 6 more months.
    Into my 30’s I would get them with a little more regularity…maybe a few per month. A couple days of on-and-off palps, but then they’d stop. But then 42 hit….not sure what happened, but after two cups of coffee one morning at work my heart started palpitating like it never had before…out of the blue I was skipping every 3rd beat, non stop. Anxiety kicked in and it compounded the problem. I felt like it was an all-out arrhythmia, but then it would stop for a minute, then go right back to palp’ing out. I thought for sure I was having a grabber, so I left work and drove myself to the ER. Probably not too smart, but I didn’t want anyone to know what was going on.
    In the hospital I had all of the tests: regular blood test, thyroid, ECG, stress test, etc. It was pretty cool watching the ultrasound of my heart, before and after the stress test. I am a Christian, so watching all of the valves and heart chambers work in unison was absolutely astounding and built my faith. A complex, intricate system of electricity, valves and blood the result of an accident or evolved process? I think not. Anyways…..after the stress test…palps gone. Nearly two hours beforehand my heart was wiggin’ out and now, nothing wrong. Weird.
    Next night, they came on again, I got scared and went back to the ER. The ER doctor was very kind and sat next to me on the bed and said “I know they’re uncomfortable and it’s not a lot of fun, but I want to tell you that you are perfectly fine. They are not harmful and will go away on their own. There is nothing that I can do for you”. My regular doctor gave me beta blockers to slow the heart down, but they really haven’t eliminated them.
    So now I’ve concluded that there’s actually another well-known factor that gives them to me: stress and anxiety.
    So how did I find this web site? Last week out of the blue my heart starts palping a lot again Regular beats for about 30 seconds, the 3 skips/thumps, then back to normal…on and on and on and on. I started freaking out again, so I hopped on the Internet and here I am. I only had to read some of everyone’s posts to realize that I’m not in this alone and that there’s really nothing to worry about, especially since I’ve been told by several doctors and cardiologists that everything is okay. And with that, my heart calmed down again and I was able to get to sleep and they went away.
    I’m resigned to the fact that now I have to live with these things regularly. I get them everyday, but sometimes only 1 or 2 skipped beats all day. I’ve even found that my mom has suffered with them since she’s been 9 years old. So there’s definitely a genetic component in all this as well. She said she doesn’t even pay attention to them and can ignore them. I’m not there yet, as I can’t stand when even 1 palp happens. But through this site and my own research I’m hoping to get to the place of embracing them and not worry so much when they bring the noise and fear arises.
    Thanks to everyone for sharing. Really helps to know we’re all going through this together.

    • Ryan,
      Thanks for sharing your story! I’m glad you found our little community. It is amazing how many people suffer with heart palpitations. I also agree with you that there is a genetic component to it as well. My brother and aunt both experience heart palpitations regularly. I am really glad that the doctors have cleared you of any major issues. I hope you can take comfort in that and begin to overcome your stress and anxiety. All the best!

      • The only thing that makes my skipped beats go away is using Hawthorn herb tincture ten drops 3x a day. When i stop taking it for a month or more the palps/skipped beats come back and yes i’ve been to the hospital too and wore a holter moniter on two occasions for two wks. Doc. didn’t think it was serious. All i know is that when i stop taking the hawthorn the skips come back. I’ve been much better these last few months since taking it again. I think i have anxiety cuz i will FEEL my heart beat in my chest and that freaks me out, but checking the pulse it’s not skipping. More so when i lay down to sleep i can feel my heart beating and it scares me. Then i lay on my left side and i don’t feel it. Weird. The hawthorn is cheap like ten bucks at the health store. The tincture works faster than capsules.I am old at age 66 and been having palps since i was in my teens., but they got worse as i got older.

        • Oh, the hawthorn is an herb which takes longer to work. Give it at least two wks or more to work. My skips got slowly better in two wks and as time went on they got much better. They were real bad before. I went to the ER, then the doc, then to Urgent care, and then to the heart doctor all within four days! They didn’t give me anything to help so i started back on the hawthorn which i had stopped for a few months. Another hawthorn tincture which is supposed to be the best is called Healthy Hearts Club. It’s expensive at about $50 so i had stopped taking it. I’m now taking the cheaper one and it’s helping.

    • Yours are exactly like my palps 3 skips mad then 30 seconds normal … Then 3 skips …. 30 seconds normal.

  13. Hi, i have started having palps last week, they have lasted everyday… i quit smoking a month ago and was on the Nicorette patch, i thought (think) that is what started the palps. They are not as bad during the day but they start up just before bedtime. I am also a severe anxiety person with extreme hypochondria, so i know this doesn’t help. I am obviously very scared to visit a doctor but i will. Just scared and wanted to share this. I hope this stops because i feel as though i can’t do my daily life because of the palps, they are always on my mind….

    • Marie, thanks for sharing your story! Getting palpitations at night is the worst! I have certainly been there. It’s no fun. Definitely go see your doctor and get everything checked out. But if your doctor tells you it’s anxiety based (which it sounds like it is) then before you go to bed remind yourself that your palpitations are only the result of anxiety and that you are going to be fine, maybe take some magnesium to help you relax (I take Natural Calm Magnesium –, read a great book that takes your mind off everything, and do your best not to let harmless heart palpitations ruin your sleep. It’s hard at first not to listen the skipped beats, but overtime they become less and less and you will get back to a normal sleep routine (at least that is what I found). Don’t be discouraged. So many of us here have been where you are at. Hang in there!

  14. My palps started when a friend of mine died of a heart condition. I have seen 3 cardiologist, had multiple stress tests worn a holter monitor and had a CT scan and all is normal. The fear and axiety drives them and I am having a little success in limiting them somewhat. Reading this has given me hope that I can beat this and can eventually make them a thing of the past. Thank all of you so much for your inspiration.

    • I’m glad you found the site to be helpful! The mind is so powerful. It is amazing what anxiety can do to our bodies. Hang in there. Take it one day at a time and son’t let the palpitations get the best of you. If there was something really wrong with your heart the doctors would have likely found it. Take confidence in that. It took me a while (and many tests) to finally come to terms with that, but eventually I stopped letting the palpitations get the best of me. I stopped checking and listening to my pulse every few minutes and slowly but surely they began to go away.

  15. So grateful for this blog, i am in the UK reading this i have had palpitations everyday for the last 8 weeks 3 ecgs have shown normal, i am due to have the 24hr ecg next week 3 doctors at the hospital and surgery have said its nothing sinister and not to worry but easier said than done. What i have found is google is my worst enemy as sometimes when i get these palpitations i go into full panic mode with sweat dripping off me which would say panic attack or anxiety but google states heart attack!! Very scary. Brilliant blog certainly calmed me reading it.

    • Natalie, I really glad you found the blog helpful! Thank you for your kind words. I hope your other tests go well and that your heart beat gets back to normal. All the best!

  16. Hi, i recently started having these. My toddler was behaving ridiculous and it just happened. I believe it could be stress. Went to a GP and she recommended that i go get an electrocardiogram. So will be doing that, since i also hv mitral valve prolapse. But i must sY it is very frightening.

    • I think you are doing the right thing! It’s always best to get checked out by a doctor. It’s probably nothing, but it’s good rule out the major stuff. It can definitely be frightening, but don’t forget that you are not alone, thousands – if not millions – have heart palpitations on a regular basis, and the vast majority of them are benign. I hope your test goes well!

  17. Kevin Schultz May 11, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Just found this blog! I have had Anxiety since i was 13 some palpation’s here and there but never to the point where it made me worry (like one every 8 months or so )they only started to BAD 5 years ago when my daughter was born. Now I get the more than I can count in a day like well over a hundred sometimes. I have tried everything to make them stop nothing works. I am just highly stressed and it seems that palpation’s are the the why my body deals whit it. My point is I feel so alone in the world like no one understands and I am just thankful that there is someone and others out there like me. I cant talk to anyone because no one understands so I hold it in and it makes it worse, especially with anxiety. I HATE them they take over my life! I cant sleep because of them than I get them because I am over tired. Well I like to say thank you for blogging on this issue,it is good to know that I am not the only one who goes through the things I do..

    • You are certainly not alone Kevin! I completely understand where you are coming from right now. I have been in your shoes where the heart palpitations seem never ending. It’s absolutely maddening! But hang in there. There is hope! I still have to battle my anxiety and stress but I learned to manage it (by smart planning, rest, exercise, and by the grace of God) and now those terrible heart palpitations don’t have the same hold over me as they once did. I still get a few runs of them occasionally, but nothing like the days were I was getting them every three or four beats for hours and days at a time. So keep working on your anxiety, get check ups as often as your doctor recommends, eat right, exercise (if your doc approves), pray and meditate, and get as much rest as possible. Those are the places I started and found most helpful. Thanks again for sharing your story!

  18. Try making yourself burp. Works 9/10 times for me. The more you can burp the quicker the palps will stop.

  19. My life was a hell caused by my panic attacks and anxiety. I tried everything: psychologists, psychiatrists, all kinds of pills and drugs. The only thing that helped me and cured me were these techniques I found online. I hope they will be useful..

  20. Hi,

    I have just found your blog and it’s been such a relief to read that I am not alone. I tick the same boxes (almost) – not in a very bad shape, 33, not smoking, not drinking, sleeping well, but in the past few months – irregular heartbeat, out of the blue! I did not dare to bring it up yet.
    Thank you, Thank you for writing this. I will keep reading and not feel alone in this.


  21. Howdy neighbourinhos alright so I am from Canada Eh! Anyhow im only 25 & got my first episode of heart palpitations when I was 22 exactly on January 1 eek. No idea what triggered it but after to ablations i still get palpitations. Somedays they are relaxed other days they are crazy hard thumping so uncomfortable. There are so many factors that lead to these palps like I found out Acid Reflux might be the issue for me. I feel that a shot of organic apple cider helps at times. I try going for walks but sometimes my heart won’t let me. Anyhow I like the fact y’all know what I’m talking about. Cheers@

    • There IS a definite connection between acid reflux, sleep apnea, obesity and heart palpitations!! I also use Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 tbsp a day to ward off reflux AND palps!

  22. Hi all, I have been going through the pulps for nearly 2-years and am now in my late 50’s.

  23. Oops, see the below for intro. Anyway what my cardiologist told me is the pulps are simply the heart has had a strong “pump” of blood followed by a regular beat that has not time to fully fill the chamber. This then gives the “feeling” of a missed beat, where in fact it was fine.
    Mine is stress related and the big beat is like when you get a scare and your heart is ready to step up its pace, but realizes, Oh no, nothings wrong and steps back down again.
    When you think of this simple explanation it makes it easier to accept and then control your stresses and anxiety as far as able.

  24. definately i realy feel hopeful…on this site! i was 16 wen i got my first a bus with my father n not in good terms..coming from my grandfathers place where my bad behaviour was the topic.suddenly my heart began to pound hard n i could feel it..then i remember feeling short of breath…i was taken to nearby healthcare n got injected with some medicine n i remember feeling sharp pains in my heart as it struggled to slow down..spent that night in hospital n was weak the next days..i was weight lifting by then n used to take raw eggs as a routine.after this episode each time i would take a raw egg i would not sleep as i would feel the irregular heart 25 now n stil hav the same.i dont smoke n wen i over drink i get those dreaded beats.bhang almost killed me as my heart thumped the hardest eva.av seen a cardiologist,had almost al tests n every time am told it is stres

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  26. I’ve had irregular heart beats for a long time. It wasn’t until I was at work and I got over heated, light headed and dizzy that I realized something more was wrong. I called 911 and EMT showed up. My hearts were at 287 beats. I thought my heart was going to come right through my chest. The EMT’s gave me a shot of something that once it got in my blood and reached my heart it felt like a horse kicked me in the chest. This shot got me down into the 180’s. I was then rushed to the hospital. I was diagnosed with Vtac, ventricular tachycardia. I was set up to have an immediate heart ablation. I was in surgery for 14 hours. The symptoms still were not gone. I had to have 2 more surgeries with 3 procedures, this was all within a four month period time frame. My third ablation they went through the heart and the groin area. I was out for 24 hours. I was placed on ventilator and they paralyzed me while they let my heart try to get stronger. After all of this it’s been two years and I’m on Metoprolol and Sotalol. I still have these irregular beats. It feels like anxiety or panic attacks. It is so annoying. My cardiologist says that my EKG’s suck. When anyone takes a look at them they think the person is having a heart attack. I work 7-5 five days a week. It seems it is worse when I get home and try to relax. They also get worse when I eat dinner. I feel that the doctors are overlooking something. I’ve been to a gastroenterologist, cardiologist and electrocardiophysiologist and no one seems to know.
    If anyone has similar symptoms and knows a way to make them happen a little less please let me know.

    Annoyed and frustrated,
    Bluffton, SC

    • I also had a v-tach and was given an eps study and they could not induce the v-tach. They put me on a beta blocker and said I have to have a nuclear stress test every year for the rest of my life. This happened to me in 1997. Since then other eps doctors said that is over kill, so I stopped having them every year. I am now 52 and have had heart related symptoms since the age of 19. Always told it was stress because at that time all my tests were normal and I had sinus tachycardia. Just standing would send my heart rate to 150 bpm. These symptoms ruined my life. I would have married differently, had a different career, etc. I was also having lots of chest pressure and in 2004 had a cath and was told all was normal and it said on the test results to look for non-cardiac reasons for symptoms. I had an MRI of my heart after that and it said suggestive of micro vascular disease. My regular cardiologist does not believe in this so I saw another cardiologist who is sending me for a stress pet scan. As I get older the fear of a heart attack is more real. I cannot live in constant fear. I just was wearing a loop monitor that you wear for a month and press a button when you have symptoms. It goes back 30 seconds and when you call it in it also takes real time. All my tracings were said to not be anything to call the doctor about even with severe chest pressure. I cannot understand what else would cause extreme chest pressure. When I see the old cardiologist he continues to say there is nothing wrong with your heart and acts like he is entertaining listening to me for a few minutes and then smirks with an “I have to go now.” Very bad bedside manner. When I do get the severe chest pressure now I take and aspirin and a Klonopin 0.5 mg and it tends to take ti away. I hate taking the Klonopin as it makes me tired and unable to think clearly. It is very hard to feel such pressure on my chest and say, “oh it’s nothing” and continue doing what you are doing, Last thing, when my palpitations started at the age of 19 they wanted to rule out Atrial Septal Defect. They did rule it out by doing an echo. Now after approx 30 echos since, the last one said possible Atrial Septal Defect (ASD.) Now ASD is congenital, meaning you are born with it Now how can you believe these tests? My internist said they did not make a mistake. I know technology has gotten better, but my echo in 2009 also did not see it or any of the many test such as the MRI, gated blood pool study and on and on. My last scary heart palpitations was a year ago when my heart beat twas irregular for 30 minutes. It started with a skipped beat. The skipped beat was triggered by laying on my side. For the past year or so when I lay on either side it causes my heart to skip beats. I remain in fear of it triggering off again another irregular rhythm especially since I had a v-tach. Oh well, what to do? I guess there are no guarantees in life and just try to live the best you can day to day.

      • Just a thought. Have you had your ferritin levels checked lately? I had chest pain when walking briskly or jogging and felt as though I couldn’t get enough oxygen. Found out my ferritin levels were very low. The chest pains subsided after getting the ferritin levels into the optimal range. Ferritin (iron storage protein) plays a huge role in the function of the heart.
        For the record, I have adrenal issues as well as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
        Both of these issues can manifest with heart irregularities.

      • Has anyone had an ablation or talked with a cardiologist about it?

    • Man that sucks! Misery loves companies. When I read some of these post it makes feel so much better knowing others have these issues some worse than others.. It took me 17years to muster the courage to research this on line out of fear that I would find out I was gonna drop dead any day now. So I commend everybody on here for taking this step and sharing

      • Omg thank u all for sharing ur story i just started feeling them 1 month ago im 24 years old and i feel soooooo scared thinking something is wrong with my heart ….. i still have bad anxiety and i dont know how to control it im super scared

        • How are you holding up?

          • Well like I said in my initial story am 44 started getting them back to back for a month or so .went to my heart doctor.he said there’s nothing wrong with my heart I carried a machine attach to me for 3 days and he claim it did not pick up anything ….they don’t feel what we feel .it’s scary and that we’re anxiety come from’s just praying more n quitting my ciggarets..n laying off caffeine ..cs then it stops for three whole months and for some reason .they have returned n I’m having them as I write this…just try not worry relax sleep a little more..n lots of chamomile tea helps alot..I’m going to do the same …God bless

    • Monica, how have you been doing since your last post in 2014?

  27. thank you for sharing you personal story. I hope and pray your doing better today :). i suffer from this also. I pray this goes away 🙂 so scary for me going to dr tomorrow. he better have good news

  28. As a child, I had heart palpitations which started when I bent over or changed position. Several people in my family had this problem, so my mother just told me to lie down and the problem would go away. For years, this was true. Sometimes just lying down would make the problem stop. As I aged, the problem became worse. In my 40s I visited a cardiologist, wore a monitor, and was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia caused by an extra electrical pathway in my heart. A cardiac ablation cured that problem.

    A few years back my problem started up again. It wasn’t quite the same, but instead of heart irregularities it was more of a pounding heartbeat. My cardiac symptoms seemed to be secondary to gastric issues with a feeling of fullness and burping. I suspected a food allergy, so I started first eliminating one food then another. Finally my dear husband suggested simply visiting an allergist. Yes, my cardiac problems were caused by a food allergy. I am allergic to nuts, mustard and shellfish. I knew about the shellfish allergy, but nuts (especially cashews) were causing my heart problem. Nut reactions can take up to 36 hours to manifest, so it wasn’t easy to catch the cause/effect. I seldom have my heart problem anymore, as long as I watch what I eat. But mustard is a little tricky to catch because it’s in so many processed foods. Keeping a food log on something like fitday may help if you suspect gastic issues…but an allergist can rule out food allergies, that are not just sensitivities, very quickly.

    For me, two Gas-X pills help tremendously when I can’t figure out what I’ve eaten that is causing my problem. Also, drinking more water during the day, getting regular sleep, and keeping up my walking always seem like a good idea.

  29. Nice Website. Your symptoms and experiences sound just like me. Tyring to get my mind off the Obesssing of thinking about PVC I think is the trick.

  30. hi! i’ve had palpitations for over a year now, after i had a mild stroke, and still am experiencing them actually. At first i thought i was having heart attacks, so i would just go to the hospital like i was just casually visiting a neighbor. Anyway, the doctors would run some tests but they would all be normal. It had been this way for months until i realized, hmmmm, maybe i was just having anxiety attacks/panic attacks. And so i observed what could have caused them. Eversince i had a mild stroke, i started worrying too much and overthink a simple pain as another stroke or whatever. What i am trying to say is that, the FEAR and the THOUGHT of me having another stroke triggered my panic attacks, thus palpitations, uneasiness, headache, nausEA, coldness etc.. i still have anxiety attacks once in a while, but i am able to handle them better than before. It’s just a matter of how you think. My advice? Don’t be too paranoid, don’t worry too much, don’t overthink. 😉 Stay calm and stay cool. EVERYTHING’S GOING TO BE FINE 😉

  31. My severe palps started a few months after gastric bypass! Wondering if anyone else has experienced this? My episodes last for days and it’s all day with usually 1-3 a minute!

  32. I’m grateful for finding this site but still a neurotic mess. I’ve had SVT for the last 12 years which consisted of short lengths of time my heart would race 350+bpm but generally when I laid flat on my back and drank cold water with my toprol it would stop. Recently in the last few weeks I’ve experienced something completely different. I have had nonstop heart palpitations all day every day for days at a time. It is different than the SVT I’ve expereinced over the last 12 years and a much worse feeling believe it or not. I saw my cardiologist a few days ago and he sent me on my way and told me he would see me in a year!? He felt and saw the skips on my EKG and wasn’t in the least bit concerned. As I sit here tonight, they are worse than ever and I am debating on whether or not to go to the ER. I’ve tried some of the techniques mentioned but nothing seems to work. I will go out tomorrow and buy some of the supplements I’ve read about such as the calcium magnesium and potassium. I’m 35 and otherwise healthy and I just cannot believe I am experiencing what I am at this age. I’ve eliminated alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine years ago when I was first diagnosed. i do all the right things and still get this! Extremely frustrating. I’m hoping that others have experienced going from the racing SVT for years to now the steady consistent pals all day? Or is this just me.. Thankful for this blog and to hear others in similar situations.

    • I am not a doctor and i can’t diagnose or prescribe. All i can say is what helped me. I am 67 now, female. Palps started when i was 12. Not bad tho, every once in a while. I’ve lived with them my whole life. I call it the Curse. You wouldn’t wish this on your worst enemy.
      As i got older they got worse. Two yrs ago and then one yr ago they got super bad with the feeling of skips and hard pounding. Thro out the yrs i have taken Hawthorn herb as a tincture and it helped a lot. When ever i stop taking it the palps slowly come back. Then i take again and takes a wk or so to get better. I usually take anywhere from 10 drops 3x a day to 15-20 drops 3x a day. I am trying to figure out what dose is best. I have been fine since last Feb. I recently cut back and took only 2x a day being lazy and forgetting. They just came back a few days ago. Mild, but i can FEEL them. Yes very unnerving. So i just stepped up the Hawthorn to 3x a day. Got better, but not completely gone. I also just got another root canal a wk ago and then a few days later the palps started. So i am wondering what started them again. I pay about $12 for a small tincture of Hawthorn. Lasts a good month. When i get more money i am going to buy the one from Healthy Hearts Club. Cost $50 for the tincture. They guarantee it will help. I don’t take drugs. Oh, my health store friend told me that Carnitine and Q10 helps the heart too. Hope this helps.

      • I am not a doctor and i can’t diagnose or prescribe. All i can say is what helped me. I am 67 now, female. Palps started when i was 12. Not bad tho, every once in a while. I’ve lived with them my whole life. I call it the Curse. You wouldn’t wish this on your worst enemy.
        As i got older they got worse. Two yrs ago and then one yr ago they got super bad with the feeling of skips and hard pounding. Thro out the yrs i have taken Hawthorn herb as a tincture and it helped a lot. When ever i stop taking it the palps slowly come back. Then i take again and takes a wk or so to get better. I usually take anywhere from 10 drops 3x a day to 15-20 drops 3x a day. I am trying to figure out what dose is best. I have been fine since last Feb. I recently cut back and took only 2x a day being lazy and forgetting. They just came back a few days ago. Mild, but i can FEEL them. Yes very unnerving. So i just stepped up the Hawthorn to 3x a day. Got better, but not completely gone. I also just got another root canal a wk ago and then a few days later the palps started. So i am wondering what started them again. I pay about $12 for a small tincture of Hawthorn. Lasts a good month. When i get more money i am going to buy the one from Healthy Hearts Club. Cost $50 for the tincture. They guarantee it will help. I don’t take drugs. Oh, my health store friend told me that Carnitine and Q10 helps the heart too. Hope this helps.

        I added this 2 wks later. I am very much better now. I may feel a palp twicea day, but very mild. Before they were a few times a minute. I definately believe the hawthorn helped. It took a few days and then the palps gradually got better. I don’t smoke or drink coffee or eat chocolate even. A lot of normal things i can’t have cuz they will make my heart skip or keep me awake for 24 hrs. Anyway i am sure the hawthorn helped a lot.

  33. hi there. i’m just a random visitor to this site and thought i should share my input. 🙂 i google about heart palpitations from time to time because like all of you i suffer from them and i like to see what the “world” does about them.
    i’ve had heart palps on and off for about 7-8 years now? they are growing increasingly worse over the last few years. but then again, so is my health. i don’t exercise, i eat poorly, drink occasionally, and get stressed a LOT. i also have pcos- which effects hormones and your endocrine system. so yeah…i pretty much set myself up for it.
    i’ve recently started a healthier lifestyle- because i’ve always been into healthy alternatives, food, lifestyle, organic products, vegan eating- you name it. i just never DID it because i love greasy foods and sugar WAY too much. but i’ve finally decided enough is enough, because frankly- i want my health to improve greatly so i can go out and enjoy the life i truly want.
    anyways, back on topic, my heart palps hit at random times. sometimes it’s just one big “plub” feeling in my chest….lately i’ve been getting palps that i feel towards the bottom of my throat…and it lasts maybe a minute straight….it’s like…a harder beating in my throat and an uneasy feeling in my chest.
    i think i’ve been “lucky” because i haven’t gotten palps that last minutes or all DAY (i don’t know how i would handle that)…i just get quick one but occasionally i’ll get 3 or 4 in a row…those are enough to send me into a panic.
    i will say that after just a WEEK of eating better and taking some supplements, my chest already feels calmer. that’s the only way i can describe it. my heart doesn’t seem so on edge and it doesn’t feel like it’s ready to palpitate at any second.
    i will say that i had an endoscopy done earlier this year, and they did find a mild hiatial hernia- which i’ve read can contribute to heart palps. just some insight on that.
    also- have you all had your blood tested fully? to see if you’re deficient in any vitamins? magnesium deficiency can contribute to a lot of heart issues.
    well- that’s about all i have to contribute 😉 thanks for reading!

  34. Has anyone had their palpitations get worse when taking an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) like Lexapro? This class of drugs used to help my anxiety and calm me down, but over the last year i feel like they’ve made my palpitations worse.

  35. Deborah Shepard January 13, 2015 at 3:50 pm

    Yes, I use magnesium oil on the bottoms of my feet and also take magnesium, potassium, drink alkaline water with electrolytes and various other supplements.

    Today is my 4th day without palpitations in 2 1/2 months. And I have not taken any meds!!! This is a blessing.

  36. Hi! I would like to say thank to the founder of the site and everyone who posts here. A few days before Thanksgiving, I experienced my first ppalpitations. As they continued over the followin days, I became more and more frightened. Of course I searched the web many times reading numerous articles about palpitations and heart problems. It wasn’t until I came upon this forum that Ifound some comfort (outside of prayer ). I spent many a sleepless palpitation -filled night reading the posts on this site. So, I just had to write a note of thanks to all that have shared their stories and coping strategies here. Although my symptoms are changing from day to day and doctors are not sure why, I am blessed and alive and thankul to have found people I can share this journey with.

  37. I came across this blog, googling, heart palps. Last Oct i had them for a week straight, wore heart monitor, normal. Thyroid tested , they lowered my med. Good for one month. Now I have them everyday, constant. I have been off Zoloft for one year, no problems until now.
    Blood pressure great, cholesterol good. Thyroid checked again, levels are at the low end of normal.
    Internal medicine Dr stated it may be anxiety, EKG looked ok, couple pvc’s, he stated that’s normal. And am having headaches too.Went from reg coffee to half caff and only one cup a day. In the process of quitting smoking, no tobacco for 2 weeks(on nicotine) for now.
    Problem,I keep thinking about them Dr put me on metroplol (sp) 25 mg, they seem less strong, but are still there. This med makes me tired.
    I just want them to go away. Why all of a sudden do they come anyway for no reason. Driving me crazy.
    Thanks for listening. I am 58.

  38. Deborah Shepard February 1, 2015 at 4:38 pm


    I think I am finally getting a grip on my palpations. Through my research and past history of when the palpitations started, I have found that they may be due to one or more of the following, a) root canals, b) amalgam removals, c) electrolyte imbalance (high magnesium, calcium and low chromium and manganese, with a normal to high potassium and sodium).
    If you have had any dental work recently (toxins such as mercury, etc) this may be something to take into consideration. And, take a look at this website:

    Also, I have experienced severe heartburn, acid reflex and burping along with the palpitations. One doctor from the ER said, your heart is perfect, you have a heart of a youngster… He suggested that I see a gastrologist for and endoscopy and colonoscopy. He mentioned that with acid reflex irritating the esophagus and the esophagus being so close to the heart, it could cause palpitations. He also said that if there is a problem with the spinster valve not closing properly, this is the cause of acid reflex, which may cause palpitations.

    After having done a hair analysis for heavy metals and also a blood test “CBC” for heavy metals, I have started on the suggested Dr. Hal Huggins protocol, which include; various supplements geared toward my test results. I have been on the protocol for 1 week and the palpitations have gotten less frequent.

    One last thing that I have done, I have been using the Bio-Mat (check it out online) and have been drinking alkaline water with minerals.

    I am hopeful that I may have this under control. I hope this helps.

    • Researching this for my spouse, I appreciate this because it all sounds so familiar to what she is experiencing. I must admit it is difficult to see her struggle with these PVC’s but I am hopeful this forum will help. I read every post and noticed that the host stopped responding many months ago, any idea as to why?

      • Hey Korey! Sorry for the delay in response. I have been swamped with work and for some reason the comments were not showing up in my email. But I am working on some new posts that I hope to have out sometime this week or early next week! I hope your spouse is feeling better and finding some solutions with her struggle with heart palpitations!

  39. Hi,

    I have no idea why the host stopped responding…

    FYI, I am still having palpitations… I thought I had it figured out; however, I am still prepairing to have 3 other teeth extracted that have had previous root canals. I am hoping that this may still be the root cause. I am still doing extensive research through alternative modalities (homeopathic, naturopathic, etc.) I am in hope that someone find find a solution.


  40. Hi, I was comforted by your story as I was stressed by my strange heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats. I was stressed because people around me thought I was having a panic attack or why I am so nervous just buying things or after eating. It was my abnormal heart which is the culprit but they don’t understand. I was slowly becoming anti-social but I found a kindred spirit here.

  41. I completely understand how you could isolate yourself. I truly believe there is a light of hope for all of us. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to find the answer (s). Having a doctor tell me that this is something I have to live with is not acceptable. This is scary stuff. You feel like your life has been robbed and you have been robbed from your family and friends and all those things you enjoy.

    I am starting to get some reprieve from the palpitations. I just went to a clinic in San Diego called the Center for Advanced Medicine and saw Dr. Drucker. With all my blood work and hair analysis for heavy metals, he has been able to put together a supplement regime that feels like it is working. I am having fewer palpitations throughout the day. In addition, I have recently had 3 of 5 of my root canals extracted (root canals and infections in the mouth are directly related to the heart. . All of which were infected. I plan to get the other 2 removed as I am starting the healing process.

    I do know for a fact that if there are mineral/electrolyte imbalances we will experience irregular heart rhythms. Regular blood work will not determine this. Please checkout Life Extension and look into their lab test that may apply to you. I hope this has been helpful.

    Warmest Regards,

  42. Your story is like a time machine to my past. I didn’t personally experience this. I carry all of my worries and woes in my gut. My husband, however, at 28 years old began taking trips to the ER regularly because he insisted he was dying of a heart attack. Our relationship was new at the time, so I just thought he was crazy. I saw that he had a really weird relationship with his mom where she seemed to really feed into an off of his fears and panic. I tried to tell him about panic attacks and things like that and he wouldn’t hear of it. He was also hiding an eating disorder from the world. He had been bulimic for nearly 10 years at that point and was starting to worry about what that behavior might have done to his heart. Marijuana actually helps him manage stress and lower blood pressure. We also changed our diets and had some serious discussions about God and who we are and what matters. It has been a journey but he doesn’t have these symptoms anymore either. He still gets stressed out but he seems to be able to handle them. Understanding what was happening and knowing the right “self talk” helped enormously. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Your story reminds me a lot of my own. When I first started having heart palpitations I was freaking out. I went to a cardiologist twice (I was in my 20’s and was the youngest person there and everyone would stare oddly at me… awkward). I did the whole blood work and holter monitor thing, and echocardiogram. I was told I have a healthy heart with occasional PVCs and the cardiologist thought I was just a crazy hypochondriac and sent me on my way with no interventions. But of course when my heart was really acting up I could never get into the cardiologist fast enough to show him I wasn’t crazy. It took several years for me to finally see a pattern and recognize that it was happening because I had anxiety. I didn’t realize I had anxiety because it would happen AFTER a stressful episode, as if it was my body’s reaction to my stress levels leveling out again. So I never attributed the palpitations to stress cause I wasn’t actually feeling stressed during each episode. But after watching them for a while I realized they always came on as soon as a stressful time in my life passed. Does that make sense? Anyway, I figured if I could manage the stress the palpitations would decrease. That was maybe 8 years ago when I 1st saw a cardiologist. For the past 6 years I have been taking Ativan for the occasional flare ups, when the palpitations become unbearable and I can’t even sleep, When they get too bad they stress me out and I get this circular pattern of *palpitations cause stress, then stress causes palpitations* and around and around I go. But the Ativan has worked great. I just take a 1/4th of a 1/2mg tablet when it gets too bad until a flare up passes and then I stop. I have no side effects. One bottle will last me for a couple years that way. Anyway, just thought I would share how I deal with mine. Good luck to you!

    • Kate: Your story is identical to mine! I always become symptomatic AFTER a stressful episode and it can be weeks later so it was hard for me to put the two together…in fact I was in denial. I have had incidents of palpitations since my 20s (I’m now 48) and I was on Toprol, etc for a while. They eventually went away. I still had “stress symptoms” but they were different. As of recently, I started having palpitations. I had stress echo, EKGs, blood work, holtor monitor, etc. Everything looks good. But as of 3 days ago, the palps (skipping beats I can feel when I take my pulse) are more frequent. Of course, that makes my anxiety flare up, which causes more palps, which causes more anxiety- just like you described. if I take a Xanax, it brings me relief so I know its from the stress. My gyno is confident I’m peri-menopausal and believes my estrogen levels are low. He put me on a low dose patch 4 weeks ago that hasn’t done anything. He just increased it. He said the number one symptom of low estrogen in woman is palpitations. He was going to send my cardiologist a note on this. My cardio is putting a 2-week event recorder on my tomorrow (that’s a long time, especially since I want to try to hide this from people from work so I don’t get questioned about what’s going on). I did have holter monitor back in January but it didn’t show anything. Besides, now my palps are much worse and more frequent. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this.

  44. Deborah Shepard March 2, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    So for the past 4 months I have been having ongoing, all day long, daily heart palpitations. I have gone through the entire medical gamet…. I am a singer. So today, while I was driving, I started practicing on hitting extremely high notes for a song I am recording. I was bearing down, pulling in my gut and releasing my breath and it seems to have reset my heart into a natural rhythm… So far the rest of my day has been palp free. Go figure. So tomorrow, if it starts back up, I’ll try it again…. Whatever is natural and works, I’m in.

  45. I’ve had heart palpations 18 years now.but much more frequently as I’ve gotten older. Now they seem to come in episodes that last days and if I’m lucky I may go a day or two withou any. Ive gotten a lot better with the anxiety that accompanies it, I can be in the middle of a conversation and you would never no. But I definitely still struggle. Reading these post definitely help. Would anyone else describe them as hicchiccups in your heart?

  46. hello..ive been going through hell..scared out of my mind, this is the worst feeling anyone could ever go through. I’ve been afraid to step out of my house incase something goes wrong and i would end up dead or something. I’ve been having a rapid heart rate all day for the past three months and its driving me crazy, they basically started out of no where. I’ve heard that vitamin D deficiency and b12 could be the cause so please get those two checked and might as well try them. i have low vitamin D so i might give this a try. fingers crossed!!!!!! good luck everyone and stay safe.

  47. Deborah Shepard March 16, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    If you are having a rapid heart rate, I suggest seeing an electrophysiologist. Three are things that can be done to help.

  48. Cindy Treadway March 25, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    Here are my experiences…I am now 57 and have had heart palps and things since my 20’s. Well, I used to have them anyways. I am on Toprol XL 50 mg and Paxil 20 mg and also a blood pressure medicine. I have had skipping with my heart palps. I used to see my dad, who also had them, sitting up at night with them or calling the doctor. About 3 years ago, my mom was about to die. I got a terrible cold and thought I was taking the right medicine for it but I ended up with a box of Dextromethorphine cough drops by accident. oh my gosh. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought it was over. I had had severe incidences and the closer to menopause I got the worse it got, but this was just the worst ever. Turns out I was in atrial fibrillation. They admitted me in the hospital to do the cardioversion and as they had the needle up to knock me out I also hit the magical 12th hour of the cough drops effectiveness and I magically snapped out of it. Oh my gosh, I was never so scared. That was basically the last cough and cold medicine I have ever taken, even though I lost my voice for six weeks at one point. I stay away from every single cough, cold, antihisimine, anY medication that I feel might even possibly put me in the afib again. I also learned the trick of the vagel maneuver which is basically bearing down like you are having a BM and (sorry) if you are a person who can feel this coming on, then you do this and can knock yourself out of it. I am not a dr. so you might want to ask your doctor. It works for me. The farther into menopause i’m getting, the less trouble I’m having. I’ve also gone on a lot of natural foods, not so much frozen and packaged stuff anymore. I still have a sugar problem, but I also take in very little caffeine. It’s just worked for me. And when these drs. prescribe meds I do my own research on how much this stuff will cause me to go into afib, and if that’s a side effect, sorry…I dont’ take it. I’ve had this stuff for many many years. It is hereditary…my son has it, my dad had it, I have it, my cousins have it, and my mom lived for YEARS in afib.

    • How did they diagnose your afib?I only ask because I’ve had a ekg, echo,holter and blood work done,but nothing has showed up,except the normal pvc.. Which doesn’t feel fucking normal in anyway.

  49. I don’t know if i wrote this on this board earlier or another, but the herb Hawthorn helps me immensly. I’ve had trouble my whole life with palpatations, , pvc’s, pacs. I am fine once i keep taking the hawthorn. Once i stop my problems come back in a few wks or less. I use the tincture which costs ten dollars a bottle at the health store. Works faster than the capsules. I take less than it says on the bottle and it works great. Being an herb it will work slower and may take at least two wks or longer. Works for me in two wks or less. I notice a gradual improvement in a few days. Once you start don’t stop abruptly, not good for heart to do that. I’ve been taking hawthorn for at least 20 yrs now., and once in awhile i get lazy and slow up and then stop, and then my palps come back again. The other more expensive one is from Healthy Hearts Club. Cost almost $50, but supposed to be guaranteed. I’ve taken it., but can’t afford the price so am taking the cheaper one which works too.

    • PS….i am older too. I am 66 and had this my whole life. It started in my late teens. My mom had it too so i inherited it from her. Son does not have it. I had mvp my whole life, but recently getting an echo doc said it went away! I think the hawthorn made it go away cuz it strengthens the collagen flaps in the valves. Other docs told me i had mvp my whole life, now this one says i don’t have it anymore! When i was 48 and hit menopause i had a horrible time. pvc’s every third beat for over 4 wks. I went to 3 hospitals, and none helped me cuz i was poor on medicaid. They weren’t allowed to use the paddles on me cuz i was poor. I almost died. I saved up money and went to my moms heart doc and he put me on beta blockers for a yr and i slowly got better, then i weaned off them and took hawthorn and have ever since. I also take Hibiscus tea to lower the blood pressure, and garlic. Hawthorn does it too. Bottle says to take 20-40 drops 3 x a day, but to save money i take 15 drops 3 x a day. I also found natural herbal water pills at CVS drug store and am stopping the drug the doc gave me. i take a half pill a day and soon will wean off and take the natural.I’ve read that bl. pr. will be higher in morning, so as not to freak out i take it later in the day and it gets to 130/80 and then to 125/75. If i get nervous taking it , it will go higher. Emotions make a BIG difference.

  50. 40 year old male. Hypothyroid…only taking .25 of Levo ( low level). No drugs, drinks a little, two stressful….I mean rambunctious….I mean lively boys, age 3 and 5. Just turned 40 a few months ago and days before that I had my first episode. Thought my throat was twitching or my esophagus was having a spasm….the second day of the “spasms” I checked my pulse at the neck and felt the missing beats. Chills went up my spine, set and appointment at the Dr.s and immediately screened the internet to self diagnose. Dr heard the the PVC’s. ECG was done. Results came back fine. Heart was great…he said. As hard as it still is, I gave up coffee. No soda. Drink a lot of soda water. Not the greatest diet but not altogether bad. That first episode last about 2-3 weeks and then mellowed out. Had a recurrence only one night during a concert, and this last episode I am currently in for 4 days. Slowing down right now, but I noticed I feel them more when sitting down…with a eager adrenalin-like feeling…..kind of been tired as well. In the middle of a move and all that comes with that but I don’t just want to pin it on stress and I hate feeling like a hypochondriac……but I don’t want to keel over at my desk either???

    • Alex, your symptoms sound just like mine. Im a 48 yr old female. I felt something in my throat and next day felt pulse and felt skipping heartbeats. Started 6 days ago and is pretty much constant. I’m so anxious over it. I’m on 75 mg of zoloft for anxiety. I take xanax as needed. It sometimes helps with palps. I had stress test, echo, holter, blood back in January and all was fine. I’m being put on a 2 week event monitor today. I just want to feel normal again!

      • Hey Dor….Since my episode in April, I haven’t had any major attacks. Not sure if this is because of all the stress related things going on have simmered down. I did the Holter test right in the middle of a bad attack and all the Dr said was these were normal PVC’s and I should watch my caffeine. That was it. NO help. I checked around and found information regarding Chocolate and how it can be associated with Palps. I had a bad cold and stomach illness/issue back in January when this started and read that nyquil/dayquil and like products could have triggered it..along with, bear with me, excessive regurgitation as the esophagus is close to the heart. Now I didn’t want to freak myself out reading too much internet information, but I started drinking coffee again a week after my last occurrence to try to pinpoint a “trigger” and have found that coffee is not it…or at least not alone. I can’t recommend you do want I did by trolling the internet searching for answers as it may raise your anxiety level. I would suggest dissecting your diet….as far as you can remember back to what you plan on eating…what is in your fridge or cupboards. I also suggest breathing exercises….
        ….and most importantly, keep asking questions no matter how off the wall they might be…..most of the reasons for PVC’s I got were ” Well, We’re just not sure where they come from!”
        I hope you get some answers from the 2 week monitor. I understand the need to feel normal. I may not be having them right now, but I know they are there.

        • Alex…thank you. The stage thing is, is I burp alot with these palps and I don’t know why. I do have mild reflux but don’t think that has anything to do with palps. Right now they have been non stop all day. I eat healthy, exercise, have great blood pressure, ruled out thyroid. I just don’t know. So frustrating.

        • Alex: Just an update here. I went to the dr. yesterday to get the 2-week monitor on. This morning, I had non-stop, constant palps from 5:00 a.m through the afternoon. I called the dr. in the morning to see what he wanted me to do and he asked me to come in. He looked at the EKG readings from the monitor and said they are benign PVCs, nothing serious, and nothing to worry about. I was still having them as I sat in his office. He is going to start me on 25 mg of Toprol and see if that helps. As much as I don’t want to be on med, I can’t stand the thought of feeling these palps constantly. He believes they are anxiety driven and possibly hormonal as well. I tried all of the breathing exercises this morning when I was bad and nothing was working. I hope the medicine helps and that this is only temporary. He said all of my other tests (stress, echo, etc.) have come back fine. He is repeating my bloodwork to check my thyroid and electrolytes again.

          • Dor: I would like to know what helps your problem. I have a friend that also burps a lot with the palpitations. I do not see the two problems mentioned together very often.

  51. Hi all I have had heart palpitations that get better with my diet, obviously stressful days etc can bring it on but if I have good food it does get better, don’t accept you will have this for life, have a look at I am not trying to sell anything I simply can sympathise with all, and know how frustrating and scary it can be. No one should have to fell they can not do anything.

  52. I know exactly how you feel. Your words calmed me. I felt less alone.

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  57. Hello to everyone I was looking up irregular heartbeats and seen this site and went on to read it and I was kinda relieved to know that their are others as myself dealing with the same thing I went to a cardo doctor where he did what I believe was ekg and he said it showed him that I have QVC I believe and he explained it to me that it is not dangerous but he wants to do an ultrasound of my heart along with a stress test to make sure its not a sign of an underlying condition which I don’t mind cause I need to know what is causing this but see I have been on metropol 25mg for about 4yrs now for high blood pressure so it doesn’t seem to help mine at all but I am losing sleep and don’t wanna do much because if I get the running around it seems like my irregular starts but I have noticed now I don’t have to do anything I it starts he said if nothing else was wrong he wasn’t going to treat it well I cant do this I deal with this a lot during the day and at night while trying to sleep I don’t like it I just want my regular heart beats back is it possible that I can have them back to normal? I hope so I am 37 year old female

    • this sounds like my story…..although it has only been the last 2 months that I have been experiencing them so scary…….I hope your doing better now!

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  62. I am 39 going on 40 this October. I was diagnosed with afib at around age 28. I’ve had 2 heart ablation with no success. I tried an anti arrhythmic drug that came close to killing me. I changed my diet and started exercising and that seemed to work for about a year then I would go into afib about 2 to 3 times a year and now 2015 it has been happening almost monthly. I am on diltiazem magnesium fish oil and try and eat salmon twice a week. Nothing works. Is there anyone here that has afib and has found something that works to lessen the occurrences?

  63. Hello I just read your blog and some of the comments and I don’t know if anyone has mentioned to you before to try a Magnesium supplement. A LOT of people have gotten relief from them from simply taking a good quailty Magnesium supplement, me included! I encourage you to look more into this solution. I know how bad they can get and how terrible they can make you feel especially on a particularly bad day. But knowing that there is a solution and to not feel that way anymore is SUCH a relief!

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  66. Deborah Shepard August 20, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Hopefully I have my palpitations under control. My Dr. put me on 10 mg of Fluoxetine for 2 weeks and then increased it to 20 mg. I am drinking 1 20oz bottle of gatorade a day and also working out on my eliptical for 40 min. and 20 min. light weight training. I have had a fewer palpitations but nothing like they use to be all day long every day from the time I got up until I went to bed. I hope this helps. FYI, I too do not like meds. I already have low blood pressure and the Tropol made it even lower. I wish you the best! I truley believe this is anxiety related from my own experience…

  67. Deborah Shepard August 21, 2015 at 11:47 am

    The Fluoxetine is a mild anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication. It has been the only med I am able to take without side affects. The gatorade has helped me to balance my electrolytes and sugar. Although my glucose is always normal on blood test, if I get a little shaky and drink some gatorade or drink it during a workout, I feel better. So I start my morning with 8 oz of gatorade and keep some around throughout the day. I hope this helps. I know how frightening it can be.

  68. This blog has made me feel so much better. I’ve not been diagnosed with anything but I get palps here and there, nearly passed out before.
    It’s fun finding the coping mechanisms!

    I’ve noticed at times there’s a little flutter before the palps have their time.
    As we all know, your brain concentrates on your heart as soon as something strange occurs…

    I found a iffy solution, kind of reverse psychosomatic..
    I imagine part of my body unwell and invision it healing. The best one ive found is imagining a, bruised, swollen ankle…concentrating on that. Then imagine it deflating back to normal within a second

    It does help sometimes but even 1% is better than nothing. Hope it helps

  69. Hi, I am a 34 year old mother of 2 kids ages 7 and 4. My palpitations feel like a quick, extra hard heart beat that makes me cough instantly. I have listened to the palpitations with my stethoscope, and they sound like a skipped beat. I have experienced these since childhood, but only about once per month. A few months after I had my first child the palpitations increased to about 10 or 20 per hour. I went straight to a cardiologist who did an EKG and echo which came out clean. I wore an event monitor for a few days and cardio said it was a harmless palpitation, I forget exactly what kind. It was bothersome so he gave me Toprol xl which I took every 1 to 2 days for about a year. With his permission I weaned off due to not wanting to be on medication, and the palpitations went back to my lifelong normal of about 1 to 2 every month. Now since a few weeks ago I am getting them several times per hour. I do not wish to take medication again, but they are disruptive, as they make me jump a bit and cough each time. I do notice coffee and anxiety worsening them, but mind you I drank plenty of coffee and had worse anxiety at times during my 6 years without the frequent palpitations. Does anyone else jump or cough when they get theirs? I would love to correspond with some other palpitation sufferers.

  70. Marie: I haven’t found anything that really helps. I asked my cardiologist again this week if there is a relation between reflux and palps and he said no, but as we speak, I’m having constant palps and constant burping. There’s got to be a relation between the two. You can have your friend email me directly if they’d like to communicate further and share stories.

    • Your doc is WRONG!!! I listened to a cardiologist talking about how acid reflux, sleep apnea, obesity and HEART PALPS are connected!!!

  71. I am so happy to have found this website. Thank you lifeoffbeat!
    A few weeks ago, in July I had one night where I was cleaning my apartment and felt kind of light headed (probably from the cleaning supplies) and got on google to see what was up or what It could be. I of course, started finding articles on heart attacks, etc. which got me extremely paranoid and I ended up having a panic attack which put me in the hospital. I had never done much research on heart attacks so I completely let myself get in golfed in the idea. It’s crazy what the mind can do, huh?! After a clean bill of health from the E.R I tried my best to stop thinking about heart attacks, etc.

    As weeks followed, and I kept googling things, I found that that was a major trigger to my panic attacks and they were controlling my life. It got to the point where I couldn’t tell if I was having arm pain or if I was imagining it. I ended up taking myself to the E.R again and nothing, again, was wrong.

    Thankfully the doctor proscribed lorazepam, which has been extremely helpful to relieve some of that worry that I have about my heart.

    My palpuptakings seem to have gotten worst over the weeks, I’ve had them maybe 6 times a year for the past few years of my life, but now they are happening after almost every meal and during Zumba, i’m afraid to go running right now…

    I have multiple appointments lined to to try and figure this out. I just turn 25 in a high stress job, but I am also overweight, but have been healthy prior to this situation. Because of the palpitations I have been afraid to eat and have lost nearly 30 lbs in the last few weeks- which I understand is also dangerous for the heart, but it is hard to tell what is causing, triggering, assisting the palpitations at this point, weight loss, continued stress!?! ahh. I don’t know.

    I will keep the board updated with my progress and I am set to wear a 24 hour monitor this upcoming week.

    Stay strong everyone.

    • Hi everyone! Just wanted to update you on my story, because I know I read many comments that have helped me.
      Since my last comment back in September, I did a stress test and wore the heart monitor for 48 hours. All tests came back normal. What a relief, but not in my head, I still had the palps! I really had to do some soul searching with the cardiologists as my continued feelings on my situation, despite the results, we’re not improving. She assured me, nothing was wrong. I told her everything, how my palps come after I eat, sometimes when I’m running, after I drink, early in the morning while in bed, etc. I’ve told her I’ve even had arm paid in the left arm- I said, “something just doesn’t feel right”. She explained, “Katie, there are no telling signs that anything is wrong. It is all in your head, you are stressed!” and explained to me, in depth, how the heart works, it’s normal to have palps, the heart just pumps differently sometimes, a normal heart can have 1000 palps a day and still be a normal heart. I understood. I tried to let go. It took a few weeks, but I started to believe my doctor (shocker, I know). It’s now Jan 2016 and I am in such a better place! These palps do not rule my life, and I can say with confidence that I don’t think anything is wrong with my heart.
      I stared excersising after my meeting with the cardiologists in September, and read this incredible book “it’s not all in your head” by Gordon j.G asmundson and Steven Taylor.
      It blew my mind, literally, that I could be conjuring these palps by stressing that they would happen!! I was creating my own problem. I just needed to let go. I have a palp every now and again, but for the most part, I am at peace with this for now.
      I wish everyone luck on their own journeys, as mine continues to change, as I’m sure yours does as well. I appreciate the support from everyone here!


  72. I’m 24 years old and started having these palpitations worry and anxiety is what they said, all in your head is what they said , I turned to God for answers . He gave me hope that I was going to be OK . I have two kids and run a daycare lots of stess, I still struggle with palpitations had every test done as well cardiologist says my heart is normal what helps me is leting go and leting God. be happy with the life you have and never fear death I’m planning to live as long as my grandmother at the ripe old age of 94 ha smile . And to those on medication theres ways out of that trap aswell thruoght high school was on so many meds for anxiety everything iv been on everything and am now off everything even with this struggle stI’ll off everything trust

  73. I’ve had palpitations for 5 years. It’s very unsettling at times. I stopped drinking because the alcohol made it worse, especially the wine. I had mine very often for about two years, then they stopped for a year with no rhyme or reason. They started up again last year and I get them almost daily. They seem to last a couple hours and then vanish. I’m a very anxious person to begin with and the anxiety, fear and ultimate obsession with my heart only makes it worse. I had all the tests done.. EKG, echo cardiogram, nuclear stress test and everything came back normal for my age of 55. There’s times when the palps are subtle and other times when I sweat and have some nausea. I don’t faint, get dizzy, lightheaded, or have chest pain. I’m in excellent shape and workout often. I’m due to have more tests done soon seeing how the last ones were done several years ago. The thought of living with this will make me cry at times, its extremely scary and wish all of you the very best.

  74. Thanks for sharing, Jim.
    Your words are almost too familiar for me. I am in the beginning stages of having these tests done and the anxiety is overwhelming the entire situation. I am 25, and the thought of living with this makes me ill. Like you, Jim, I have also given up drinking more than one or two beers at dinner because of the possible palpitations that sometimes follow hours after.

    Keep strong, all.

  75. I get heart palpitations so bad that my head feels like it is going to explode some days. I tell myself I just need to lay down and relax but then my mind starts racing and they get worse. I’m not a nervous or anxious person. Most things don’t bother me. At least I don’t think they do. I do believe that deep down in the stresses of the day get to all of us with out us knowing it.
    I did not read through all of the comments but I did notice that some folks said they are afraid to exercise. I find it is just the opposite for me. I sit at a computer all day and the heart palps drive me nuts. As soon as I get home and start doing something active they seem to go away and my head hearts less. I love going for long walks and playing soccer with my boys and that seems to be when I am at my most comfortable point. Or if I go out in the shop and putter with something. But, as soon as I sit down and relax they start to crank back up and I can feel them pounding in my head again. Going to bed at night sometimes is the worst.
    I have been to the doctors when I am having them and they tell me there is nothing I can do for them and not to worry. Easy for them to say. Just gotta keep active I guess.

  76. Deborah Shepard October 27, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    Hi, I’m Deborah and I have had this off and on, in and out of hospitals for almost a year. However, I am doing much better and I agree with you about exercise. If I get on my eliptical, the palpitations seem to go away. I’m also on a very low dose of Fluroxetine 20 mg. I am not one to take meds but this has also helped.

    • I had the same issue diagnosed at 17 with anxiety and then at 25 after the same issue almost passing out and at 34 I had a voluntary procedure called cardiac ablation and they triggered a rapid heart beat to find out what nerves in my heart aren’t regulating my heart properly and they abated the nerve to permanently stop the heart palpation. It was the best decision I ever made for my health.

  77. Many thanks for the blog! We are indeed a large community of extrasystolia (ES) sufferers.
    Of course there is a direct correlation between ES and GERD – gastro-esophageal reflux disease causing constant burping etc. I seem to have it myself and I am going to try Gas-X (simethicone).that has no side effects, apparently, and can absorb extra air from the GE tract. Has anyone tried it before?

  78. I had the same issue diagnosed at 17 with anxiety and then at 25 after the same issue almost passing out and at 34 I had a voluntary procedure called cardiac ablation and they triggered a rapid heart beat to find out what nerves in my heart aren’t regulating my heart properly and they abated the nerve to permanently stop the heart palpation. It was the best decision I ever made for my health.

  79. What a wonderful website. Thank you for creating this. So many of us are dealing with these seemingly incessant palpitations. THANK YOU! I have bookmarked this site. Much to read…

  80. Anyone ever get a palp following by somethung like an electric shock go through their body? Thanks

  81. Hi everyone! Just wanted to update you on my story, because I know I read many comments that have helped me. My story is above.
    Since my last comment back in September, I did a stress test and wore the heart monitor for 48 hours. All tests came back normal. What a relief, but not in my head, I still had the palps! I really had to do some soul searching with the cardiologists as my continued feelings on my situation, despite the results, we’re not improving. She assured me, nothing was wrong. I told her everything, how my palps come after I eat, sometimes when I’m running, after I drink, early in the morning while in bed, etc. I’ve told her I’ve even had arm paid in the left arm- I said, “something just doesn’t feel right”. She explained, “Katie, there are no telling signs that anything is wrong. It is all in your head, you are stressed!” and explained to me, in depth, how the heart works, it’s normal to have palps, the heart just pumps differently sometimes, a normal heart can have 1000 palps a day and still be a normal heart. I understood. I tried to let go. It took a few weeks, but I started to believe my doctor (shocker, I know). It’s now Jan 2016 and I am in such a better place! These palps do not rule my life, and I can say with confidence that I don’t think anything is wrong with my heart.
    I stared excersising after my meeting with the cardiologists in September, and read this incredible book “it’s not all in your head” by Gordon j.G asmundson and Steven Taylor.
    It blew my mind, literally, that I could be conjuring these palps by stressing that they would happen!! I was creating my own problem. I just needed to let go. I have a palp every now and again, but for the most part, I am at peace with this for now.
    I wish everyone luck on their own journeys, as mine continues to change, as I’m sure yours does as well. I appreciate the support from everyone here!



  82. Hello,
    I had palpitations and were not due to heart problems but as loud car noises or VERY loud music would trigger them and had problems breathing, when they check the neck for a CT scan it showed that the root caused was Graves Disease.
    As soon as the autoimmune sickness was deal with and for a few month I took some blockers to help the heart, they stop.
    Also problems with the spine, being over weight, allergies like to MSG or pollution, etc. and indigestion can cause palpitations.
    Some of the above information was given to me by my cardiologist.

  83. I am a 44 year old, fit, distance runner, female that has struggled with pacs and pvcs that developed in my late 20’s not sure what the trigger was but i wasnt happy and stressed in my current situation and starttd having panic attacks with racing heart then it developed into panic attacks with racing heart AND skipped beats –the worst! as it also happened that in investigating my irr heat beats, they found a PFO so i spent so many years why me what is causing this..anxiety stress, the PFO, foods I eat, etc and i still question it every day — feeling like i live my life so hesitant and over obsessed with what i eat, how if feel and what i do physically–everything in my life is done with the intent to lower the chances of a palp its crazy! . the best relief i had was not the beta blockers i was on for a few years but when i had my first baby for the first time, i was focused on something other that the heart beats. my panic attacks stopped pretty much-also, i almost feel like the less i focused on them the less they happened? so mine are probably a combo of stress and maybe having PFO makes me more prone to them? thru the years after that i would go thru stages where they are frequent and not so frequent.but didnt really panic about them as i was so focused on being .. ..then to complicate situation i was diagnosed with celiac 5 years ago..the palps came back a lot–and cause of the palps seemed to totally shift. i no longer had panic attacks but the gastro symptoms of gas and cramps seemed to be completely related to palps.. the more digestive issues i had on a given day the more palps. most dr scoff at the relationship between the two but THERE is one. i am an avid exerciser almost to obsession as i have found exercise controls the stress and the gas issues. where i am right now is back completly obsessed with them.. i exercise to excess (im underweight) bc it helps (though if im gassy and i run i have non stop palp which makes me very anxious) and worry about whether every bite of food i take will give me palps. when i wake up on a good day with settled stomach ill eat for more freely, but if i wake up crampy gassy and have palps during my run it sets of rest of the day poorly, ill be so concerned and nervous about every bite of food i take, ill avoid even decaf coffees on that day, and also limit physical movement so it wont set off a skipped beat. i feel like i live in this rigid stressful enclosed world, completely obsessed with this, self monitoring almost every second for my heart beat it affects my
    eating and inability to gain weight, it affects me playing with kids, (if im having an off day i wont really move!) and my attitude how can i be happy when im so devasted my these.. I guess im looking for any one out there who feels the same and what you do to make things either physically or mentally better. also, want to know if anyone HAS Palps during exercise esp when stomach is off or gassy.. and also, If i move around right after eating anything, I will ALWAYS have palps..which again makes the connection btw the gut and the heart.

    • Hi Amy…….I have been on this site a few times in the last month and a half……because starting mid Dec…….up until now……I have been experiencing palpations like never before………my family Dr sent me to a heart Dr about four years ago………just to investigate the occasional palpations I would get………sometimes a little more than occasional…….but never any long runs like I have been experiencing since Dec……..they will go on for hours………the heart specialist gave me a med to take…..a Calcium channel blocker…… Diltiazem 120 mg once a day.. I took it for 10 days…….I felt terrible…..tired ..foggy headed….and no energy…and my symptoms got worse…….my heart rhythm actually went off for extended periods of time…… day…it was 6 hours with out returning to a regular beat…..soooo scared……….it would go in a 1 2 3 miss rhythm for ages……sometimes a 1 2 miss rhythm……..I am now on day 6 of my second set of meds..a Beta Blocker Bisoprolol 1/2 tablet dailey…..2.5mg once a day………Im still getting palpations regularly……but I think it has taken the edge off……..however I can feel when my heart goes into a prolonged off rhythm……and also when I am just getting the intermittent palpations……..but the thing that I find most distressing is the moment I get active……my heart rate goes off……..I can be sitting still…….have a nice even heart beat……and I just have to get up… some chores……go up a flight of stairs…….then its off to crazy beating again for a while……but generally goes back to a normal rhythm after a few min…….I love to walk my dog…..and go hiking etc……..and it is downright scary how crazy the palpations go when I am doing that……..although I seem to be able to do it fine……not really short of breath etc…….not any more than usual I don’t think …….especially when Im doing up hills etc……..but anyway I will stop at the top of the hill and just see if I can read my heart rate……and it is just impossible….crazy beats….1 2 3 miss 1 2 miss…….thumps and jerks and misses…… darn scary……..especially when up until just about 2 months ago……I had never experienced or heard of such a thing……now In afraid that it is going to lay hold…….and become a chronic thing……however……there has been improvement on being able to maintain a nice even rhythm on and off during the day when I am not so active……..for a while I wasn’t even having that……….anyway this is all new……..and I have been encouraged by the different information that has been shared on this post……..and I was just wondering if anyone out there can relate to any of this? I hope to hear a response…..thankyou

      • I have the exact same symptoms!! I’ve had panics attacks/ palpitations for the past 25 years. I had the palps under control only having a few a year for the past 10 years then in Dec they came back and Jan. They disappeared for several months and then came back in May. They seem to happen in the morning then I eat and they are gone the rest of the day until I excerise. I recently had a panic attack while walking and now it’s in my head when ever I walk. I’m 51 so not sure if my hormones are off or if it’s happening because that is all I think about all day long!!

  84. You are the only one who has said that they have experienced this. Almost all of my palps end with this electric shock feeling now. I’ll mention it to my cardiologist next time i go. Did you ever mention it to your doctor? Thanks

  85. Hi, I have discovered that if I drink any of the more finely ground coffees I get palpitations. If I stick to plain old Folgers or Maxwell house, I do not. It took me a couple of years to figure this out!

    • I am a 35yr old female I have been getting palpitations after I have had my 1st son who is 10. It started with pvcs on and off all day worse when laying down or resting. Was told by doctors it was all anxiety for a few years but then went to an urgent care because of a cold with chest pain they did ekg and was told I have to go to a cardiologist immediately because of the reading. Went they said it was a normal palpitation but did a 24 holter came back with thousands of pvcs but told my heart is normal. So there I left with constant stress of having pvcs. I have struggled to find the fix to get help now over 10 years I have 2 boys 10 & 7 and I have so much stress and anxiety daily. I have been to multiple cardiologists and Drs I have had an echo, stress test, multiple holters even 30 days but seems like I always feel great when I wear them…of course. So they really haven’t caught any really bad ones. Either way I have heard I have had so many things a-tach, vtech, pvcs, pacs and can’t remember what else but would always hear the same nothing really to worry about. I worry my heart just goes crazy sometimes skipping, racing, fluttering, thudding, rapid out of rhythm which sometimes Wakes me up out of a sound sleep. The last couple of years they gave me a beta blocker to help since It was bothering me so much. I think it helps somewhat. I have tried multiple things on my own also I gave up all alcohol went gluten free don’t drink caffeine eat smaller meals multiple times a day because I think it is affiliated with digestion. Also think hormonal since it started immediately after the birth of my son. All I know I would do or pay anything to fix this I am losing myself, hurting relationships, not sleeping well, afraid to leave my house, to do anything, struggling to maintain a daily normal life, disconnected for my family and friends, it is effecting my children and I feel I am never present because I live in fear everyday and always distracted and anxious wondering when it is going to happen next. I try to be normal but it is consuming me and my life. I am glad I am not alone because no one understands in my life they all tell me I am fine to just remember that and be happy and live your life. I would love to hear any suggestions!

      • This is what helped me: Potassium Citrate 3-4 capsules per day, 1/2 bottle of gatorade (morning and night), 1/2 tsp of salt in water (drink) 2 times per day, and working out! I also found a bio-identical hormone Dr.

  86. my heart beat faster sometimes,and a friend said it because i sleep under a fun

  87. I used to be suggested this web site by my cousin. I’m not
    positive whether this post is written through him as nobody else understand such designated about
    my problem. You are incredible! Thanks!

  88. Hey everybody(:
    I found this blog about few weeks ago, after searching for relevant material over the net from time to time. Like people mention here, it’s very helpful indeed to see that a lot of us are facing this issue and more important- dealing and living with it.
    Decided to share my story as well, though I guess that in comparison to most of you here- my symptoms are less bothering. But still- maybe somebody faces exactly the same ones as I’m about to tell here.
    So, some background about me: 29 years old(will be 30 quite soon actually, lol).
    Have been a semi-professional athlete for most of my life: played professional volleyball until the end of high-school, and afterwards- continued with athletics(was a competitive long-distance runner for 5 and 10 k). Served in the army for three years( I’m from Israel). First in a combat unit and afterwards- as a fitness combat instructor. Never experienced any problems with the heart, always did an annual check-up of a stress-test(as a part of the requirments from competitive athletes- at least here,in Israel).
    Began having different issues with my breathing and my heart about three years ago- most of them due to a problematic mental situation I was in (probably undiagnozed anxiety and bothering uncontrolable thoughts. “Undiagnozed”- since I never went to diagnoze it). It appeared as a feeling I kept on getting that I’m about to suffocate, or that I would forget how to breathe and stop breathing.. irrational stuff like that.
    Did nothing about those things, and they passed away on their own. Among those symptoms- started having palpitations from time to time. My palpitations seemed very unrelated to my mental state- I could be calm or during an exhausting workout- and they could evenly appear. I usually experince them as a few fast beats which I feel that are of irregular rythm… or just a heartbeat which comes up the throat. It usually lasts for a second or two, and can appear again here and there- in a time period of an hour or so. Althogh they last for such a short moment- they are still very frightening, and make my mind bother itself with not so happy thoughts about death etc.
    I did most of the relevant check-ups(EKG and stress test), went to two different cardiologists.. both confirmed that everything is 100% OK. Haven’t found even other benign problems with my heart on an ECO test(like leakings/noises etc).
    Began going to a psychologist about two months ago.. she keeps on telling that it’s a part of anxiety I have to take care of(my doctor told me the same), but I’m still thinking that the anxiety is a problem of it’s own I’m having, and the palpitations is completely another problem- which has nothing to do with the anxiety.
    Got a recepy for Flutine(which is the same thing as Prozak) from the psychiatrist I went to- since my psychologist told that it would be almost impossible to solve my problems without medications(our purpose is to get rid of the unrelevant thoughts I keep on having- a kind of OCD without the compulsions. Or at least- that’s what the diagnoze was).
    Haven’t managed to force myself to begin taking it yet… though I already bought the pills. keep on telling different excuses to myself(that there will be bad side-effects, that it wouldn’t help anyway etc).
    So, now- I’m looking for a treatment for the palpitations.. seperately from the OCD I’m trying to solve as well. My diet was always good(well, in the past 10 years at least.. I did have some eating disorders when I was 18). I never smoked nor used drugs or alcohol… which makes everything even more frustrating, since I keep on thinking that it doesn’t make any sence that I- who has been constantly taking care of his health, not eating junk and excersising regularly- am having problems with my heart. I’m trying Magnezium and CO-Q10 supplements these days… don’t see almost any change at all(began taking them about 10 days ago). A thing that I do have to work on, is arranging my daily routine: I sleep enough, but not in regular hours(work an nights sometimes.. and even when I don’t- Not going to bed before 3:00 a.m usually).
    As regards thing I found helpful: unfortunately- it seems like I haven’t found anything yet… trying to think positive and not giving up to bad thoughts might help.. but it’s very hard for me to find the connection.. since like i mentioned before- the palpitations can just come without any known reason.
    There are times when I almost don’t pay attention the palpitations are there.. I can stay for a few months without them- but then they come back. Lately, they appear almost every week.
    I had quit with proffessional trainings about a year and a half ago. Still working out every day, but my workouts are on a relatively very low level(both aerobic and conditioning ones). It always scares me more when I’m getting the feeling of the beats in the middle of a workout.. since the heart-rate is high from the first place, and I feel them stronger, if they do come.

    There are a lot of things I have to arrange in my life.. and eventually- I do believe that everything is related to each other. But meanwhile- I still have a long way to path until I manage to put things in my life in the right order, so to speak(:
    Hope some of you can relate to my story.. sorry for not being helpful or suggesting any “magical solutions” (: but i promise that if I find something like that- you’ll be the first ones to know(;
    Take care everyone!

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  91. Heart palpitations have A LOT to do with acid reflux, indigestion, etc. I noticed one day I ate a really big fatty meal and the whole rest of the day I had heart palpitations out of the a$$! Also my dr confirmed they are both corelated to each other. If your vagus nerve gets interrupted in any way, it will make your heart skip beats and add extra beats (heart palpitations). I’m not saying that is the only reason to get them…you can get them from dehydration, not enough food, caffeine, pregnancy, etc. BUT in a healthy non pregnant adult I would suggest that it has something to do with your digestive tract and or acid reflux. 🙂

    • Hey Paige….Did your Dr. recommend anything after correlating them? A scope? Did GERD come up or Hiatal Hernia? I agree with you absolutely that these HP’s can come from the digestive tract and do so for me….I am just concerned that there might be more going on.

  92. Hi,

    I have struggled with heart palpitations, tight chest, asthma, and chronic stress ever since I was little. I go on meditation retreats and on my first retreat I experienced sever symptoms and anxiety. My last retreat, 2 years after my first retreat, I ran into the same problems. Luckily there was an acupuncturist on site and I had acupuncture done. I could see first hand how stagnant energy started to move during the treatment. The acupuncturist also said that I should do Qigong practices to help with movement of energy.

    I started incorporating Qigong into my practice and have noticed a difference. I do my best to practice daily but I really do struggle at times. I also started taking Vitamin B Complex, 5-HTP, and fish oil.

    Hope this helps…

  93. Wow this was such a great website for me to find! Not sure if you check it anymore but thank you so much for writing this. I had the SAME EXACT situation as you, just turned 30 and I wasn’t sleeping very well, I had a weekend binge eating session and then tried to work out after a long time – BOOM my heart started racing and I had heart palps. Ever since that day they linger on but the more I tried to listen for them the more they would appear. I had every test they could do, tons of ECG’s, 2 Echos, 1 Stress test but the palps wouldn’t go away. They say it is anxiety driven. I saw two Cardiologists because I swore it was serious, I mean they always feel like they are especially the loud thuds! They still come and go but I’m working on it slowly but surely. Some days are really good and then some days are not so great still. My other dr wants me to go on something for my anxiety but I am hesitant as I’m pretty sensitive to meds. I think I’ll order that Magnesium drink you suggested in the thread!! THANK YOU!!!!

    • Hi everyone
      I’m 36 years old and first experienced heart palpitations when I was about 25. They usually kick in in the early hours of the morning (between 1-3) after I have been asleep for a few hours. I used to drink and smoke a lot (just pints no spirits) and whenever I have a bad episode it is usually because I have had a heavy night in the pub. The attacks will usually last anywhere from 3-5 hours. I used to get heart palpitations after 2 ‘heavy nights’ in a row (a heavy night for me is about 8 pints of larger) but in the last few years I have had them after only one night out. (Usually 24 hours after stopping drinking) I have seriously cut down on the amount I drink and smoke for about 2 years now. I have a very good healthy diet. (I drink 5+ raw vegetables in a blender every morning before work!) I have 2 kids and I exercise a lot (I am a qualified personal trainer) I decided to quit smoking 3 weeks ago so it will be interesting to see if I get heart palpitations next time I have a night out. I know most people would tell me to stop drinking completely but I enjoy a night out from time to time and I don’t see why I should give up alcohol completely. I have freinds who binge drink most weekends still and they have never had heart palpitations. I do not understand why they don’t get them but I do? I have seen a cardiologist twice and both times he did tests and said my heart was absolutely fine. And guess what he told me to stop drinking and smoking. I can go all week without a cigarette but when I am enjoying a cold pint I get cravings for a cigarette. I am pretty certain smoking is worse for your heart than the occasional drink. I do empathise with people on this site that get regular heart palpitations and have never smoked or drank. I’m sure a lot of u would probably say mine is self inflicted. But the truth of the matter is a lot of people go out and drink from time to time and so far I have not met one other person that has had attacks like I do after a night out.
      When I do get palpitations (usually in bed) I tend to massage my chest. It helps take my mind off it. But when u are having a bad attack it is almost impossible to pretend it isn’t happening. I actually feel afraid to get up out of bed in case it makes it worse. I have tried cold showers. Coughing etc but none of those have worked. I am really hoping giving up smoking completely will stop the palpitations. There is only one way to find out….

      • Some people lack an enzyme to metabolize alcohol and are sensitive to caffeine. I cannot drink alcohol or use caffeine or the palpitations or tachycardia occurs. These sensitivities are genetic which explains why some are not bothered. I accept the reality of my triggers and live my life accordingly. It works better that way.

    • Hi Jenna hope you read this has the drink helped at all

  94. Here’s what not to do. Yesterday I had 2 unsweetened iced teas and a Snapple w/dinner – then I had a chocolate cake for dessert. At night I had a skip and a more noticeable one this morning. Too much Sugar and lack of sleep I believe contributes to heart palpitations. Had them on and off since 2005. Taking omeprazole for acid reflux. My cardiologist will put me on an event monitor in May and also I’m have an echocardiogram done in June. I do have a dilated aortic root (at this time not too serious) and mild mitral valve prolapse. Cardiologist thinks it could be reflux related. Trying to eat better! I do need to cut out sugars. Great site with good information. Keep up the good work!

    • Greetings! It is sooo good to finally be able to hear that others experience what has been happening to me since I was about 12 years old…I’m now 62. When experiencing these weird heart beats you feel so alone…like your life is about to end; but I’m still here. Once in my 20’s I had them so bad that I was rushed to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack…result: anxiety attack. (I have always, since I can remember been a very anxious person ALWAYS worried about illness and disease). Same thing happened in my 30’s…palps non-stop for hours, rushed to hospital, the usual test, same results. Healthy heart! In my 40’s I became a trail runner…that really helped…a few palps here and there, and by that time I was so used to them, I was not concerned. I got into the habit of doing visualization excerises. When I felt the skipped beats while running I would “see” the words in my mind “healthy heart” and spell them out “seeing” every letter, that really worked for me and still does. Two years ago when I was 60 I injured my knee, could not run for two months. When the injury first happened, I was so depressed, worried that I will never run again, I had the most severe palpations I have ever experienced. They started out in the morning, got worse as the day went on, and by night time I could not sit down…my heart felt like it was about to explode! Not rapid beats just crazy non stop jumping around!!! Well, I felt like this was the big one, once again to the ER, took all the test… healthy heart! As soon as they told me that, they went away right there in the ER. Followed up with a cargo doc, confirmed the fact that my heart was fine and gave me a beta blocker that really does not seem to help at all. Now at 62 I hurt my other knee, stoped running again and the palps worsened once again. Good news is that I’m so used to this, yes they always freak me out, but having had them all my life, it is about time I learn to live with these expressions of my body. Thanks so much for reading this, just sharing this with people who have been through this before helps so much. Live long and think HEALTHY! Peace

      • You’re post is very interesting as it’s very similar to mine. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder….basically, I’m a worrier, and worry about my health quite often. Went to the ER a few weeks ago with tightness in my chest. Nope…not my heart they say. I am on a beta blocker for my palpitations (skipped beats), but it really doesn’t do anything. I’m on an extremely low does 12.5 because it lowers my pulse too much. Although it doesn’t really work, my cardiologist said to still stay on since it’s such a low dose and that it may be helping with something. He said they don’t always work, especially if your palps are from anxiety. I’m a 49 year old female. I’m taking Lexapro for my anxiety which helps some, but palps have recently returned. I try to ignore them and sometimes I can, and other times they get the best of me. Glad you’re able to somewhat cope with yours.

        • Dor…Wow! I can relate to what you are saying so much! My doctor also says that I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Palps seem to come with the package…I also have tremors of my hand that I have had all my life and now they seem to be getting worse also. Tightness in the chest is also something I have had since a young man. I have worried about my health since I was a child. If I watched a medical TV show like Dr. Welby or Medical Center I always went to bed believing I had the illness that was described on the show. I was raised by my mother who was always worried about my health and rushed me to the doc every time I sneezed. I tried Lexapro and yes, I felt less worried but it made me shake and sweat terribly. I take a little Klonipin to help me sleep at night, but I sure hate to take meds. I take 25mg of Metoprolol once a day and nothing seems to change. I also seem to hear the sound of the blood rushing through my ears a lot when I have these palpations, I wonder if anybody else experiences this. I really can’t wrap my mind around these things…my heart seems to have a mind of it’s own when it comes to palps…as much as I try and ignore them, when your heart feels like it is jumping out of your chest, how can you ignore that! We have to do the best we can for this is the only body we have at the moment. I keep telling myself that there are people out there that have health problems much worse then mine, and hearts that are very ill. That always makes me feel better! Thanks again for reading and sharing!

          • Robert, your story is so similar to mine! Let me know if you’d like to continue to communicate via email to share our stories.

      • Thank you so much for your post. I used to be an avid exerciser and stopped when family issues took over my life, i became depressed and they tell me that my anxiety level is through the roof. I recently wore a monitor for 48 hours and once again they tell me just a bunch of benign PVCs and PACs. Well the medical community might consider them benign but they are not benign to be as they rule my life. One night a couple of weeks ago i had them all night and now i am afraid to leave the house for fear that will happen again. I have been on several beta blockers over the last 5 years and i dont think they do anything at all. My cardiologist says that exercise will probably help, i get palps just thinking about it. I have gone from a very active person to a couch potato. Ready to hang it up!

        • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that beta blockers don’t work for. I know a lot of people get relief from them…..unfortunately not me. I did ask if I should switch to a different one to see if that would help and my cardiologist said it wouldn’t make a difference.

          • Cardizem has helped with PAC and PVC although my palipitations are fairly new at age 66. I do have history of PAT and Ventricular tachycardia. It happens about once every 6 or 8 years. I am sensitive to caffeine so that is off the list, interrupted sleep, stopping exercise suddenly and alcohol and dehydration are triggers. It comes suddenly and I drive myself to ER and they give me medicine that brings it back to normal sinus rhythm. They offered me an ablation but I did not want to risk an ablation. I am not an anxious person so sometimes it is just an electrical wiring quirk. I know worriers and anxious people who do not have this problem. Stress or anxiety may trigger the that electrical variant in the heart.
            PS. They gave me metropolo one time and it made me cry. I rarely cry and was crying about which garden implement I was deciding on. Went off it and was my normal self. It is known to have this effect as it affects the central nervous system. I hope you enjoy day.

          • Yes Dor, That would be great…my email is Thanks!

        • Ah Suzie, Please don’t hang it up…excerise will help, but you have to start to get into it slowly…allow your heart to get used to it once again. After I had an all day bout with palps 2 years ago I was fearful to go camping, something I love to do. I told myself that I would be ok as long as I brought the beta blockers along with me…even though they don’t seem to help I used them as sort of a placebo…I convinced myself that everything would be ok, and it has worked! I go camping all the time. I also take a little klonipin with me to calm me down in case I become anxious re my heart. We can’t let these things rule our lives…every moment we live in fear is a moment lost…at 62 I’m not ready to let go of the things I love…I will continue as I have been all my life trying to love and learn. This illness we have, and I believe that Anxiety is an illness, cannot bring us down…sometimes it feels like it has succeeded in doing so, but it is just an illusion. Please don’t give in… It is just your heart letting you know it is there. Think peaceful thoughts my friend!

          • Thanks so much for your comments. After 3 days of almost constant palps i am ready to jump out of my skin. I can’t sit still. they are the worst they have been in a long time. I have a follow up with my cardiologist next week. Anxious to hear what she has to say in person if i am still alive.

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  96. So glad I found your blog. It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone. Mine started 3 months ago out of no where. I was nursing, not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water and SUPER stressed out. I recently saw a cardiologist that spent a total of 5 min with me, did an ekg and gave me a prescription of cardizime and sent me on my way. I’m 30 years old and refuse to take it. I’ve never been so scared about a health problem in my life. Sometimes when I’m having them non stop at night I pray that I wake up in the morning. I’m going to see another cardiologist and hopefully can get an idea of what’s causing them. In the meanwhile I look forward to trying some of your suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to help others.

  97. For those looking to reach out to others or share info or just looking for support there is a awesome group on Facebook under heart palpitations/eptopic beats!

  98. I am currently 22 years old and have had this issue since I took a strong weight cutting supplement when i worked at GNC called SUPER HD and I also think that my first panic attack when I was 17 has a lot to do with this. I have been to so many doctors i have lost count, I’ve worn halter monitors before, (i think it was a 2 or 3 day one) when I was 17 when they first came along. I am currently wearing a 10 day one because they came back and they came back HARD. I don’t feel like I get palpitations often but I know for SURE that they worsen when I worry about them or I am stressed about anxiety or triggers of panic attacks or if i get fixated on how I am feeling. I recently have been seeing a CBT therapist and It seems to really help me, at least for that day and sometimes the next if i really focus on what I was trained. Anything with caffeine sets these off tremendously though. I cant even eat chocolate anymore and I love that :(. Anyways, I was put on anti-depressants because I was told I should go see a psychiatrist for a serotonin medication (SSRI). sometimes this stuff comes from mood disorders like Generalized anxiety or chronic stress/depression. I have all of those including PTSD not from war but from seeing a lot of death and being around a lot of CLOSE family that battled cancer in a short time frame. I also went on some calls with the fire department and had the opportunity to attempt to resuscitate an older frail gentlemen and he unfortunately didn’t make it. SO you can see why I am fixated on my heart and have obsessive thoughts about it. I am told to exercise but when I do I seem to get them every time. I’ve had Echocardiograms twice, a stress test, countless EKGS and blood tests but they still haven’t seen anything. The cardiologist DID say that I had tachycardia and my blood pressure is usually high (around 140/89 and usually around 89 bpm). This isn’t always but he asked a lot of questions about my stress and anxiety levels and listened to my heart with a stethoscope and said he thought it was just fine and that my blood pressure was at the number it was due to stress. I recently started having panic attacks again along with elevated heart beat in my sleep. I know this is just a severe part of my anxiety but I just want to put it out there that research obsession does make your problems way worse. Meditation works, especially if you don’t get bad brain fog like I do. So does yoga. If anyone has any other things that help them please do reply!!! I hope you all lower your stress/worry/anxiety levels.

    • Hello name is ash and I am 37 years old weight about 110 at the time . my fast beat beat started feb 2016 ..out of nowhere my heart rate went up to 180 plus and my blood pressure went over the roof .. ..I was taken to the ER and they ran all sort of test .. Echocardiograms shows a mild tricuspid regurgitation which my doctor assured me that almost everyone has a mild TR and that was not causing my fast heart beat ,I had a stress test which showed a really fast heart beat due to the lack of excising on my part, x-ray which shows a normal size heart .. EKGS and blood tests everything seem to be normal. My cardiologist put me on a low dosage of beta blocker carvedilol 3.25 – ½ in the morning and ½ at night ..I am staying away from caffeine and sugar is not my best friend as per my doctor oh and salt ..I do cheat buy the list of food I consumed are not a wide variety so sometime I will eat certain food and trigger a fast heart beat .anyway thank god I am so much better …3 months now and all is well ..please email me If there is anything I can help with . I find that since I was about 18 this all started but I never took noticed ..

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  102. Keith Connors May 24, 2016 at 9:11 am

    Hi everyone, I am 35 years old. For the past 3 months i have been experiencing major anxiety and panic attacks. The only thing that I can think of that would cause the attacks would be my back injury i sustained from work. I was off work for about a month and have recently returned to work on a gradual return basis. At the beginning I would worry about work and life issues in general and it would bring on the anxiety. Then a few weeks later the panic attacks started. But now recently in the last two weeks the anxiety and panic attacks have seemed to subside a little bit but now i am experiencing heart palpitations, mostly when i get home from work but last most of the night. I have talked to my doctor and he prescribed me Nadolol 40mg to lower my heart beats. I am afraid to start taking the meds because of all the negative long term side affects I have heard about. I am very scared and stressed out. My life isn’t the same and it is putting strain on my relationships I have with my wife, family and friends. I am glad to hear other people with these problems but sad at the same time to find out so many people are suffering from this problem. I have read all the comments and will try many methods to help relieve the stress and worry. Thank you to you all for your kind input and i hope we all overcome our health issues so we can live a normal life again.

    • Hello name is ash and I am 37 years old weight about 110 at the time . my fast beat beat started feb 2016 ..out of nowhere my heart rate went up to 180 plus and my blood pressure went over the roof .. ..I was taken to the ER and they ran all sort of test .. Echocardiograms shows a mild tricuspid regurgitation which my doctor assured me that almost everyone has a mild TR and that was not causing my fast heart beat ,I had a stress test which showed a really fast heart beat due to the lack of excising on my part, x-ray which shows a normal size heart .. EKGS and blood tests everything seem to be normal. My cardiologist put me on a low dosage of beta blocker carvedilol 3.25 – ½ in the morning and ½ at night ..I am staying away from caffeine and sugar is not my best friend as per my doctor oh and salt ..I do cheat buy the list of food I consumed are not a wide variety so sometime I will eat certain food and trigger a fast heart beat .anyway thank god I am so much better …3 months now and all is well ..please email me If there is anything I can help with . I find that since I was about 18 this all started but I never took noticed ..

      My diet these days are

      Beef like once every other week
      Lots of veggies
      And a coconut water about once a week …fresh coconut
      I avoid all preservative
      Avoid MSG like a plague!!!
      If you’re eating right then you don’t need to take vitamins (as per my doctor)
      Walk 2 miles a day
      And get 7 to 8 hours of rest each night

  103. I hope this site helps me. I’ve had palpitations thru my life but since my hysterectomy in February I have had horrible palpitations sometimes 5-7 a minutes. I had a monitor over a month ago and cardiologist told my PCP there is nothing wrong but they are getting worse. I contacted my PCP Friday and she suggested another monitor. I’m scared and started to get bummed. Yes, I’m doing the same things you did now. I listen to my heart as I have ringing in my head that beats with my heart and I’m becoming obsessed with it and it’s driving me crazy. I even ended up in CCU a month before my dad died in 10/2013 (my mom died 2/2013) and I’ve had 5 years of major stress. Now that things have settled down my heart is going crazy and it’s wearing on me big time. They say nothing is wrong but my thought is how can a heart palpitate so much and be normal? After all I’ve gone thru I just want to feel normal. My estrogen was upped and that helped for about 5 days and then it went back to many palpitations. I’m on Metoprolol but I don’t think it helps, just makes me lethargic. I’m hoping the magnesium helps. I’m at the end of my rope with this.

    • I am so pleased you mentioned the ears and the heartbeat. I have that and I hate it. Which magnesium are you taking there are so many different ones

    • I’ve been on several different beta blockers and none of them helped. Metoprolol actually made mine worse. After a few days i went back on atenolol but next time i go to the cardiologist i’m going see about going off of it. I want to try magnesium but when i finally think i have found the right one, i read reviews and they talk about other ingredients being bad for you. I dunno.

      • I have just began to take a supplement called heart calm early days though. Also if you lack potassium I know you get palpitations. Also digestive issues can be the cause which are sometimes not obvious

    • Hello name is ash and I am 37 years old weight about 110 at the time . my fast beat beat started feb 2016 ..out of nowhere my heart rate went up to 180 plus and my blood pressure went over the roof .. ..I was taken to the ER and they ran all sort of test .. Echocardiograms shows a mild tricuspid regurgitation which my doctor assured me that almost everyone has a mild TR and that was not causing my fast heart beat ,I had a stress test which showed a really fast heart beat due to the lack of excising on my part, x-ray which shows a normal size heart .. EKGS and blood tests everything seem to be normal. My cardiologist put me on a low dosage of beta blocker carvedilol 3.25 – ½ in the morning and ½ at night ..I am staying away from caffeine and sugar is not my best friend as per my doctor oh and salt ..I do cheat buy the list of food I consumed are not a wide variety so sometime I will eat certain food and trigger a fast heart beat .anyway thank god I am so much better …3 months now and all is well ..please email me If there is anything I can help with . I find that since I was about 18 this all started but I never took noticed ..

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  106. Thank you for sharing this… This may be the first place I’ve actually found a community of people experiencing the same thing. I am only 21… a full time touring musician and I have been experiencing crazy anxiety and heart palpitations for the last year. I’ve had a holter monitor, done a sleep clinic, but still don’t quite understand what the problem is. I recently quit smoking (Been about a week now) and although some of the feelings I was experiencing do to the smoking are gone, my heart rate has slowed drastically since I quite and I feel a whole new set of anxieties. Anyway it’s just nice to know I’m not alone. Will continue to keep up with people on here,

    • Had 3 echos 2 stress tests and holter said every thing sound. But when I’m stressed I get hard palps I’m 54 .I toporol 25 twice a day when I exercise or run no problems. Doc said need to manage anxiety.

  107. Unfortunately i think that once these horrible things start, they never go away. Even if they stop for a while i think they are just dormant and will come back. I too have had every test and they tell me my heart is fine. I don’t believe them for a minute. Well maybe my heart is fine but what’s happening around it is not! Nothing can feel this bad and be normal. so if you are looking for help from a doc, forget it. They will just give you a bunch of beta blockers which most of the time don’t work. I have tried them all and some made mine worse. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 🙁 there is no miracle cure.

  108. I live with this exact situation since 2003. I can tell you after 13 years, your best bet is to ignore it! It’s the anatomy of your heart and nothing is going to change that. You’ve been checked out and that’s all they can do for you. It’s the harsh reality of it.

  109. Right, Chrissy. That’s what the docs say and i can’t remember where i read this or if a doc told me this but they said that the sooner you stop seeking an answer, the better off you will be. You can spend a lifetime adding more stress to your life to find the solution for you cuz it can be different for everyone and you might not find that solution for you. I did that for a while and it exhausted me and raised my anxiety level. Every time i had hope , tried something, and it failed it stressed me out more. So i am trying my best to do what the doc says and ignore them. Easier said than done. I know. 🙂 I have good days, bad days, and very bad days.

  110. For years it became like a full time job for me. The countless hours of research were all a big waste of time. I have files and binders of information I’ve accumulated. This went on for years. I know more about the human heart at this point that my cardiologist told me I could just about join their team. Believe me it’s all a waste of time and energy. You will learn your triggers, and learn to avoid them the best you can. But that is about all you can do. I’ve seen 6 top cardiologist and 2 electrophysiologist and tried numerous different beta blockers and calcium channel blockers. I’ve tired endless homeopathic remedies as well. I will say taking CoQ 10 has decreased the frequency of episodes, but there is certainly no cure. After living with this since 23 years old, and now I’m am 37, I’ve finally learned to let go the best I can. I understand your fears. I was also on anti anxiety ssri’s for years trying to cope with this. However, I’ve come to realize these are just the cards I was dealt and I’m going to play them the best I can and let go and let God. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s always a big help knowing we are not alone although it sure does seem like it sometimes.

  111. Well said. I am the same way. I know more about the heart than i ever wanted to know. I am SO done. My life will never be the same as it was so i am not going to go nuts trying to get there any more.

  112. Hello, I’ve been having a few palpitations too. I’m 27 yo, when they occur they feel like stiches in the chest, they are really unpleasant. I fear they may be related to all the wireless/radio bullsh*t technology around us that’s silently and constantly damaging us. Anyways, I’ve heard from someone who had this same problem and took “Crataegus pinnatifida” 10:1 pills (natural extracts). So I took it myself and it’s been giving very good results so far (I hardly ever have palpitations – and if I take them twice a day then I have none). I’ve been taking them for three weeks now and things are going well again. I’ve seen this thread a while a go and thought I might share this with you searchers. Peace!

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  116. I am looking forward to dying. Only way out of this misery.

    • Oh no! Please don’t say this! It is all in your mind, please!

    • Ya know i feel the same way. It’s a curse to live with these palpatations., and it will be a relief when i die not to feel them anymore. Now it’s happening after i eat and lasts a few hours. Trying to ignore them. Or i will be fine all day and just when i get into bed they will start! I was fine for months and now they are starting again. Had them all my life, but are worse now that i am older.

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  135. I don”t have acid reflux, sleep apnea, and i am underweight. None of my cardiologists (been to 3) have ever even mentioned those have anything to do with my palps. On the other side i know people with all of those things and don’t have palps. Point is there are many different causes of palps. Some can be treated and some cannot. If you are lucky enough to find a cause and cure. Excellent. Been almost 7 years for me and there is no pattern to my palps. They are totally random.

  136. I’ve had such a very similar experience throughout my life – since high school (I’m 33 now) I’ve experienced skipped heartbeats, random pounding heartbeats that at times have kept me awake all night long, and also the sensation of “floating” or an adrenaline/head rush, especially when trying to fall asleep, that I’ve always felt has been connected to my heart. I was recently diagnosed with Mitral Valve Regurgitation after an echocardiogram, and an EKG revealed an irregular rhythm, likely caused by the MVR, that together (I’m told) cause my symptoms. The floating/head rush sensation hasn’t been diagnosed but I’m getting tests done to try and identify an arrhythmia, and also to see if it could be caused by a cortisol imbalance. I totally understand how frustrating it can be to be dealing with these symptoms and not have a clear solution, especially b/c they can be so disruptive to your life. And when you factor in the anxiety that inevitably goes along with this, it certainly doesn’t help and can really blur the lines between your mind/body interaction. One important thing though is that I have come to understand these symptoms ARE NOT caused by anxiety even though most doctors use it as a diagnosis and recommend meditation or talk to a therapist. I believe those things can help, but in the end the symptoms are real, and preventing or managing them is almost like a full-time job and can be pretty disruptive to every day life. I really love and appreciate your blog because so many factors can contribute to heart symptoms and it’s important to understand the triggers, even though sometimes it can seem so arbitrary. I’m seeing a naturopath now and am going to ask about magnesium. I take hawthorn root currently but haven’t experienced any overwhelming results. Thanks for sharing your story – it seems the only places I can find others who truly understand this problem are forums and blogs like yours.

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  141. Awesome site. I think its helping me some. I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been told I have anxiety and excessive worry (especially when it comes to my health). I usually get one palp or skipped beat in the afternoon while at work, but that is enough to send me to google for the rest of the day – searching through all the information that says Im going to die of heart disease. A few years ago I went to the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack. No palps that time really, just got hot and kind of dizzy for no apparent reason.. They did an EKG and some Xrays and sent me on my way with a pamphlet about anxiety.

  142. Well 9 times of of 10 when docs don’t know what’s wrong with you, they tell you it’s anxiety. Just a cop out to get rid of you. I didn’t have anxiety until i had palps.

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  144. This page is a blessing. I was injured on the job.i could not work for9 mounths. after I was healed I had a problem finding a job and one day I woke up with irregular heartbeats. Went to LOTS of doctors. All say everything looks good. It’s all about stress management and proper sleep. If you not sure it’s stress related, the next time u have a weird thud. …..STOP! what was your last thought? Work? Kids? Finances? You might be suprised how stressed u Realy are. Get lots of sleep and leave work at work.that’s what helped me the the peace of mind knowing you’re not alone.

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  149. Have you checked out York Cardiology, Dr. Gupta has some really good videos about how to deal with heart palpitations, he even shares studies about how magnesium taurate, and talks a lot about diet and exercise and how stress can be and issue. I really recommend him.

  150. Wow Im so happy I find this site:)I have palpitation since I was 14 years old and soon I will be 55.It was hard to learn live with that :(Sometimes it was only few times a year,than they come more often,for a few months a year:(I know in my case they coming because of my anxiety.I didnt realized is it so many people out there who is suffering from that:(This is a horrible feeling but not dangerous.I also know that I soon I starting to think about them they became worse and coming more often.Our brain playing with us:(

  151. I am 38 years old and have been experiencing heart palpitations and tachycardia since 2003. The SVT is under control after 15 years for the most part but I still get heart palpitations daily. I treat with toprol as needed and found that coQ10 200mcg helps greatly. Does anyone on this thread ever get a strand of skipped beats or fast beats in a row? That is literally 2 seconds and then it returns to normal? So curious…please let me know.

    • Yes Chrissy…….I often get a strand of skipped beats or fast beats in a row…… is very scary……..the other night I had four hours of irregular heart beats…….about every 5 to 10 or 15 sec……I would get runs of 4 to 5 fast beats in a row…….have never experienced the PAC’s like that before……..and I have been on beta blockers for my SVT and PAC’s for 2 years now……….I have experienced palpations on and off for years now……..but the last two years they went to a level that I never imagined possible……..and unless someone actually experiences them, they would have no idea how distressing they are…….especially when they are going on long term! 🙁

      • Thanks for your response Linda. Yes, I agree that no one understands how scary they are unless you have experienced them! Not even the doctors. My palpitations have gotten worse over the last few years, however, the svt with the racing at 200+ bpm is much less frequent. How ironic. I guess I’ll never win! My cardiologist did say he believes I will suffer from palpitations always. Very encouraging I know! Oh well. I’m trying my best to just live my life as fearless as possible but it’s easier said than done. Have you found any remedies to lessen the palpitations? Have you noticed any specific triggers?

        • Hi Chrissy…….In response to your questions, yes I believe by taking 600 mg of magnesium daily, it has helped slow down the palpations……..and as well the beta blockers the Dr has put me on for the last two years…….I am now taking Metoprolol 25 mg 2 times a day……although I hate taking prescription pills, it was the Drs recommendation, and the palpations and runs were really going crazy for a while, so I thought I had better go on them…….the runs of tachycardia, are not near as often as the palpations are……I experience palpations every day through out the day……sometimes many times an hour…….sometimes only a few times an hour……but the tachycardia runs that I experience, usually last 5 to 10 seconds………sometimes 15 seconds, usually occur about every few weeks…….there the really scary runs…….beating so fast…..yikes!!! I am also trying to eat a more plant based diet, I have read that a lot of greens, and magnesium rich foods, like pumpkin seeds etc, are very beneficial for heart health……..I also try and get out every day for brisk walks or bike rides…….although sometimes during exercise, I can seem to experience more palpations……and thats scarey, but Im told that exercise is also very important……good medicine! 🙂

  152. I been suffering palpitations for about a year, they were a nightmare keeping me from sleep, it seemed like i was just hexed with them and i had to learn to live with them , until i stumbled upon a video on youtube,, people dont believe in this kind of things but this really worked,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hypnosis,,,, yep ,,, hypnosis!!! im not joking ,,i sleep like a baby now not counting on feeling better about my life and my self .. i hopr some one reads this and gets to help others like it has me,, id say i still get “attacked” by palpitations but on day only while dealing a very stressful life,, but im happy to say that good sleeping nights are back for me even when i began having them i began my session of hypnosis and they go away right after ,,, 🙂

  153. I have suffered from anxiety and occasional depression for many years and heart palpitations are frequent for me. Know what? I’m still here living and breathing. I’ve learned to live with it but occasionally the palps get out of control.. When they do I cough really hard a few times and it goes away. I’ve read quite a few comments here and I highly recommend a visit to a psychiatrist, who, after all is a medical doctor, too. After all the test with him and cardiologist I learned that my body will not produce enough of the hormone serotonin. It’s what controls your mood. As a result I take paxil every day. I experience zero side effects even sexual.

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