Resources I Use To Help Manage My Palpitations

A number of you have asked what things I found helpful in my journey to reduce or cure my heart palpitations, so I have compiled a short list of the resources or products use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis that I found to help with my heart palpitations. I love trying out new things so I will be sure to update these as often as I can. I hope you find some of them helpful. If you have any questions about any of them or have recommendations of your own, please let me know!

Health and Nutrition

Magnesium Helps Stop Heart Palpitations


You can find all sorts of posts about the benefit of using magnesium to cure heart palpitations. I have tried a ton of different types but the one I like best is Triple Calm Magnesium



Everyone has an opinion on multivitamins and there are thousands to choose from. I’m pretty picky, but I really like Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin, especially since you only have to take it once a day


B-Complex Vitamins

A blood test showed that I was low on B vitamins for some reason (which can cause heart palpitations), so I started taking B-CALMplex, a B-Complex supplement. So far I like it and find it really helpful.


Breville Juicer for my heart palpitations

My Favorite Juicer

I love love love this juicer. My wife and I did tons of research and we are really glad we ended up with this juicer. It’s powerful, fast, and looks good on the counter. If you are looking for a juicer, this is the one to get.


Low Sodium V8

Low Sodium V8

I use to think V8 was disgusting, but I need all the extra vegetables I can get, and while not the best way to get veggies, I have come to enjoy V8 every day at lunch. It definitely makes me feel better.


Lemon Balm Tea for Heart Palpitations

Lemon Balm Tea

I enjoy coffee, but now I try to avoid caffeine. So I turned to caffeine-free tea, particularly Lemon Balm Tea, since it helps calm and relax the body.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

With heart palpitations I think it is a good to keep an eye on blood pressure. It definitely can be a source of anxiety, but overall I am glad I have a blood pressure monitor at home. I use to take my blood pressure every day, but now I do it about once every two weeks.


MyFitnessPal App

MyFitnessPal App

This is a free app for iOS (iPhone & iPad). It is really easy to use and helped me see how bad my eating habits really were. I try to monitor my nutrition at least once a quarter for 30 days in a row. This app is great for doing that.



Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

I had a doctor tell me once that my palpitations were nothing to worry about, but I should always keep an eye on my heart rate when I exercise. So after some research, I bought this Timex Heart Rate watch and I love it. I have worn it for a couple of years now and it still works great! It also allows me to train at different heart rate zones which is awesome. I highly recommend it.


Heart Rate Monitor

Run Keeper App

I love to track my runs and measure my results. It holds me accountable and makes me run faster. I started using Run Keeper before Nike Plus came out so I still use it. It’s a great app, but a lot of people use Nike Plus instead. Both are great (and free) and worth a try if you haven’t already.




I’m sure everyone and their mother has tried P90X, but if you haven’t and your doctor clears you to workout, this is a great at home workout program. If you have already tried it and liked it, they have also created P90X2 and Insanity, which is a great cardio workout to get your heart rate up.



Sunrise Wakeup Light

Sunrise Wake-Up Light

Don’t laugh, but I actually use this thing and I love it. There is some stress that comes from the cold wake up of a beeping alarm clock. This wake-up light mimics the sunrise so fifteen minutes before you are suppose to get up the light slowly starts to get brighter. It also has soothing sounds, but I just use the light. If you want to ease into the morning, you ought to try out this wake-up light sunrise alarm.


Magnesium Helps Stop Heart Palpitations


I mentioned this above in the Health and Nutrition section, but I thought I would mention it again here since taking a little bit magnesium before bed helps me relax and sleep better.


Kids Alarm Clock

Kids Color Alarm Clock

This one is not for me exactly. My boys (who I love with all my heart) would wake up at about 5am ready to play and wrestle. That is ok for a little while, but after a few weeks of this it starts to take its toll. So we got this clock and they love it. They now know to stay in their room until the light turns green. It’s invaluable.


Stress Management

Deep Tissue Massager

Deep Tissue Massager

For stress relief I try to incorporate breaks throughout the day and give myself a back and neck massage. This one is a great massager and worth it if you work at your desk all day and need a good deep tissue massage to relieve stress.


Back Roller

Back Roller

In addition to using my back and neck massager, I also use this awesome back roller to help my posture. It always makes my back feel better. It’s not quite going to the chiropractor, but it’s great and worth keeping one around the house.


Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Another good app,especially for use in conjunction with the bp monitor is BPcompanion for ios. I use it to track my hr and bp during my palpitations episodes as well as when it’s normal so i know what my base rate is, it graphs everything for you and you can export everything to an email to save or send to your doctor if they want.

    • Thanks Shaney! I’ll have to check that out.

      • This website has been extremely useful for me. I’ve been suffering terribly with heart palpitations and the sensation of feeling like I’m going to pass out for sometime now and I’ve been told by my GP there’s nothing wrong with me. Along with the feeling of missed beats it feels like my heart goes into a spasm, stops then starts again like a bird trapped in my chest accompanied with pins and needles in both arms. Does anyone else experience this or should I be making yet another trip to the GP? Also interestingly I have read somewhere that it can be linked to an over growth of yeast in the body or leaking gut syndrome not sure if this carries much weight but just a thought.

        • wow, you sound just like me. I have those same heart feelings too. I had my G.P. send me to a cardiologist because I wanted a better check into my horrible feelings than he was willing to give me. I wore a heart monitor for 24 hours and was just told by my G.P. not to worry, not life threatening. Although I was of course re-leaved, all the parts of my life were being threatened because even though he told me my life was not in danger, I’m sorry, those feelings are still scary as hell, makes you not want to leave the house in fear it might happen while driving or in the middle of my work. My cardiologist gave me Atenolol, a beta blocker that stopped my palpitations for the most part. I still have some scary episodes that are like your feelings of the spasm and the bird trapped in your chest, good analogy, and I have felt a little of the pins and needles. These feelings are not all the time like the original palpitations, but they are just as awful when they occur. I have learned to live with them because stronger medications can symptoms that can be just as annoying if not worse. I found this page just looking around the internet for new ideas of how to cope. I’m going to try the magnesium pills and see how they work. The bearing down method did work for me for one of my lesser episodes. I suggest you have your p.c.p. refer you to a cardiologist, I think you will feel much more at ease with a doctor who specializes in the heart.

    • Thank you for this tip!

  2. Hi,
    I’m a young woman, suffering since already some years of palpitations. I’ve just dicovered your page, and suddenly feel less alone with these suffering.
    Have been many times to the doctor, done a sport test, and normally my palpitations are benign. In my case, I’ve noticed they’re very linked to stress of course and to menstruation…
    As you say, we have to learn living with them, thanks for the tips and for your website.

  3. so glad I found this site. sounds exactly what I am going through right now. will be reading everything here. thanks for putting it all up

  4. Thanks for this site and to all who have contributed their stories. As far as I know Ive been having episodes of afib since age 61 and now 67. (I may have had them before then, but I’ve always exercised and ate reasonably well and just may have not noticed). I also have a mild leak in my mitral valve that I believe I’ve had all my life and some blockage in minor veins in my heart. My episodes occur once every 2 months to once a week and last anywhere from 6 – 54 hours. My resting heart rate is around 60 and blood pressure is 120/60.

    I started tracking the occurrences about 4 years ago. When they started, how long they last, what was I doing, what had I done 24 hr previous, what did I eat and drink, what stopped it or reduced the length and frequency of episodes. This has been VERY helpful!!

    For me – and maybe many of the posts I’ve read – they seem to occur mostly when something is happening with my stomach (vagus nerve). Causes that have happened several times: going to bed on a full stomach, sleeping on my left side and to a lesser degree on my right side, stomach exercises, bending over when my heart rate has been elevated, being anxious, coffee, too much alcohol usually more then 1 drink without a glass of water and a little food. Getting ready to go on a long trip or arriving to my destination. The holidays – T-day through the new year they are much more frequent – lots of rich food, alcohol and anxiety. This past holiday I had at least 5 episodes. Since then I’ve had 3 and 1 of those I was able to do my belly breathing and it went away. The other 2? – one was at a beer tasting and the other was this morning after doing only 4-5 mild stomach exercises for my back.

    Most of the time my afib will stop at night after I go to sleep in bed. I can’t remember anytime its gone away when I fell asleep in the chair. As I mentioned, relaxing belly breathing combined with massaging my stomach, chest and neck has worked if I catch it early. But it didn’t this morning and I believe that’s because the cause is not the exercising, but the affect it has on the ab muscles which stays with me for awhile. Talking on the phone has worked a few times. A few times taking a walk and raising my heart rate a little has caused it to go away once my heart slows down. I also think taking a walk after bending over in activities such as yard work has kept me from going in afib many times. My explanation for this is that it lowers the heart rate gradually and at a consistent pace. And walking is relaxing. My episodes are less frequent (except for this last holiday) and do not last as long.

    Lastly, afib has slowed me down only a little. I eat well most of the time and hike, kayak, volunteer as a handy man at a nature preserve and church, exercise – mostly stretching and cardio, and work in my yard. So, I still do many things I enjoy and I hope you can too!

    • I have MVP which was diagnosed in 1993. I was put on a beta-blocker and antidepressant. I have been on the same medicine since then. It doesn’t seem to be helping anymore. I have been leaving off the beta-blocker at night and have seen no change in my symptoms.

      Now the palpitations are felt into my stomach, like a throb at night when I lay down along with the palpitation. I didn’t know about the connection with the vegus nerve and now it all makes sense.
      For those who have autonomic disorders like I do just know that a regular cardiologist doesn’t understand those types of problems. My doctor specializes in mitral valve and autonomic disorder. This might give some insight into what type of doctor understands the issue Since I have a visit already scheduled with my specialist I will definitely have questions in light of this new information.
      Thanks to you and other replies I feel like I have hope!

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for this helpful writeup. Was ill for a month so don’t know the exact medication that triggered the palpitations but I know I’m glad I found this site and I know I’m not alone. Great site. Keep up this excellent work!


  6. I am a 59 year old woman. I suffer from palpitations a lot and ectopic beats. I have had numerous tests and all are normal. But I have found that if I get a run of palpitations, I chew on a big lump of bread and have a big swallow. 9 times out of 10 my heart restores itself to normal rhythm. I carry bread around with me wherever I go. I believe it has something to do with the Vegus nerve but my doctors don’t understand why it works, but it does for me! Might be worth trying.

    • My palpitations stopped. And that is my update. Took staying away from sugars, sweetners,gluten and wheat. Taking greek yoghurt, Organic apple cider vinegar (to be well diluted ofcourse), Avocado, green back bananas and protein rich diet, garlic and not mythology but prayers help me a whole lot etc but it stopped. And it stopped! I am grateful to God and this wonderful group for though days and scary night. Anyone with questions always ready please. One luv!!

      • Hi, how long did your palpitations last ? Did you have just fast heartrate or did you have skipped beats as well ?

        • Barnes is better than Brown, but it dos1&n#82e7;t seem likely he’s coming to the Lakers. I hope I’m wrong though!Theo to me seems like the only realistic player to dress in purple and gold this fall. And he’ll be a decent addition to the end of the bench.

  7. Thanks for a great article. The resources on your website are wonderful.

    My PVCs are tied to stress and hormonal cycles, and I’ve found that natural is the way to go. Low Sodium V8 and Natural Calm are a standard for me every day. Eating clean is essential, but it should be for everyone, right? Epsom Salt baths also help. I haven’t tried magnesium oil, but I may in future. Essential oils (helichrysum, ylang ylang, and lavender) also help.

    The biggest thing is exercise. If my PVCs last more than a minute, I jump on my pedaler and cycle — heart resets within 5 minutes usually, and after 30 I feel relaxes and refreshed. (Maybe my heart is reminding me to exercise? Hmmmm.)

    So I count myself lucky.

    I really feel that any health issue is a smack over the head to “pay attention” and take care of ourselves.

  8. Was wondering if anyone has heard of the coalition between heart palpitations and thyroid issues ? Any info will be greatly appreciated !!

  9. I have had this going on for over 6 months now. It was intermittent before that. Once in a blue moon. Like a few times twice a year sort of thing. Now it’s all the time. None of what you have suggested has worked. I am overdosing on vitamins only because If I don’t I shut down by noon. Very tired all the time without the vitamins. I will be sitting at rest and boom, my heart starts skipping beats or pulsing. It feels like and sounds like swooshing in my chest. If I am intently preoccupied with something I really enjoy it never seems to show up. Anything other than that and it starts out of the blue. It’s been starting at around 1 pm every day for at least 2 weeks now. Doesn’t matter if I eat or not or if I am sitting or running around, if I am alone or talking with someone. Stress or no stress. If I’m stressed then I am missing something. I don’t feel stressed about anything. I am deathly allergic to mold and that definitely sets it off when I am around the mold or someone that wreaks of mold. There are a lot of people living around mold it seems. I have seen an immunologist and the medical technology for immunology in this area at least has not changed in 30 years. I get around mold and my blood pressure drops and my heart starts skipping beats or palpitating.
    It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and its it getting in the way of my being able to enjoy my life.

  10. Yeah it’s a horrible thing to live with, I get mine two or three times a week, sometimes more. Did you read my post about eating a lump of dry bread in a big gulp or drinking ice cold water? That certainly seems to regulate my heart instantly most of the time…..

    • Yes I did. Thank you. Didn’t help though. It quit for 2 weeks. Then it started back up again. No rhyme or reason other than it may have been mold in the hotel room I was staying in for two days.

      • Ok. Here goes. It came back with a vengeance. In September when I bent over my heart was actually making a squishy noise as it beat against whatever was swollen up etc. I pushed something back because the next day things seemed better. However that only lasted a few weeks. Then it came back worse. Dizzy all the time, exhausted etc. I was seeing a doctor for the mold allergy. I am deathly allergic to mold. So I get sinus infections about twice a year because mold is everywhere and everywhere. Two weeks on Zythromax for the sinus infection that had made it’s way into my lungs and the palpitation are gone not a one in over a month. So when I don’t quite feel right, almost like a hangover, and I am having a hard time breathing, which I don’t clue into so quickly as I have asthma as well, that is usually when the palpitations begin. Too much stress on my system or esophagus is not right or hiatus hernia inflamed.. etc…. Will test this out again next time the palpitations start again.

        • This is very interesting I have your problem and it’s scared me to death. This all flared up for me after months of stress. I swear iI press my stomach I get a flutter. Have runny nose which is new so allergy testing next week

  11. Just found your site! I am up at 1:15 a.m. and my heart is racing. I took my BP & pulse and both are a high. There are some very good suggestions that I will start using. One thing that I do that helps me is I listen to calming music. My Ipod is loaded with calming instrumental music such as Hymns and it helpful to me. Stress definitely does a number on my palpitation’s & lack of sleep is a big issue for me as well. Thanks for the tips!

    • Thanks for your effort to create this site. I began experiencing palpations a few years ago. At first it was only at night, it would wake me up and keep me up for a few hours. I would meditate and do yoga and the palpations would go away eventually. It happened once, then about a year later it happened again. Then it started happening more frequently, almost always at night. I went to the doctor, and he suggested medication to lower my blood pressure, that helped for a while, then not so much. Over time I began to become aware of my triggers, stress at home, stress about work, coffee, sugar, eating too late or too much. It’s funny because my job is teaching yoga, relaxation and healthy eating, but even though I follow a healthy lifestyle, stress is a problem. I am a older parent (68yrs) with a seven year old girl in 2nd grade. My wife is older too, 50.

      I had an episode tonight, it’s over now, thanks in part to reading your blog and realizing that I’m not alone. We are starting a big remodel on our house and that could be the trigger that caused tonights episode.

      Thanks again.

  12. Have had palps for a number of years on and off. I have always felt they were related to digestion, deep back muscles, diaphragm, etc. Docs have never really been much help besides saying they were benign (stress tests, ekgs, etc all clear.). Tried the Magnesium the other day. Palps went away within an hour. Been seven days without. Old muscles in back and gut are moving again. Digestion is back to normal. Why has this been a secret? Go try the Magnesium. I am using Magnesium Citrate (250 mg x2 / day). Incredible. Really.

  13. Thank you for this site. It has really helped to calm down. I have picked up a few tips that have been a game changer. Hopefully I can post sum thing in the future that will help some one in distress like I was when I found this site.

  14. This site really made me feel better tonight. Four months ago, I had a very mild heart attack at the age of 48. My doc put me on meds and said I can resume my normal activities. Off an on over the past few months I noticed heart palpitations but it’s just been recently that they are really bothering me and I feel like they are happening as I feel more anxious about the meds I’m taking. I want to get off of them as I was noticing some side effects. I’ve changed my diet and am trying to walk everyday but am just struggling with the heart palpitations. It helped me so much to read how anxiety contributes to them. I am finding I can’t stop thinking about my heart beat. I feel a bit obsessed. I see my cardiologist next week and am hoping to get of medications and just use diet and exercise to keep my heart healthy. Thanks for your website. It was comforting to me.

  15. I’ve been having palpitations since I was on my twenties on and off I’m 48 years and never went away I’ve been seeing different doctors putting me on monitos all kind of test and the doctors always say its okay some people have to leave all their life with palpitations is very stressful this two last weeks i been having palpitations all day long every 5-10 minutes.all this years I know I have this problem but I had it like once in awhile once a week once every three weeks but this last two weeks is being so bad

  16. Has anyone tried medical marijuana? I do not like pharmaceuticals and wish to naturally find a helpful solution.

    • I haven’t but after your comment I may. I live in CA and it’s legal here. CBT is a non-psychoactive extract that I have taken for sleep and will now try it for palps. Thanks!!

  17. Thank goodness fro this site. Every time I read the entries I feel better knowing I’m not alone and that others have similar experiences. I have had palpitations since I was in my early 20’s, off and on, very sporadic over the years but now more often. I am 65 now and recently retired and have had prolonged episodes of palps. Like others comments, I become quite obsessed with them and start to believe there is something really wrong with me (although all the test indicate otherwise). What helps? Reading blogs, knowing I’m not alone – that is huge because I can obsess less then. Otherwise, learning to live with them, knowing they will come and go, and accepting that they will probably not go away. On my good days I can accept them more by realizing they are cueing me to slow down. On bad days, I hate them… then I go talk with friends and family for support, take a Epson salts bath, jump on my trampoline (seems to help), take a walk, be mindful of nature. And noticing that they do slow down when I do these things for myself.

    • This is very interesting I have your problem and it’s scared me to death. This all flared up for me after months of stress. I swear iI press my stomach I get a flutter. Have runny nose which is new so allergy testing next week I didn’t realise palpitations were so common but I hate them and just assumed if they kept occurring it was very serious. This site is very good . walking and fresh air is good but I’m frightened to go back to any exercise I used to do which is annoying.

  18. Definitely appreciate the website and the included info. I took a prescription medication about 11 years ago and ended up getting palipitations from it. Not long after they started I re-checked the possible side effects and sure enough palipitations were one of them, so I quit the medicine, but the palipitations never went away. In fact, they have worsened over time. Sometimes they can be quite debilitating.

    A gentleman I work with gets them as well, and his doctor told him that as soon as they start he should sprint, jog or something to elevate his heart rate. He said it works very well for him. Thus far it is only somewhat effective with me. I’ll have to try some of the ideas on here and see if any of them work for me.

  19. I am surprise that your story is exactly same to my story when i am 24 age student of college of engineering and have pvcs at that time, i am 59 age now. i use flecinide and inderal to stop pvcs 90% but suffer of palpitation and anxiety. i use revotril for anxiety
    thanks alot for this site

  20. Brian Copeland March 28, 2016 at 1:50 am

    Thank you for all the great information on this site! I am a 48 year old male who has had PVCs and PACs since early 20s. Also several episodes of ateial fib that has typically converted back within 11 hours. Have seen lots of docs and had lots of tests – everything “normal.” I am still learning but wanted to share a few things from my 25 years of dealing with this:

    1. Get sleep – lack of sleep seems to make things worse
    2. Caffeine does NOT seem to make this worse for me
    3. For me, there is definitely a connection between stomach/vagus nerve and irregular beats. Acid reducers have helped, elevating my head/torso helps with palpitations in bed. Also several episodes of a-fib thave been clearly riggered by eating/ drinking something cold.
    4. Staying hydrated seems to help

    Good luck everyone!

  21. Alivecor/Kardia makes a great EKG pickup that sticks on the back of your cellphone and generates a lead 2 EKG track. it is available at Amazon and works with both Android and iPhones.

  22. Robin Stuber May 9, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    God is Mythology…. It’s your belief in yourself and the will to overcome the issue, with the right diet, that has solve your problem. Good Show!!!

  23. Robin Stuber May 9, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    Wasn’t it Nature (God) that created the problem in the first place? I was born with severe allergies and asthma. You don’t give birth to something, punch it in the face every day, and then tell it you love it…. If it wasn’t for modern science I would not be alive today…
    I’ll stick to research and reality thank you. I figured mine out with just that.

  24. OMG… get a life….

  25. Jennifer Lunny June 16, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    I am so so deeply thankful for this website. I started experiencing intense PVCs about 2 weeks ago as I was tapering off a medication and they continue to be constant & unrelenting. I ended up in emergency with ECG and bloodwork. Doctor looked at results assured me my heart is healthy & this will pass. Despite this news, the sensations are causing my stress level to spiral out of control. I found this website and it seems full of common sense and good information. It’s also very helpful to know other people also have intense PVCs.

  26. OMG!!!! Thank you all…thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’m so thankful for you all sharing your experiences. They are so super scary!! I’ve experienced PVCS and PACS off and on since my 30’s and even though I’ve been to my Dr. over and over and many ER visits thinking my heart was going to give out…they always tell me that everything is normal. I tend to have a little flutter every now and then…my heart likes to remind me that I need to check myself. 🙂 I can deal with those. The ones that I DISLIKE are the ones that tend to attach themselves to each other. You have one and another and another. I had an episode that started when I first went to bed. Every time I turned, my heart would palpitate. Early this morning around 4 a.m….they started being more consistent. I was up and down…doing the Valgus maneuver, splashed cold water on my face, drank cold water, coughed…they would subside and then come back. Freaks me out everytime…even though I know that I am and will be fine. Around 7 a.m. they went away after I ate a banana. Not sure if the banana helped (maybe lack of K) or my episodes were done. I do think mine are related to lack of sleep, hormones and diet. We have a new mattress and I have lost several nights of sleep tossing and turning on it. I’m so glad that there are others out there with the same feeling as I…that feeling like a shoe being dried in a dryer…ka thump..thump thump. I am definitely going to try more strategies as suggested…as I DO NOT WANT ablation. Keep it coming y’all!!

    • Hi Raeann my doc recommended having an ablation Too! I Don’t want to get that!! I don’t want them burning anything around my heart and from reading others stories on ablation they don’t always go away and they have to get another one.. I need to eat better and walk more..

  27. I am 70 years , Eat late with a heavy meal and have palpitations for the last 5 years or more. Sometimes I feel that I will not wake up in the morning. Mostly in the middle of the night, wake me up heart pounding fast sometimes for an hour or more. I wash my face with cold water & keep Ice pack (jelly) on my forehead. Some time it works and I go back to sleep. Eat light meal early and go to bed after 2 hours, exercise.

  28. Hi All,
    It’s been 4 years now since I’m having heart palpitations…I’ve been told by every doctor that I am stress go and do yoga and stop being stress!!🙁 A few months back, I’ve started to noticed that the palpitations start about 2 weeks before I get my period. It’s killing me inside and I feel so depress about this situation. I so want my life back. A few days I went to visit a new physician- I did some heart test and it’s confirmed that the palpitations doesn’t have anything to do with any heart defect- the doctor says he thinks 90% the palpitations got to do with stress- I’ve also done blood to determine HB & cholesterol level-I will get the results in a few days- I will keep you posted-I am so thrilled of founding this site- it really help me to be able to move forward…however the doctor gave restyl tablet to take at night, I sleep well and the palpitations is less…but will see in a few days…with all the science going around,please keep God close to us as he is our savior and healer…

    • Hi Juliane! Are you still having these before your cycle begins? I was told due to increase in copper….Talk with naturopath or nutritìonal balancing coach! There is a protocol you can follow 7-10 days before period that is helpful with symptoms. 😊

  29. I’ve also started to do some mild jogging on the beach- I thinks it’s helping…I’m praying it stop completely!!

  30. God gave you the palpations…its a gift.. enjoy it…. now you can move on…

    I just leaned to ignore mine.. I know what it is now and its not going to kill me….

    Prayer accomplishes nothing… Imaginary friends don’t do anything…

    • I love God my Creator, He is NOT an imaginary friend.

      • So… when can we meet this god in person? I’d like to meet all the gods actually. Maybe you can get them all together and we can do lunch? Seriously. Let me know….

    • There is a great site I have belonged to for several years that gives so much information on anxiety and symptoms relating to it. It is amazing and has been tremendously helpful.

      • Now that’s something we can work with! That is an excellent suggestion for those not able to understand these things. Thank you.

  31. very impressed and grateful with your site!

  32. It lasted almost 6 months even with the diet. But it is normal now thank God almighty!

  33. I want to say thank you for this site, it does help to calm me down. I would like to know if any of you experience numbness or tingling in your arms, I also have fibromyalgia on top of the heart pounding and skipping, so it’s hard to know which is causing that feeling, any feed back would be great. God bless

    • Yes, yes and yes. Fatigue and over aching muscles too. Over stressed or not able to handle stress. See your doctor about anti anxiety medication. It will help. Take a look at your life and find out what it is that makes you stressed or unhappy and remove it from the equation. Good luck!

  34. I love this site!
    Everytime I get mine I jump on and read.
    Thank you all for your comments.
    I am surprised this question hasn’t come up.
    For those of us who are single, do any of you find it hard to date?
    I really wish there was a dating site for people with similar issues.
    I think it would just take the anxiety out of dating.
    Thanks again.

  35. I’m a late-60s woman in the UK. I’ve always had low blood sugar episodes if I don’t eat for too long or have too much sugar, especially with caffeine, but now I wonder if these were ectopic beats I wasn’t aware of. 9 months ago I realised my heart was often skipping beats regularly, every third or fourth beat. An ECG showed nothing then I had a 5-day Holter monitor which showed ectopic beats but the cardiologist said they didn’t matter as ‘no sustained arrhythmia’. After a few days I would get another few days feeling better. But now it’s all the time. After any exertion – even walking round the house – I start missing beats, which stops after a minute or so, helped by breathing exercises, but then I get odd skips and feel as if there’s a fluttering bird in my chest and throat and often feel dizzy – and that’s now more or less permanent. With our wonderful (and I do mean that) National Health Service, although it’s free and you get to see the family doctor quickly, you have to be referred on to a consultant and then wait weeks, usually months, to get a consultant appointment – and you can’t demand a particular test eg a heart scan. I understand that many people get ectopic beats, and that they aren’t usually harmful, but I feel uncomfortable the whole time and I’m scared that i’m going to pass out. I can usually slow the heartbeats down with breathing exercises but the palpitations are always there. I’m not particularly anxious, enjoy my life and family and friends. I now have no caffeine except weak tea, no alcohol and no medication that could cause this. I’m taking vitamins and magnesium but nothing seems to help. This website has shown me that so many of you experience the same thing but I still don’t understand why I’m suddenly getting this – I’m scared of being away from home or driving long distances.

  36. Very useful website thanks!

    Walking totally regulates my heart beat. I both do not listen to my heart beat, so no stress and also Holter recording shows very little arrhythmia when I walk.

    But I am prescribed propafenone (different and stronger than a beta blocker as far as I know) as there were many SVTs as well, but I want to gradually learn what sets my heart off and reduce the drugs.

  37. I discovered your website a few weeks back and have found it invaluable. Seeinh all the responses from people have made my symptoms seem less scary – when actually seeing “faces” of people who get these versus when the doctor says “lots of people get them.” A HUGE thank you for the recommendation of that brand of magnesium. I have lived with palpitations my whole life and at times have wanted to end it all over how scary, frustrating and annoying they are. They literally began to interfere with every aspect of my life. Sleep, sex, family time. EVERYTHING. It was getting to the point where I was not wanting to leave the house because they were so nerve wracking. I’ve been on atenolol for about a year, but it no longer works consistently. After finding your blog, I immediately ordered the magnesium from the link on you page. I’ve been so used to trying so many different things that I really had no expectations. But after only one dose of the supplement, I immediately saw results. I know things work differently for each body, but it has all but eliminated my palpitations save but one or two per day versus every other beat it seemed. It literally changed my life and I am so very very thankful. Keep doing what you’re doing and passing your tools along. You are a godsend.

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  40. I’m so stoked that you’ve made a great resource such as this available to us all. Thank you so much!

  41. Reading that I’m not the only one having heart palpitations is priceless to me. Suddenly I’m not the only one. I’ve heard so often “what do you mean you can feel your heart?” I started the magnesium yesterday as that resonated with me for some reason. Will see how it goes! I also loaded the gif on to my phone. Thank you for starting this!

  42. I just wanted to share a couple of things that have helped me greatly. One is the Triple Calm Magnesium that’s mentioned often on this forum. Initially I had to take 3x per day, but, now, I am back at 2 doses per day. It can take a little experimenting with dosages, but, that product is wonderful. 2nd thing that is helping a ton is taking CBD/Hemp oil. What a great product! It really eases the anxiety that comes along with palpitations and PAC’s. Additionally, it helps with sleep and preventing post exercise arrhythmia’s which was something else I’m dealing with. Hope these can help others too. I had been absolutely beat down by my palps for the last 5+ months. I am finally sleeping again most nights and have been able to get back into a medium intensity exercise regimen. Thanks to all who contribute here! On my rough days, reading all the posts is very reassuring and makes me feel less alone. Good luck!

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