6 Ways to Instantly Stop Heart Palpitations

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Few things are worse (or scarier) than palpitations that come every few seconds and won’t seem to go away.  It feels like your heart is about to give up.  I have often focused on permanent remedies that will remove heart palpitations for good, but there are some temporary techniques/solutions that will hopefully stop or slow them down for a while.

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I wish I would have known some of these tips and tricks when I first felt my palpitations go out of control.  Some work better than others, but all of them are worth trying (if you are physically able to do so.)  Just remember, only do these if your doctor has said that your heart palpitations are just an annoyance and nothing to worry about.  The last thing you want to do is waste time doing these exercises when you should be going to a hospital.

Techniques to Stop Heart Palpitations Immediately:

  1. Cough.  Yep, a plain o’l cough can supposedly reset the rhythm of your heart.  I have tried this with limited success, but others seem to think it works great.
  2. Bear Down.  There is no real polite way to say this, but the whole idea is to clinch your stomach muscles to mimic the act of going to the bathroom – pushing out a bowl movement (careful here…you don’t want to mess up and do the real thing…).  For some reason this reroutes the circuits and the palpitations sometimes go away or at least slow down a little.
  3. Cold Water.  Splashing cold water on your face or taking a cold shower shocks your body and resets your normal heart rhythm.  I am sure this works for some people, but I hate taking cold showers, so I usually pass on this one unless the palpitations are really bad.
  4. Valsalva Maneuver.  A large cause of heart palpitations is the vagus nerve.  So stimulating the vagus nerve, which can affect heart rate, will sometimes stop palpitations and possibly restore your normal heart beat. To do the Valsalva maneuver you hold your nose and close your mouth while attempting to breathe out with some force (think of blowing up a balloon). Another technique is to make a fist and blow into it like you are blowing up a balloon.  If done correctly, you may experience immediate relief from your palpitations.  This technique is similar to “Bearing Down” mentioned above.
  5. Deep Breathing Exercises.  Deep breathing exercises are great for reducing anxiety and can certainly help slow down your heart rate, which can reduce your palpitations.  So do your favorite deep breathing exercise and see if that does the trick.  I really enjoy deep breathing exercises, but when my heart is skipping a whole lot, it is hard to focus on my breathing.
  6. Exercise.  I prefer this technique best.  I cannot alway exercise when I have a bad run of heart palpitations, especially at night.  But if I have some time in the morning or afternoon, a good cardio workout where I can get my heart rate up for an extended amount of time does wonders to restore my normal heart beat…at least for a while.

Keep in mind that these are only temporary relief techniques for stopping heart palpitations.  For more permanent relief, you will most likely have to make some changes to your diet and exercise routine.  A good place to start would be HERE.

So what do you think?  Do any of these work for you?  Do you know of any other techniques or exercises that stop heart palpitations immediately?

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind I am NOT a medical professional and this is NOT a Medical website. I am just a guy who got sick and tired of dealing with anxiety, stress, and benign heart palpitations and started blogging about my journey. Hopefully some of that information is helpful to you. But what works for me or others might not work for you. Please do not do ANYTHING described or recommended in this website without the consultation and consent of your Primary Care Physician or Cardiologist. After all, this is your heart we are talking about.

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233 responses to 6 Ways to Instantly Stop Heart Palpitations

  1. Just had a run of irregular beats, tachycardia, for a short duration. It was about three minutes, I tried the splash of water to the face for about 30 seconds, no go. Then tried the bowel movement thing, that seems to actually have worked.

    • Many people are seeking medical advice and I understand because I am too but believe it or not one thing that helps me is prayer. My heart beat just races sometimes out of nowhere depending on if I’m too cold or too hot I drank a lot of energy drinks (sometimes 2 or 3 a day) I would drink caffiene and stay up until 6 am and also had a drug problem in the past. It really triggered when I took Mega Men Sports supplements from gnc which had a little creative in them one day I worked 14 hours at work which already classed under athleticism and still went home and worked out and sometimes at night, I fucked myself up and one thing that helped me at times besides drinking milk to suppress my energy and changing my body temp was prayer. Every time I prayed sincerely the palpitations would leave seconds later until I would forget to pray some days and then would feel them again I know many people aren’t religious but I promise if you pray to God through Jesus it will help you, at least it did for me and I’m hoping through faith I’d get better because just like many other people said the doctors insist that the problem isn’t that bad but sometimes I feel like dying like I’m just tired and can’t take it anymore.. Then I remember my family, the little ones and God and I find the strength to keep going I have a purpose here and no infirmities will stop that. I hope it helps for you as well

      • I meant creatine not creative

      • Thank You Chris I needed this!

      • I’m trying acupuncture with herbal medicine for a month and a half , and my palpitations are still going wild.. had Afib that was resolved through an ablation and these palpitations are my partying gift, lol

      • Hi Chris, very interesting reading your post on palpitations. I suffered a major health event recently , which I struggle to talk about and since then I have reoccurrent palpitations . They say a need a 24 hr ECG which I am waiting for. I also have low bp, low iron, which I am sure does not help. However one point I would like to make is that my faith has been the only thing that is helping me get through this . I do my prayers more than ever and I do feel this is making me a stronger and better person . Just felt I needed to share this with you as you talk about your faith too.

      • Way to go Chris, that is the ONLY thing that has gotten me thru some of my worst crisis as well!! God is good!!! Thanks for sharing

      • Yes u right when I pray I can finally sleep peacefully because I stay up all night nothing help me sleep then the palpitations started happening more often they are scary

      • God bless you! I have been feeling the same way and I never in a million years thought I would become that person. We are in the same boat but I’m getting convinced that this too shall pass! It’s been about 4 months now but know god has a plan for me! I thank you for this!

      • I Agree, I always felt that I cant stand it anymore specially this time that my heart is pumping very fast, it feels like palpitations wont stop, up until now I have my palpitations, I always cry to God to remove the palpitation together with the pain associated with it, I cant do the things that I can do before, I ask God to forgive all my sins and to please heal me from this disease,. I’m trying to look for herbal medicine to cure my disease with the Help of God…. Your message is an inspiration… God Bless!

    • Please see this link and read Dr. Rane’s posts. I think they will make many of you feel much much better:


    • Please see this link and read Dr. Rane’s posts on the page. I think they will make many of you feel much much better.


  2. Great information!  I really appreciate it.

  3. I had palpitations since I was 19 yo, however nothing like what I am experiencing now (many years later, including the birth of two children…an indication of a healthy heart so my cardiologist stated at those times). I had all the tests done many times as well as recently. I have extra beats, 2-4 consecutively, about every 5th heartbeat, sometimes up to 10 normal beats, if I’m lucky otherwise 2-3 normal beats inbetween. If it is not the extra beats it’s the skipped beats with a pause of up to, nearly 3 seconds, usually 2 seconds at the same frequency as the extra beats. These palpitations seem to take turns, however the intervals of ‘normal’ heartbeats is still about 5-10 normal before irregular again. This is the first time I could find any site/blog that addresses this many occurrences. I haven’t found anything that works and some days I’m in agony physically and emotionally due to having so many. The only thing I recently noticed is keeping my pulse rate up to about 90 beats per minute, mine is usually 55-65 per minute. But as soon as my pulse slows even to the approximately average 70 beats per minute, it starts again. I’ve taken my pulse when I’m exercising and my rate is up and I DO NOT feel any irregularities in my pulse. After that I’m at a loss as to what to do. As you stated some things work sometimes but not always and I try them all even just for a few minutes of some relief. I’m thinking I should stop the Metoprolol to increase my heart rate, which I will likely start tomorrow. 

    • I am really sorry to hear about your palpitations. I didn’t like a beta blocker either, but don’t stop taking it without talking to your doctor. Your doctor may advise against it or recommend coming off it slowly in smaller doses. Also you should check out this Heart Palpitation forum which was really helpful: http://palps.chemicalforums.com/cgi-bin/YaBB.pl

      • Thank you Tony and thank good for this site. I have palps every day all day and it’s like my body is in prison , they are the worst most scariest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Every time I have them I get on here and read about what everybody it’s going thru and that it’s ok I’m not gonna die. I’ve been to the E.R. several times had ekgs and stress test and Dr. said It was normal for me to be having these. I’ve tried all the exercises to stop then and I do get a little relief sometimes. But reading helps me alot. If you hear of any new news on them please leery mugger know and thank you and everybody else I’m trying your advice to not worry. It’s HARD AS HELL to not freak out but I’m so trying. Keep me posted and thanks!!

    • Heart palp they will not leave. Had liposuction done on my waist 3 mo ago, 1st week I was fine 2nd week palps came on like crazy. It’s been 3 mo. Been to heart dr. Had echo and heart holter, Holter recorded over a thousand palps in a day, but Dr see nothing wrong. Tried me on at employ made paps worse, now on metoprolol and no change. I’m taking magnesium and omega 3. Lord help me this is a nightmare, can’t sleep at nite they come like crazy. Mite also be in pre menopause 48yr female. They say alcohol makes them worse but when I drink some wine I don’t feel them until next day. How can something that make u feel so bad be ok?

      • Hi Ada,

        It’s normal to have thousands of palpitations daily. If your doctor told you there was nothing to worry about, then it’s Fine. I can guarantee you that the palpitations feel worse because of your worry and anxiety. I’ve been there, done that, to the point of ending up with panic attacks and two, three-day stints in the hospital.

        I’m sure that what is happening is that (in an instant) the moment you feel the palpitation, you become startled. That shoots off some adrenaline which makes it worse. The combination of the funny feeling of a normal palpitation, fear, adrenaline, and anxiety makes it actually get worse. You’re giving yourself more palpitations and possibly tachycardia.

        If you’ve already been checked out, had a holter, and they told you they were benign, then I recommend that you just ignore them and let them be. Don’t allow them to steal your sanity, happiness, peace, or passion for life. It’s not worth it :)

        The moment you start ignoring them, they’ll begin to bother you less. I feel them now every so often, but they have absolutely no effect on me anymore. My first panic attack ever was because I paid too much attention to them and was afraid of them and convinced something was wrong with me. It was in Sept 2009, my last panic attack was in May of 2010 once I finally let them be.

        • I find extreme comfort in this response thank you <3

        • Hello Tony, Thank you very much for your post. You are right! I have been through the exact same path as you have. After a failed ablation, I am trying to control my emotion more which is one of the causes of the bad palpitation. I am scared to die (!) but I will not know how strong I am until being strong is the only option I have. Thanks,

          • I, too, am the product of a failed ablation for SVT, palpitations, they found the aberrant nerves, froze them, but then the next day, it was back. Of course, the EPS doc didn’t believe me, and I pretty much put him in his place (he had never experienced them, so he has NO IDEA how scary it can be, I know, because I asked him). After many trips to the ER, panic attacks, depression, just the overall feeling I am going to due, I, too, have finally just decided, oh well, I know where I am going when I die, and there is nothing that can be done, so I just do my best to ignore it! Now, today, they are bothering me a bit more than usual, hence, the reason I found this blog :)

        • It’s so comforting to read this Tony. Mind of matter! If only it was that simple!! :)

      • Do you drink enough water? Do you have reflux? My sister in law is a nurse & asked me all these questions after I had a holster on & all this blood work & scans done. Yes I drink plenty of water & yes I have some reflux at night. She told me to try Prilosec or Tums for a week. I guess reflux can cause irritation of esophagus which can cause pitter-patters of the heart. Worth a try if it could be that easy….wow huh? I’m going to try it!!

        • I absolutely agree because the vagus nerve is affected with palpitations, and indegestion is the worse thing for me. I find if I can try to burp I will feel much better and the palpitations will recede. Strange!
          Palpitations are so debilitating and frightening too, they make you really anxious and you dread them coming on, also I find definetly that adrenaline from feeling nervy will make them much worse, but it’s so hard to relax when you have them.

      • Same with me.. Tried everything…

    • Stop coffee sodas and all kinds. Of CHOCOLATE. …. wait a month for the body to clean all the toxins and you will feel a lot better.

  4. Thank you for creating this site!

  5. This is great, been having palpitations far more than I have before and can’t really see what a doctor would be able to do other than tell me I’m stressed. Any advice?

    • Hey Liz, sorry for the delayed response. I am really sorry to hear that your palpitations have increased (I certainly know how that feels). If you haven’t been to a cardiologist then I would strongly suggest that you see one and have the basic tests done. He may simply confirm that your palpitations are due to stress but at least you can now put your mind to ease and rule out any major heart issues. I was glad I did and it certainly helped me get a handle on the palpitations. However, if you have already seen a cardiologist and he or she says it is just stress/anxiety related then you should be just fine. In that case, an increase in palpitations is likely just an increase in stress/anxiety. If you are feeling symptomatic (like chest pains, angina, dizziness, or shortness of breath) then you ought to go to a doctor right away and just make sure everything it ok. For me, when my palpitations increased, I focused on things I could control. I focused on getting more sleep, eating better, deep breathing exercises, prayer and meditation, and exercising regularly (sleep, prayer, and exercising being the most helpful to me). I hope you are having a better week so far. Be encouraged. I went through some dark days, but now I rarely have a palpitation. It just took time for the anxiety and fear to leave my system. Your mind is a powerful thing and when we focus on the palpitations it only makes things worse. If a doctor has already told you your palpitations are benign then take confidence in that. But if you haven’t seen a cardiologist then I would recommend you see one. It was worth the time and cost for me.

  6. Is it bad to do cardio exersizes if your heart is beating faster than normal? I feel like this would just make it worse.

    • Unfortunately, I am not sure about doing cardio exercises when your heart is racing. My heart would just skip beats (and would only speed up temporarily) but when I went running everything would go back to normal until I was done working out. I did a stress test with my cardiologist and he cleared me to run and do other cardio exercises. I would recommend you get a doctors approval before you start any strenuous exercises. I’m glad I did because running was (and is) the best way to relieve stress for me. If your doctor has cleared you to exercise and you aren’t feeling symptomatic (chest pains/shortness of breath, etc…) then doing cardio may be a great way to reset the normal rhythm of your heart (at least temporarily). Definitely check with your doctor though before you start running. I wish you all the best!

  7. I’m glad I found this list. I have been sitting here for about 45 minutes with a racing heart of 180 bpm, while I was under absolutely no stress or physical activity. VERY uncomfortable. I tried the Valsalva Maneuver and finally my heart is back to its normal beat.

    • Have you had any other problems like this? My heart beat was 242bpm for over an hour, docs in the e.r. Were surprised to see my girlfriend and i walk in. Scary…..

  8. Nice Blog, and I appreciate the 6 ways to stop A-fib. Unfortunately, irregular heart beats get worse as you age. I’m 79 and have been a moderate runner for 40 years (4 times a week/4 miles) some 10K’s but no marathons. Irregular heart beats started when I was 50 in Chicago under lots of stress. Got out of that and it didn’t recur until age 63. Controlled with Amioderone (very toxic drug) for 11 years. So, Cardiologist stopped that drug and others don’t work. Scheduled for an Ablation in June. My episodes are going from sporadic to chronic. Latest lasted for two days. Normally running will stop it if I can make it a mile or more. Breathing exercises during the night (in bed) when they occur also helps and gently massaging the carotid arteries in your neck. I sweat pretty bad when the heart rate goes up so I’m always aware of the episode. At age 80 they don’t like to risk Ablation so I’m anxious to get this done now. Obamacare will probably preclude it for folks my age also when it becomes effective. Really did appreciate your story. Hope you like Texas. Grew up in San Antonio and now live on the Beach in Mississippi.

    • Hey Pat,
      Thanks for the comment. I am really sorry to hear about your experience with your irregular heartbeat. I hope and pray that your ablation in June fixes everything up. Breathing exercises and massaging the carotid arteries are great tips, I have found them helpful as well. And my wife and I love Texas, but the beach in Mississippi sounds like a great life! Thanks again for letting us know your story. Come back and let us know how your ablation goes. I wish you all the best!

      • Hi, I just realized my heart palps and racing heart (for hours; anxiety meds don’t help) is actually a physical thing; looked it up on line today for the first time. I am going to my P.C. in two days.

        I am going to try some of the tricks and see if they help. Haven’t been able to get out and about this winter much….this probably made it worse(I have nighttime and “wake up in the middle of the night or early morning” symptoms) and I have tried to “meditate it away” before I started having problems …I have always been a good about trying to meditate…but I actually have realized that trying to meditate seems to actually make it worse. I am going to try to “ice my heart”, “cold water on the face” (instead of cold shower) and I am going to try massaging the arteries in my neck and blowing into my fist and see what happens…..because I am exhausted and miserable.

  9. I do a combo of valsalva and bearing down. I take a very deep breath, hold it, and contract my abdominal muscles for a few seconds. Usually works the first try, worst cases take a few tries over a couple of minutes.

  10. I had palpitation one day I was smoking and my heart just started beating fast and slowed down like I was about to drop!! I went to the ER the doc said I had anxiety and told me to rest and seek a counselor but that didn’t help at all. I went running three miles this morning my heart rate went back to normal in the evening around 8:00pm it came back I went running another two miles and i’m feeling pretty good I hope running twice a day will help eliminate my palp thanks for the blogg

  11. I have been reading the blog and all the comments. My palpitations are a little different. I actually seem to get an early beat and then a pause. It feels like a couple quick beats at times and then a pause. They seem to come and go. Some days I get a lot and other days none. Is there something that I may be doing that causes them to be worse at times? I will try some of the recommendations, thanks!

    • Joe,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. My palpitations felt very similar. It would be beat….beat….beat beat…pause…beat beat beat …beat…beat, etc… So our heart palpitations may be more alike than you think. You certainly ought to get your heart checked out by a cardiologist just to rule out anything serious. But I have found that my heart palpitations got worse when I had too much stress (whether by being anxious, or working too hard, or eating too much or eating foods that upset my stomach) or when I didn’t get enough sleep. I hope you start seeing some improvement soon! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  12. I suffer from heart palpitations and they always come at times when I have important things to do (which shows they are stress related) but the bearing down technique has worked instantly. Thankyou so much

  13. I’m here because I googled: does coughing stop heart palpitations? The last couple of years if I feel my heart going crazy or irregular, I would just cough and all palpitations immediately go away. I was curious to see if anyone else experienced this and I’m glad to see coughing as your number one since it’s worked so well for me.

  14. Thank you dude, This acually helped a lot! :)

  15. splash water in the face is a wicked technique! i usually lie down and breath deeply but getting less effective. Found that caffeine really effected me having palpatations so cut it out my diet. But now after very intense workouts in the gym i can still get them. Any tips to the diet that can help this? Thanks for the tips so far!:)

    • Hey Sam,
      Glad you find some of the techniques beneficial. I am sorry to hear that you are still getting them after a hard workout. I have heard that some athletes get them after strenuous workouts since it places physical stress on an already stressed out body. You may also be low in electrolytes, so make sure you eat right (like a banana for potassium) and are well hydrated before, during, and after hard workouts. I also know that taking certain supplements can give you heart palpitations (like whey protein for some people). I think the best thing you can do to prevent this is to make sure your other stress areas are kept at bay. In other words, make sure you are well hydrated, sleeping enough, continue to eliminate caffeine and other stimulants, and work in as many green vegetables as you can. I have found that has helped me quite a lot. Definitely be sure to talk to your doctor about it, especially if you are symptomatic (shortness of breath, chest pains, etc…). You can never be too cautious. Hope that helps. If you find other stuff that works for you, please be sure to come back and let us know. Blessings!

  16. I’m up past midnight again. I can’t sleep. I feel a big thump in my chest and I feel like I’m losing air. I spend every five minutes trying to find a new position to sleep that will make it go away. Right when I’m on the verge of sleeping again, I feel a huge thump in my chest. Then adrenaline pumps thru me because of the fear and its just useless trying to sleep. Sometimes I can go several minutes without one, thankful that they are gone, and then thump. Then I place my fingers on my neck to feel my pulse and wait for the pause, right before I feel the thump again. I can have 5-6 in a minute. Sometimes 1 every five minutes. On a good day I may have 1-2 entirely. I was doing many of the tips you listed prior to reading your blog. I noticed that I would regularly have the urge to use the bathroom because of anxiety of thinking I was dying. After taking a number 2, they normally would stop for a while. Coughing was a natural instinct to me, but most of the time it doesn’t work. I am 39 years old. The skipped beats started when I was 32. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I don’t drink alcohol. I avoid all caffeine. I tried dieting to lose weight. I’ve lost 30lbs in 2 months and went from 288 to 258. I’ve been regularly exercising at least 60 minutes a day, 5-6 times a week to shed weight hoping this would help, but they don’t go away. I’m 6ft tall, and I’m trying to get my weight down to 200lbs, but these “attacks” are sometimes prompted by exercise and when my heart gets over 160 beats, they happen frequently, and I can’t catch my breath. If I get tired and lay in bed, when my heart gets too slow, they start again. I am a migraine sufferer too, and I quit taking Tylenol migraine because of the caffeine. I rather suffer thru the headache. I can go days sometimes without that infamous thump, and hopeful they are finally gone, and then boom…my life feels upside down again and I realize that I am a mere man that can die at any moment. I walk in the room and stare at my two daughters sleeping, thinking I might not see them again. Right now I’m drinking down water, hoping that I just need to be hydrated. I don’t take any other meds except the migraine meds I gave up. My resting heart rate has always been high, and because of that I sweat a lot. My heart rate at rest is right at 100. Been this way all of my life. Just walking around my heart rate is 110-120. I am borderline hypertension and hoping the weight loss and dieting will help me out. I’ve tried tracking my foods but can’t find the culprit that might be causing these. The only thing I know for sure is that caffeine increases them. For some unknown reason, a full stomach, or if I feel like I have a bowl movement coming this will cause them. I don’t drink any alcohol because once I was drinking a glass of wine and they started within minutes, a very bad episode. Well, I’m going to brave it again, and try to sleep…if they will let me….I haven’t felt one in about 20 minutes. Maybe the water helped. Maybe all the bowl squeezing I have been performing, or the number of coughs. If it keeps up, I am going to try the cold shower. I am desperate….I’m so tired of these. I broke down in tears tonight and was crying out to God. I’m serious when I say this is really hard for me to go through. I am glad to find that I am not alone.

    • Mark,

      I am really sorry to hear that you had a really bad night. Those are miserable. I went through the same thing you are going through. Our stories are very similar. I was consumed with my heart palpitations. I heard and felt every skipped beat, every thump in my chest. I was going insane. I would count my heart palpitations. I would count the regular heart beats in between heart palpitations. I was convinced I was on the brink of death. It was scary. For so long every day was the same and I dreaded trying to go to sleep each night.

      I tried everything. I read everything online and kept a record of what worked and what didn’t. I was consumed. It drove my family crazy and I was on the brink of going insane. But I too cried out to God, and graciously I believe He gave me moments of rest and breaks from the madness. I was blessed to find great encouragement and support from my friends and family and my wife was incredible through those long years.

      For me, things began to turn around when I went to an incredible cardiologist in our area. Other doctors only made me panic more, but this doctor was calm, reassuring, and confident I was going to be ok. I got every test you can imagine on my heart and thankfully everything came back looking great. I would love to say that my heart palpitations went away then, but they didn’t. I focused more intently on eating better, losing weight, and exercising more often, and trying to meditate and ignore the skips. Those are all good things, but nothing cured my heart palpitions. I went back to that doctor many times as well as to a really awesome general practitioner that was also very helpful. It wasn’t until I finally got into my head that these heart palpitations were benign, they were likely the result of stress and anxiety, they were not going to kill me, and even if I did die I was going to be with a God who loves me (side note: I am a Christian and believe in a mighty but loving God who gave His son Jesus to take the wrath and consequences that I deserved because of my sin).

      In other words, I could try all the tips and tricks that everyone recommends online, but none of them would help until I finally stopped giving them power over my life. It wasn’t easy. I couldn’t get it out of my mind that these palpitations aren’t lethal. My cardiologist embarrassingly (but nicely) told me to stop making appointments for my heart. I was going to be ok. My other doctor reassured me that I was heathy and that people don’t usually just die from heart palpitations unless they have heart disease (which I don’t thankfully). And even if my heart did stop because of excessive palpitations, my heart has a back up system that would kick in, and if THAT stopped, there is a third back up system that would kick in (our hearts are pretty remarkable). I wish I could go into more details (and I will post more when I have the time), but after a while I stopped being afraid of them and they began to go away. I kept eating better, exercising more, tried to get more sleep, and some of the other tricks you find online. And this time they helped and soon I was going weeks without a palpitation and my life was back. It was incredible. Our minds are a powerful thing.

      So I would first encourage you to go see a cardiologist and get fully checked out. If your heart palpitations are benign (which most of them are) then go in confidence. Do be afraid of them. Think of them simply as a muscle twitch. I now try to see them as a blessing whenever they begin to creep back into my life. They are simply a reminder that I’m letting stress get to me and to slow down, re-prioritize, get back to being heathy (mentally and physically) and focus on the things that really matter, like my family.

      I wish you all the best in your journey. I hope and pray that you find rest and peace today and eventually victory over your heart palpitations. Certainly keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. I will hopefully be posting more about my experience soon as will try to find others who have overcome their palpitations as well.

      All the best!

      • Daniel Cooper July 2, 2013 at 6:05 pm

        Sounds like anxiety attacks. I suffer from both. Thanks for your blog!

      • Hello, I have read your comments to my post a few times now. I just read again today. Sorry for not getting back with you sooner. Just wanted to let you know that I have been using pretty much all of these techniques with some success, even if it is momentarily. It actually has been quite peaceful over the last few days with just a few thuds here and there. Just finished reading your story. We a lot in common. I am a Texan as well. Not native, but wound up in San Antonio with my wife and kids in 2006. Every Summer, we wonder why we are still here. What you wrote that stood out the most to me is “(side note: I am a Christian and believe in a mighty but loving God who gave His son Jesus to take the wrath and consequences that I deserved because of my sin).” I appreciate your boldness in sharing your faith, and actually in my life, Jesus has been the source of peace for me, not only from PVCs, but in all things. Is there anyway to contact you through texting or e-mail? No worries if you prefer not to. Sometimes I feel that literally I am “brokenhearted”. God bless you!!!! Psalm 34, 17-19. Mark

      • I have been reading online for says now and must say your post is the most reassuring one yet. I have been checked out abs told my heart is fine and palps are normal but still fret. However, did decide yesterday that getting healthy and dropping 30 pounds might change things. After reading what you had to say I will also rest in the fact they are benign and reduce the stress I have been adding with worry. I too am a Christian and find a lot if comfort in the fact that God knows what’s going on even if I don’t and that He’ll take care of me. However, he made is human and we tend to get worried when internal organs are misfiring ;0) ! It’s confirming to read encouraging words from someone who has been down the same path.,Thank you and God bless!

        • Binkye, thanks writing in! I think that is great you are deciding to get healthy. I know it will go a long way for your heart palpitations. I am really glad you hear that you are a fellow believer and find your hope and peace in Christ. It’s certainly difficult at times, but I cannot imaging going through hard times without knowing that there is a loving God, who cares for me, has a plan for me, and is sovereign over all events, even the difficult ones.

      • i hope it works

      • Thanks for posting Mark. Your post was practically very helpful and it also blessed me being able to relate your story. Thanks for posting.

    • its gd to know their are other people out there sufferin like me xx

    • I have been the same for a few years. After taking drugs and getting involved with occult (tarot, etc), listening to death metal and looking into conspiracies. It made me paranoid, I was living in such a bad way. I remember nights when I was so terrified and stressed, when I’d been awake so long fretting, that my head was fuzzy and I could hardly think. I just sat curled up, for most of the days and nights. The problem you mentioned with needing the toilet, and the desperate prayer. It definitely makes nights difficult. I often won’t sleep until morning (4-6am), mostly out of habit from the worst years when I would be awake days at a time, that are thankfully behind me now :)

      A glass of water before bed has proven effective to me. I read that it prevents heart attacks, and I guess this helps my anxiety about anything happening during the night.

      It sounds daft maybe but I feel like posture may have a part to play. It started for me after nerve damage, and poor posture can trap nerves, among many other things. Try drinking more water, particularly at night and keeping your body and conscious clean. Avoid anything that will make you feel guilt. I’ve been vastly better since those pleading prayers, at which time I started to seek God and avoid anger, pride, sin and all those things in general. Not only to change habits, but aiming to change myself at core, as well as in the mind.

      (I’m not attempting to push God on you, by the way. I know it may come across that way. I started off with a short reply and ended up rambling a bit. I only want to share some of my experience on the matter, in the hope you and anyone else can benefit from them. I can honestly say the things I’ve mentioned have done me a world of good.) Also, being around people as often as possible, being active, taking my mind off of myself. I’m sure you will know this.

      • Just to clear it up, the nerve damage was due to substances I was smoking.

      • Jack, thanks for sharing your story! I’m sorry you’ve had such a hard time sleeping. That always makes my palpitations worse. I think you are on the right track with your palpitations. Being around people, taking your mind off the palpitations, living a healthy life, and of course faith, go a long way in the fight to cure – or at least reduce – heart palpitations. Thanks for your insight!

      • Listening to death metal does nothing against your health. I listen it too because I liked it.

        All the rest you did were the cause of your problems (being carried by consiracy theories is a growing disease these days. This leads to paranoia. A good way to avoid them is knowing that most of them (if not all) are ‘children’ of Nazi beliefs). I can mention drugs and tarots but meing carried by conspiracy theories is easyer because is more economic.

      • jack, im a big fan of death metal and im trying to make it my job. i also had a moment when i read all the lyrics to all the cannibal corpse albums i bought. i gave them all away! lol i just couldnt surrender my attention to such … NONSENSE anymore! lol. just nonstop nonsense! but its fiction, the other stuff i can relate to as well. forgive yourself and be happy that you recognized what does you harm internally. be well!

    • Hi Mark,
      Your symptom looks like me. I just found out that I suffer of hyperthyroidism .
      Got medicine to eat. Just go to doctor to do medical check up and blood test
      Hope it will help u

  17. ColbertNationSupporter July 11, 2013 at 10:29 am

    Pats Blog is a different type of palpitation if ablation was used to correct it. Most palpitations are not of the type you can “ablate” because they are not caused by an errant signal from a nerve on the heart. I have standard “PVC” type palpitations and these are non operable. I have found several things that do work amazingly well. 1 lower alcohol content. This bleeds off calcium magnesium and potassium in Urine. I take supplements on all three and added iron as well. Check Testosterone levels. This can have an adverse effect. LOSE WEIGHT for gods sake ( if you are overweight) Oh yes and quit watching FOX News as it is known to cause rapid heart beats among the gullible.
    (a jab at Pats nonsensical ravings about Obama-care)

    • FOXnews has two excellent doctors on every Sunday morning. I totally understand Pats comment, I remember seeing, and hearing Obama say on national TV “why have surgery when a pain pill can do the job”

  18. Hi! So glad to find this blog. I am a 35 years old female and had my first episode 2 days ago. I work night shift and I worked 3 in a row and slept maybe 4 hours during the day and after my last shift slept a couple of hours and then took my kids to the pool. Came home and ate some pizza and had a glass of wine and had the most horrible gas ever. I believe this is what brought on the dysrhythmia. Soon after, I felt like someone was taking my breath or choking me and then realized my racing pulse. Heart rate stayed around 130 or so. Every 20 minutes throughout the night I experienced this. Got so upset, started reading my Bible and praying….bless my husband he was so patient with me. This continued throughout the next day and my insurance doesn’t kick in unil August 1st, so I was trying to keep from going to the hospital. Well last night, it didn’t go away, sustained for 40 minutes and my mom took me to the hospital. I was starving for air…that is what I notice more than anything. Of course, it stopped 10 minutes before I got to the hospital. EKG normal, U/S gallbladder normal and no dysrthymias! Anyway, today I stayed scared and layed around the house all day. I am so scared it is going to happen again! It is a comfort to hear this may be benign! Can not wait until my insurance kicks in and I can go see a cardiologist!

    • Julie, Thanks for sharing your story. I am really sorry to hear that you had a bad run of heart palpitations and you had to go to the ER, but I am glad that nothing serious was found. I hope you are feeling better now and finally getting some rest. Definitely get checked out by a Cardiologist when you get the chance, but it certainly sounds like they may have been brought on by stress. I know my heart palpitations always flare up when I am exhausted and eating poorly.

  19. Bearing down and/or the Valsalva maneuver seem to have helped me. I’ve had palps since I was 14 and they are pretty sporadic. I will go a month and have none (unless I am lying in certain positions) and then for a few days to a week I’ll have them constantly no matter what I do. After a fairly sleepless night and sitting here annoyed all morning, I looked at this, tried it out, and so far they seem to have gone away. To me, even if this only a small period of relief, it feels so much better! Thanks!

  20. Thumbs up for valsalva. Just read about it on another site and tried it for the first time. It worked straight away. What a relief. Why have my doctors never suggested this?

    • Well, 24 hours on and not a single missed beat. How strange but how good. This has now been going on for about five years, I am now 55. I have always been active and luckily carry no spare tyre to talk of around my middle. I have never smoked but enjoy a glass of wine or two. It came on during a period of working 14 hour days and drinking buckets of Starbucks coffee to keep going through the days. I have always drunk a lot of coffee and have been able to go to bed and sleep right after a cup with no trouble. However, my doctor suggested work and caffeine were the problem. I could cut the caffeine right away and it cut the frequency of attacks right back. Caffeine was a trigger so I now take coffee decaf which helps. Blood tests all come back fine and I am advised just to live with it or face a lifetime of beta blockers. So I am living with it! I must admit it still worries me sometimes, especially if I am walking somewhere remote or I’m abroad when it happens, so finding these techniques is brilliant. Thanks.

  21. Wow, this website is so great! Thank you, offbeat! I am currently on a personal retreat and have been doing a lot of contemplating and just being with myself in a safe and quiet place. But I notice that I still have a lot of anxiety and, guess what, palpitations. This is not surprising to me–I have had heart palpitations probably since I had a nervous breakdown at 12 years old and subsequently developed panic and anxiety disorders. I’m still alive and about to turn 34! If someone would’ve told me I’d be alive in 22 years when I was 12, I would’ve said something like, “No, I think i’m going to have a heart attack and die pretty soon.” And through years of psychotherapy, journal writing and meditation, I am happy to say that I don’t think I could any longer be diagnosed with panic disorder and that I probably could only be diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder…which is nothing to sneeze at! But relatively speaking, it is like paradise! Anyway, a result of my past experiences was an association between increased heart rate and anxiety and death. When I was young and trying to hide from panic attacks and death, I would easily become panicky at the slightest increase in heart rate, even from normal things like exercise or walking up some steps. I recognize that I still have that association! However, this year, I have been exercising probably more than I have in a long time, and things are relatively the same as far as palpitations go. I pretty much only experience the “flip-flop” and skipping sensations–I don’t think I’ve experienced the tachycardia. But, I’ve been trying to breathe deeper and relax during exercise as funny as that sounds. I am also working hard at meditation and reflection here and hope to buoy my practice after I leave this space. But today I was just like, “damn it, I wish these things would stop! I’m just sitting here for cryin out loud!” And then I thought of this idea that I’ve thought before but didn’t take really seriously until reading the book Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety by Daniel Smith where he mentions it. The idea is that anxious people don’t breathe enough. So I started freaking out, searching around and finding stuff like you did on webMD that maybe you have arrythmia and you might die. I also tried diagnosing myself with sleep apnea for a minute, which I don’t believe I have. Anyway, I would imagine deep breathing and regular deep breathing practice could only help prevent or reduce palpitations, even for breathing during sleep. I was wondering if you’d found any evidence that anxious people do not breathe enough, do not get enough oxygen to their hearts in general due to oftentimes being on high alert. Let me know. Also, please know that I really appreciate your work to address not only palpitations but anxiety as they often go hand-in-hand. I also look forward to and hope that you are able to make the time to add more content to this site–I think it’s wonderful! -Myles

    • Myles,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your story! I am really sorry that you experienced panic disorders, anxiety, and heart palpitations at such a young age, but I am glad to hear that you have conquered your panic disorder. You seem well on your way to conquering anxiety too which is awesome. Hopefully the heart palpitations will follow suit and subside as well.

      At one point in my struggle with heart palpitations I too noticed that I would hold my breath and not breath regularly. I thought about sleep apnea too (since it can cause serious heart palpitations too), but realized that I didn’t have any of the other symptoms. I do believe that holding your breath can cause a person to be more anxious. After realizing that I would take a breath and hold it for a while, I tried to be more conscious about my breathing. I also tried to incorporate breathing exercises which helped). What’s funny is that I noticed that my oldest son (whose is almost five years old) holds his breath too and he is far and away the most anxious of my sons. There might be something to it. I will definitely put it on my research list and see what I can find. I am already putting together new stuff for the website, and hope to be done with my time-consuming project at work in the next month (or sooner), so I hope to spend more time on Life Off Beat soon. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Please be sure to keep us updated. I wish you all the best!

  22. Had them since I was 37 and am now 64. Lost weight (from 268 down to 180) still have them. Come and go. When they kick in good they usually last for 6 months and disappear except for a few here and there. Had heartwork done years ago (Holter monitor—-heart skipped over 5000 times in 24hr. period). Will pretty much disappear for years then resurface. Lately have come back and will start at same time every night (10:30-11:00pm) I fall asleep and wake up to a few then they go away for the most part the rest of the day ’til that night again. I just live with it. I also have tinnitus. I pretty much contract anything and
    everything that there is no cure for.

    • Jim,
      Thanks for sharing your story. That’s terrible that you have tinnitus and heart palpitations that have reached up to 5000 skips in a day. That must be exhausting. However, it’s awesome that you have lost almost 90lbs. That’s incredible! It may not have had much effect on your heart palpitations, but I’m sure it will go along way for your overall health and the health of your heart. If you don’t mind me asking, when your doctor monitored your numerous heart palpitations, what did he think was a possible cause? Did he make any recommendations on how to reduce the palpitations? Hopefully you can get to the root problem of your heart skips. One thing that helped me was tracking my bad days (what I ate, how I slept, my anxiety level, etc.) as well as my really good days. Maybe that could help you if you haven’t tried it. Be sure to keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions. I wish you all the best in your search for a cure.

  23. my heart palpitations came right after I ate really salty lox. Might be a coincidence or mabe combo of having too much cafeine, but my palpitations are constant for 3 days.

    • I am sorry to hear that you have had constant heart palpitation for that last few days. Hopefully they are better now. I know when I eat foods high in sodium, my blood pressure goes up and I hear/feel my heart beat more. And when that happens, my heart palpitations get worse. Definitely try to lay off foods high in sodium as well as caffeine and hopefully your palpitations will go away. Let us know how is goes! All the best!

  24. This is an oldthread, but I had to way thank you so so so much. I pretty spent all last Night havinf crazy palpatasions, I was Almost sure i was gonna have a heart attack at any moment. and then I came acros this. made me feel sooooo much better. thankyou.

    • You’re welcome. Sorry you had such a bad night of heart palpitations! I’m glad you are feeling a little better though. If this is your first time experiencing heart palpitations, I would strongly encourage you to get them checked out by a cardiologist, especially if you keep experiencing them. Most palpitations are benign, but you definitely want to be safe. The peace of mind I got after visiting my doctor was invaluable. Hope continue to feel better!

  25. I have been having palpitations for the past week or so. They start to come on more at night and when I wake up in the mornings my muscles on the left side of my chest feel sore, like I have worked out or something. The palpitiations themselves aren’t horrible but its the soreness that I feel that I’m wondering about?

    • Hey Braxton, unfortunately I’m not too sure what would be causing the soreness on the left side of your chest. Maybe someone else could weigh in if they have an idea. I would recommend you see a doctor if you continue to have heart palpitations and soreness in your chest. It could be that you are sleeping funny on that side because of the palpitations or you are tense because of the skips, but it could be a number of things. Sorry I’m not too much help here. A doctor visit would definitely be the best place to start. Let us know if you find anything out.

  26. I’m so glad I found this site. This is just awful, it’s 5:06 am and I havn’t been asleep yet because of palpitations… last night was even worse as my paIpitations were acompanied with an episode of tachycardia, it was after 4am when I went to sleep last night. I am getting tired of this… and I’m only 25. I started getting heart palpitations almost a year ago. It started out not so bad but as time goes on, it’s getting worse. I’ve had two other episodes of tachycardia where I almost passed out because my heart was beating so fast it wasn’t pumping any blood… I was home alone, so I called 911. I’ve had an echocardiogram, which was fine; I wore an event monitor for 30 days, it recorded alot of palps. but it was fine; I’ve had blood tests done, I’ve had x-rays done, everything always comes back fine. I’m getting ready for a stress test this week.. pray that it’s normal. I think the most frustrating thing is not having any answers. The only way I find comfort through all of this is praying and trusting in God, He is the only thing that carries me through this. Otherwise I would be a crazy lady– always worried and anxious, hyperventalating in a paper bag *lol* I am so thankful that is not me. Thank you for the tips… I think they are working. I havn’t experienced any palps in 15 mins or so… so I guess I’m gonna try and get some sleep now.. *at 5:26am*

    • Angel, thanks for sharing your story. I will certainly be praying for your stress test. I hope all goes (or went) well. I think it is awesome that you are finding your comfort and peace through trust in an almighty God. Having heart palpitations definitely reminded me how little I control in life. It is comforting to have faith in a sovereign God who loves me.

      I hope you are getting better rest. Hopefully, your heart palpitations are simply brought on by stress and anxiety and once those things subside so do your palpitations. Keep us posted. All the best!

  27. Hi folks, I have just read through this blog piece with hope that it would help, the Valsalva technique has certainly slowed my heart rate significantly and I can now see straight again.

    I have been suffering with heart palpitations for a good five years now and I have tried pretty much everything from anxiety tablets to ibuprofen (which a doctor gave me after completely ignoring what I was saying) I believe I have a sort of dormant asthma but I am not sure, the symptoms keep popping up when my heart isn’t tried to beat right through my ribcage. I was just wondering has anyone tried inhalers to treat palpitations? I have always put mine down to a lack of oxygen to the heart along with stress and my general unhealthy state.

    It would be fantastic to hear from people and I have the deepest sympathies to those who suffer from heart palpitations.

    • Harry, thanks for sharing your story! I am glad the Valsalva technique helped (if if just a little bit). I am sorry to hear that you have been dealing with palpitations for five years. I know it can be incredibly exhausting and frustrating. It is interesting that you credit lack of oxygen to your palpitations. I haven’t tried inhalers, but I have read testimonials that say that practicing breathing techniques eliminated/cured or greatly reduced their heart palpitations. I don’t know if it was because it increased their oxygen intake or because it helped reduce their anxiety, but breathing exercises would definitely be something worth incorporating into your daily routine. If you find any good breathing techniques that help or if you try an inhaler and it cures your heart palpitations, please come back and let us know!

  28. A trick I use is lie down on the couch with feet elevated and place a pillow on your stomach,focus on the pillow when you breath in and out, it takes your mind off everything around you.

    • This is a great tip! Thanks Mark. The hardest part about breathing exercises is trying not to listen/feel the heart palpitations as I slowly breathe in and out. Focusing on the pillow on my stomach helps distract me from the palpitations and also helps me breathe from my stomach and not my chest (the proper way). Thanks for passing along the tip!

  29. Thanks, these steps really help. Like you, i can’t always exercise or focus on deep breathing when i have anxiety related palps, but the Valsalva seemed to help.

    Weirdly, if you have club soda, or any fizzy drink, sometimes a burp might also help.

  30. I just read several comments and am happy not to feel alone and crazy. I have had palps now for at least three years. Saw one of the best cardiologists 2 years ago, put me on metropolol for 6 months until my blood pressure went too low. Been off the metropolol for 10 months,but still palps. As weird as it seems, I have several bowel movements a day and the palps go away. My cardio did say my arrythmia is benign. That is good news, but I do notice when I am stressed, the palps become very noticeable. I am trying to give up chocolate and wine – very hard to do. I will be starting magnesium supplements. I drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep, vigorously walk 20 minutes almost every day. I did go to an allergist and found I am allergic or highly sensitive to certain foods, cat dander and dust, which I now try to avoid. I read that these can give you heart palps!! Instead of a runny nose or itchy eyes.
    I am 60 years old, female, owned my own business for almost 40 years – so maybe my body is telling me to relax!!!!! And DESTRESS.

    • Candy, thanks for sharing your story! I can certainly relate. I was on similar medication as well and my blood pressure went way down as did my heart rate. I hated being on it so my Cardiologist slowly took me off it. I am glad to hear that your heart palpitations are benign like mine. I think it makes a big difference having that kind of peace of mind. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of what is causing your palpitations and get rid of them for good. I think it is great that you went to an allergist too. So many things can cause an arrhythmia, it’s good to get an idea of anything your body has an adverse relationship to. I’ll have to try that out myself. Thanks for the tip!

  31. Admin- what did they label you as having? I have svt -bad electrical system so to speak:(. Over 20 years and I will never ever be normal and truly happy. Been on atenolol and hate it, I take the lowest dose and I have low blood pressure.

    I believe in natural products and know stress, hormones, and the vagus nerve, acid reflux make it worse.

    I live with this and know the methods you wrote about thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Debbie, my doctors said I have benign premature ventricular contractions and premature atrial contractions, so it is a little bit different than SVT, but can certainly be caused by the same thing. I am really sorry that you have had to suffer with it for over 20 years. I know that has to be tough to deal with. Just know that many of us here can relate, and we may not have a perfect heart rhythm, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t be truly happy. So much of stress and anxiety is a product of our minds (a choice we make), so stay strong and encouraged and don’t let these irregular heartbeats get the best of you. Keep searching for cures, but let your irregular beats serve as a reminder to live each day to its fullest (a blessing other people don’t get). My palpitations get the better of me every now and then, and not every day is a happy day, but they can’t take away my joy (which for me comes from my relationship with Christ and my family). I wish you all the best!

  32. Thank you for all that you wrote! Do you usually do the bearing down, coughing, or Valsalva Maneuver more than once for it to work? I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse with reguritation about 8 years ago, I have heart palpitaions. Sometimes they last months at a time and other times just days, and then they are gone for a while then they return again. I am not sure why? I am having a lot that are constant, the past few days, I am hoping and praying they will go away, it is hard living with these. I am on Metoprolol, but it has not been working, I am not sure if these are from stress, I have been under a lot of stress. If they are I am not sure what to do to relieve it? I am a 37 yr old woman who has 6 children and I have been a stay at home mom. My youngest just started kindergarten so I am now going to school nights and working days. I have a 14 yr old daughter who was very sick last month and ended up in the hospital being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, that has been so hard. I know when I tell my family members how these palpitations feel they dont really understand all that I am feeling or going through. I am sorry you and everyone else who has been commenting has to feel this and live with these, but it does help in a way knowing I am not alone. I really hope all of us will find relief and that we can have days, weeks, months, years when we don’t have to feel these.

    • Tiffany, thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate with six kids in addition to working and going to school . That is enough to give anyone heart palpitations! I am sorry to hear about your daughter who has type 1 diabetes, that must be tough to deal with too. Diabetes runs in my family as well so I know it must be hard. As for your question, I usually try the maneuvers a number of times if they don’t work right away. Keep in mind that they tend to help in the immediate, short term and are not necessarily long term, permanent solutions. I usually try doing a couple of the easier ones first and if those don’t seem to be helping as much as I would like then I try to carve out some time to exercise which has always helped reduce my palpitations and anxiety/stress. I hope that answers your questions. If you have any other questions, let me know. I hope this week is better for you and you find some rest and relief from your palpitations. All the best!

  33. Try Calcium Magnesium and Zinc. It works with your electrical system and usually works very quickly. Don’t take too much and read the bottle for recommended serving size/day.

    • I tried magnesium and calcium and it made my palps worse aand this was after my ablation at 43yrs of age 3 yrs ago. My electro cardio doctor said he sees a lot of women that are runners in their 40s experience electrical shorts. I am on 10mg of Nadolol and i have no adrenaline to run distance anymore and it sux. I try to eat better instead of vitamins because we dont know how much to take. Everyones body is different.

  34. Wow reading your story Mark was weird because most of it could have been written by me! I had a particularly bad night last night. From 10.30 pm till 4am today it was non stop. Nothing worked. I was angry and scared all In one. I’ve cut caffeine. Drink more water. Eat different foods. I’ve tried it all and nothing works. I had to take today off work because I was so tired and it continued on all day. I do react to certain things like additive 621- MSG. That starts it straight away. And one little cup of instant soup can cause me heart to beat fast and hard for hours on end. Just one cup of soup! But I’m still trying to figure out what else could be a trigger. I suspect mild anxiety is a culprit also in my life. I don’t wish it on anyone but it’s good to know there are people who have what I have and we can share how this feels and know we aren’t alone and hopefully help each other to find things that work. I’d appreciate any advice. Or even just a chat on how things are going. I need some support because no one around me understands or can relate to what’s happening to me. Has anyone tried acupuncture? Thinking it might be an option??? Love to receive any advice. Thanks Francoise xx

    • Francoise, so sorry to hear you had a really bad night! I have definitely been there. Those are the worst because it throws everything off the next day and can spiral into the next night as well. Awhile back I got into a terrible pattern where I was only able to find relief from the palpitations if I sat up in bed. But then it was like sleeping on an airplane so I got little to no sleep, which made the next day horrible, and the cycle would just continue night after night. I was reassured by my cardiologist that my palpitations were harmless so eventually I had to make myself lay down and sleep like a normal person. One thing that helped was taking a little magnesium before bed to calm down. (There are many different types to try but Natural Calm is a good one – http://amzn.to/19hjGm4). Taking a hot shower or bath also helped a little, as did decaf tea. And I agree with you about MSG. I tried to eliminate it wherever I could too. There are just too many examples of people getting palpitations after consuming it. I also think trying acupuncture is a good idea. I personally haven’t tried it yet, but I have read it helps. If nothing else, it could help reduce stress. For me, exercise is the best stress reducer, but I don’t recommend that unless you talk to your doctor first and he clears you to workout. But nothing is better for me than to go on a good run or bike ride and get my heart rate up for a bit.

      I really hope you get some rest and have a better nights sleep. It’s hard not to lay there at night and not listen to your heartbeat. But If you have been to the doctor and everything came back ok, then rest in that, and even if not, the fact that there are so many of us out there going through the same thing is a reminder that most palpitations are not life-threatening. Hang in there and be encouraged. If you find anything that works for you be sure to let us know. Thanks for sharing your story!

  35. i love it,

    also try to release air slowly , and close your eyes imagine warm feeling in your toes and stuff also helps me, what helps me the most is to go out for a run, or just run in place , it usually makes my heart beat normal again and calm me down.

    also , where you sit does matter sometimes while you have heart palpitations , so dont sit in front of the computer, or on your side.. just sit on your sofa and relax, say to yourself “Huh those are just palpitations it won’t kill me right? it doesnt hurt right?” it helps you (me) relax, palpitations can cause anxiety and it only makes it worst.

    the last thing you should do is freak out while having palpitation

    • Great points Nicolas. Thanks for writing in. I agree, freaking out only makes things worse, but can certainly be difficult when you have palpitation after palpitation. And I think you are right too about where you sit. After staring into a computer for hours my palpitations are always worse.

  36. The Valsalva Maneuver worked like a charm!!! Thank You!!

  37. I have had this issue for about a year and i have found working iut and dieting regularly to do wonders . Before this semester started back up i exercised everyday with dietinG and had complete relief from my palpitations but since school has started back up they have returned a little bit. I would say exercise is the best choice

  38. This was very helpful! Thanks so much. This condition has been a constant battle for me, not to mention very scary at times.

  39. Wow! the cough has worked! thank you so much. I had palputations all night and was getting worried. read your article looking for help and number 1 has worked! great work.

  40. Hello guys, maybe I too can find so peace here! last December I sat alone at home and told God that I ready to be used! ready for my calling in life! I was never one to go to church but after getting so many of the same prophetic words, I knew God was reaching out to me. During Graduate school, I began to drink a little more and would nave the occasional cigar, but all that stopped. I never used to crave it and now I don’t need it. But during my “spiritual cleanse,” I came across anxiety, stress, and so I began to think that this was definitely a spiritual and physical battle.

    It’s now November 12, 2013 I haven’t had any alcohol or the occasional cigar for 11 months now. I married my best friend oct 18th and I Graduate this December! thank you God lol I am back on routine with my church, my family, and life!

    but I’ve noticed that after all those sleepless nights of fear and after all that other stuff, I began to get tiny palps that would throw me off. I would ask why? dr’s have ruled out everything! blood work is phenomenal, all organs are working properly…It baffled me. I thought to myself, ok I did everything right with my fiancee, now wife, I gave up at those childish things, and so what’s going on? I still have them but they are very tiny…freaks me out! but I also believe that I’m at the end of that. I also think that most them come from stress. I graduate this December and I’m happy but freaking out! excited but ready.

    any suggestions? thanks :)

    • Homer, congrats on recently getting married and graduating from Grad school this December! I am sure it will be nice to have school behind you. Hopefully that will help with some of the stress and anxiety you are feeling. I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with heart palpitations. It’s great that the doctors have ruled out anything serious though. Since nothing is structurally wrong with your heart I would talk to your doctor about the level of exercise you should be getting. I know for me that exercise is a great stress reliever. From there, I would be vigilant about getting more sleep and tracking everything you are eating. I found great success after doing that. It helped me understand what foods seemed to trigger or make my palpitations worse so I could avoid them. Also, since you are a believer in God, I would also recommend that you set aside time to meditate on scripture and pray. There are some great verses about anxiety and fear. Put those to memory and find a quit place to sit and just meditate everyday (even if just for 10-15 minutes a day). I’m sure other people have some good ideas as well, but those are the areas I would start with. Hope that helps! Definitely keep us updated and let us know what you find helpful in your journey to cure your palpitations. All the best!

  41. Hi everyone, and a huuge hello to LOB. I have read the blog and most of your the replies to it and can say that although I wish everyone of you find salvation, I am happy that I am not alone…

    I am a 26 year old male who have been experiencing heart palps since i was maybe 10 years old (maybe once a year). It never really happened between ages 13-19, but that’s when it really started.

    Heart palpitations/dizziness/fatigue/shortness of breath/left arm tingling and others.

    Between a 3-4 year span I have probably been to the Emergency Room about 10 times because of this. I have had chest X-rays/EKG/ and blood work done there which of course all have came back normal.

    After being seen by 2 General Practitioners/Pulmonary Specialist/Cardiologist, taken test’s like X-rays/Blood Work/Echocardiogram/24 and 48 Hour Holter Monitor/Treadmill Stress Test, I was diagnosed with Anxiety….

    I have felt some sort of relief between then and 2 months ago, which these symptoms came back and might I add you DOUBLE the effect.

    I have these “attacks” and have a fully numb left arm, extremely tight chest pain, dizziness to almost the point of passing out, sweats, and the all around feeling of not being in control of what will happen to me.

    I have been to the ER twice in 2 months and have had chest X-rays/Blood work/EKG’s/urinalysis and others. I am currently waiting on my GP for my results of the 48 hour Holter Monitor I have just completed…

    I will admit that I am a heavy drinker and have used recreational drugs for a long time, but can now proudly say that I am 2 months clean (HUGE accomplishment for me)

    Although i know that my lifestyle has a lot to do with the way I feel, I look forward to a better/clean life for myself and my family, and wish all the best to everyone with their journey..

    • Che, Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats on being two months clean. Keep up the hard work. I know changing your life style can be difficult, but it will be well worth it in the long run. I also think it will go a long way in curing your heart palpitations. I have similar panic attacks with similar symptoms and they are no fun. So know you are not alone. Keep us posted on your journey. I wish you all the best!

  42. Hello everyone, I would just like to say thank you for making me feel like Im not alone in this world. I found this page because I too suffer from these horrible palpitations since I was 15. I am now 38. I remember the first time I had them, I was like WTF WAS THAT!? Then as I got older and had kids with a terrible woman lol… My stress levels went through the roof and so did my palpitations. Im now single again and have been for 8 years. I gotta say that for most of the 8 years I got better but now Im worse. Stressed out again cause I lost my job etc., etc. I found your techniques interesting and gave them a go. Yeah they sort of work but what really works for me is to find a way to get your mind of it, like do something fun that doesnt cause too much stress. Play a game, walk, work on something that you like like your car, work but dont work too hard. Maybe even play video games but dont get mad if you lose haha. Do something that requires physical activity but doesnt overwork your body. Anyways these things seem to work for me and I thought Id share. Wish you all good health and may your god help you.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Wishmaster! I agree, one of the best things you can do for your heart palpitations is to get your mind off it. For me, that means stepping away for my computer at work for extended breaks when possible and exercising as often as I can.

      • /I am so relieved to find so many others with the same problem and to know it is usually benign. About 15 years ago I was wat ching TV w/husband when my heart felt as if it had contracted and I also heard and felt a gush of blood! I was so scared that I arranged to have an EKG at the local hospital. I was told everything looked fine. Seven years ago when I hit 50, my palpitations had become a regular occurence. My Dr. told me that electrolyte level was low and that can cause irregular heartbeats. I will try your methods of relief. Thanks for your website!!!!!

  43. Hello! I’m worried about my palpitations I’m kinda can’t sleep at night because of several thoughts like (Yeah, I’m only 14 am I going to die?) something like that, I’m praying every night telling to God that please don’t take me I’m not yet in my right age I’m not yet ready I always cry to Him and I’m always stress, I’m having my review for my exams when my palpitations started I even drank too much coffee but then after two days I still have the palpitations which I think caused by my wasteful thoughts. I went to a doctor and I undergo ECG they can’t identify where does my palpitations are coming from because I don’t even have a High Blood pressure, a history of heart failures or what ever. I’m starting to panic and I can’t help it, After one week I’m going to visit my doctor again but I’m worried and I can’t help my self I’m a wide reader and thanks God I find your blog, I think I’m just thinking too much and I’m being exaggerated about my palpitations but I can’t help it. I read a lot of stories and thinking What ifs. I even tried to talk to my mom saying I love you and sorry to her, and I think I scared the hell out of her. Every day/hour/minutes I’m watching my heart palpitations worrying about my health but then I found your blog which is really helpful I understand what palpitation really means and I don’t need to freak out.

    • Bluee, I am glad you found the Life Off Beat community. I hope the stories shared on these boards are an encouragement to you. I have been where you are. It is scary, but focusing on your palpitations only make them worse. Continue to have all the tests run that your doctor thinks is necessary (to rule out the major stuff), but know that most heart palpitations are benign and the result of stress and anxiety. It’s our body’s way of telling us to slow down and relax. Our body’s are amazingly resilient as well. My doctor told me that even if the node that regulates the heartbeat failed, we have a back up that kicks in, and even if that back up fails, we have a back up of the back. It’s amazing really. It sounds like your palpitations were brought on by stress/anxiety, so do your best to remove the stress/anxiety (eat healthy, meditate/pray, get good sleep, exercise, deep breathing exercises, etc.) and see if over time your palpitations are reduced. They may not fully go away for a while but the less you worry about them the less they appear (at least that has been my experience). You are doing the right things. Get all the tests done and if they all come back normal (which they likely will) then go in confidence. It’s hard to stop listening to your heart skips, but it’s possible. I wish you all the best.

      • Hey! Thank You again for this blog since the day I read this I can now manage my heart palpitations which rarely occur now I mean my heart palpitation decreases. I had a bad day today ‘cuz my classmate always telling me that If my palpitations will get worst (which I’m very scared off) I’ll get an heart failure. It is very very scary, you know and now I’m worried about my heart again, but then I realize she’s only my classmate not a doctor Hahaha, well she’s really annoying. I can’t still help my self from worrying but I think my worry decreases too. I always keep in my mind that “It’s just only palpitations, God can beat this” I’m checking my heartbeat time to time and I think I should lessen it, ‘cuz it will only make anything worst. anyway I’ve read your reply and I owe you a lot for this. This site gives me peace. Thank You very much Sir!

        • Happy to help! Glad you found this site helpful. Definitely don’t let someone scare you about your heart palpitations. Certainly get things checked out with your doctor, but rest assured that heart palpitations are extremely common. Nearly everyone will experience them from time to time (some just more than others) and the vast majority of palpitations are benign.

  44. I have terrible anxiety and panic attacks which I know cause palpitations, however sometimes my heart just goes absolutely nuts beyond any normal anxiety symptom and even when I’m relatively relaxed/half asleep… Tonight my heart was beating SO hard and fast that my whole upper body was moving from the sheer force of my pounding heart and I suddenly remembered your “bearing down” and Valsalva Maneuver methods which had helped me in the past with random attacks of severe palpitations. I held my breath tightly, bore down hard with my abdominal muscles at the same time and voila ! My heart instantly stopped pounding so insanely hard. I can’t even feel it anymore. My pulse is still pretty fast, but that horrible, super- hard POUNDING stopped immediately. Trying to slow down my breathing NEVER works, only this technique ever has so far. It doesn’t always work but when does, it’s instant and like magic. This makes me think there is more than just anxiety play here and that my vagal nerve is triggering many of my symptoms… But why??

    • Sorry to hear that you had a rough night! But I am glad that some of the techniques listed above were helpful. I wish we knew more about the vagal nerve too, but it pretty much runs through out our body so it is hard to pinpoint where the aggravation is. One thing I have found helpful is to start a log/journal of possible triggers that I run through in times of increased heart palpitations. For example, did I just eat a big meal? Have I been eating unhealthy foods? What foods have I been eating lately? How is my posture? Have I been sitting or standing in an awkward position? Am I anxious about something? How many hours of sleep did I get? etc… That way, when I start having a bad episode of heart palpitations, I can quickly attribute it to some previous behavior or mental state. I find it helps calm me down. I hope it does for you too. If you come across anything helpful in your journey, be sure to come back and let us know. All the best!

      • Thanks a lot for your reply. And thank you also for this blog, I first ran across it over a year ago when I was waking up every morning with uncontrollable palpitations and would never have learned this tip if it weren’t for you. I searched Google and found your blog again after remembering and using the technique successfully again and guess I was just curious about why it works so well and whether, since the vagal nerve is obviously part of the problem, there might be some way of addressing this directly… Or is vagal nerve dysfunction just another symptom of stress and anxiety and not something that can be investigated/treated in its own right?

        • I’m sitting in the dr parking lot again with palpitations I’m at my wits end. I’m trying not to think bad thoughts but I’m just not strong enough. I pray god helps me to not do anything foolish

          • Don’t let the palpitations win! Hang in there! Heart Palpitations are terrible and frightening. Trust me, I have been through the worst of it. But there is hope! I never thought I would find rest from the skips, but slowly they began to lessen and disappear the more I focused on other things and worked on my anxiety. Remember, for the vast majority of people heart palpitations are no more than a simple muscle twitch. Perfectly harmless. It’s only if you have been found to have heart disease or other serious medical issue that they COULD be an issue, but even those can be controlled with medicine. You are doing the right thing to go to the doctor (I went to my doctor, my cardiologist, and the ER more times I would like to admit). But if they say everything looks good then go in confidence! Don’t let your palpitations have power over you anymore. I will be praying for you. Hang in there!

        • There are a lot of different theories about the vagal nerve, but unfortunately I haven’t found anything like a medicine, supplement, or technique that directly “calms” the vagas nerve. Some people say that alkaline diets help calm the part of the nerve that runs through the stomach, some say fixing your posture helps, as does going to the chiropractor, yoga, prayer, meditation, acupuncture, etc… But I’ll take a look around and see if I find anything that may help.

  45. Praying and Valsalva Maneuver helps me recover in just 1 try. :)

  46. Up all night again with my racing heart. Good to see I’m not the only one. Been to the doc and the cardiologist..e.k.g’s are normal, echo was normal, even lost 15 pounds and continue to drop weight, changed my diet and do an hour of cardio, they still happen, and usually last for hours. I’m on cardio em 24 hour every day, but when my episodes start I take propranolol, lay back and put my feet up and wait. I find playing games on my phone or iPad helps distract me from stressing about them, because no matter how familiar with them I am, it’s almost always a panicked response when they get really bad, and yes, sometime you do wonder- am I going to have a heart attack?pass out? Die? Even though you lived through them before and you know it’s not likely. Very frustrating but it is good to see others dealing with the same issues.

  47. Hello all, Here goes. I am a 42 year old female. I had a tachycardia
    (heart beat extremely fast and doesn’t stop) when I was 35 (7 years
    ago). I had no symptoms before this first attack. Most do not survive.
    My husband revived me on our wedding anniversary, nice gift huh??.He
    said I turned every color of blue and purple.
    Anyway, was in the
    hospital for over a week, they could not find anything. They sent me to a
    cardiologist (again, I had no physical health problems at this time
    what-so-ever). He couldn’t understand what would make my heart stop or
    to say sudden death. Finally, he recommended an ELECTROPHYSIOLOGIST
    (spelled wrong, I am sure). This is a doctor whom takes care of the
    electrical part of the heart. This is the top of the line doctor for
    any type of palps, etc. He did a tilt table test, which is just a heart
    monitor and you are put in different direction to make anything come on.
    No pain at all. After being in the hospital they put me on several
    different meds, and I mean tons. The doctor took me off all of them
    accept for cholesterol which was high, and toprol which helps to control
    heart rate and blood pressure. I was given heart monitors, 24 hour, 30
    day etc. He decided to do a heart ablation. They will go up your
    groan (top of both thighs) with small metal rods and click on all the so
    called lines that you have from your brain to your heart. If they find
    something they will ablaze it, or to say burn it so the brain no longer
    sends the signal. It is not guaranteed but has over a 90 percent cure
    rate, which is great. It is not invasive. The only thing is that you
    are given adrenalin to see what your heart will do. I did not like that
    feeling. You feel like super jittery, like you drank coffee all day,
    10xs worse. The surgery takes 4 hours and can last up to 14 hours. I
    had this done. Mine took 7 hours and made most of the condition go away.
    the small incision where they put the rod heals in about 2 weeks. All
    you feel is tender and advil, or tylenol cures it.
    I do still get
    palps. till this day. They have been coming on worse. The doctor whom
    did my ablation told me sometimes the operation will only last 7 years,
    as the heart will actually grow that line back. or if it was not burnt
    all the way, etc. I do notice my palps do come on stronger and more
    rapidly when stress is at hand. Coughing does work sometimes, try it.
    Drinking water absolutely helps. bathroom definitely too. When your in
    bed don’t lay on your left-side or try to change positions. Check your
    glucose level as well if its over 100 without eating this could be a
    cause, the same with caffeine, and salt. 7 years of this you learn what
    you can and shouldn’t do. Everybody is different. I am now on another
    30 day monitor, I am trying to talk my new electrophysiologist to do
    another ablasion (my old one whom was GREAT, moved). He was a very
    attentive doctor. This doctor is a bit laid back. He said since I am
    only getting single palps. it would probably be impossible to find at
    this point. My other doctor said by the time I was in my 60s I would
    probably need a pace maker, so you may want to keep that in the back of
    your mind. also stay away from chinese food. Oh my god, it causes me to
    have palps. all the time. MSG is the worse for this condition. No soy
    sauce. I do drink a couple of regular coffee in the morning and decaf
    at night. Whether I drink it or not, doesn’t change it. If my arms get
    too cold it can bring it on. I now have a stent as well in my
    subclavian artery, this sent blood-flow to my left arm, had no pulse. It
    is all connected. I also have had every test done, and all negative. I
    have been told the palps. are all benign. What you are actually feeling
    is double beats, not skipped beats. Which makes me feel better, if
    that sounds stupid. The only concern I have is if this causing stress
    on the heart muscles. My heart rate as well is normally 90-100 bpm. I
    also have a blood pressure machine, which helps, as you will notice it
    to be normal during these episodes. I also will take a xanax if my
    anxiety worsens and to be honest it helps to stop the episodes. If
    anyone has any questions you can email me at thehumphreys123@yahoo.com.
    I can do my best to help. I also stay close to GOD. This helps the
    most. Putting your mind on the positive and staying close to him. I
    also try to find healing masses, prayers etc. He promised to heal us all
    in full future tense (in the bible). People are getting cured of
    cancer, tumors etc. I am sure he is listening to all of us. God Bless.
    and hope this helps. April

    • I have concerns about this post – To say that most do not survive tachycardia is erroneous and frightful. Please review the entire post and edit/delete.

  48. This page was really the most helpful for me out of all the ones I read. Some techniques I knew already,but there were a few good one’s I tried with success. Thank you!

  49. Remedy for onset of arythmia episode: Seated, tilt the head forward, chin to adam’s apple ( mouth closed tightly). Streaching the cervical spine tight, using both hands, place fingers on both sides of the cervical spine, 2 verdibrae down and press in until it kinda hurts, keeping chin tight to adams apple. Count to 30.
    Longer if necessary…..should do the trick. Works for me… I just kind of discovered it by trying all kinds of stuff.

  50. I tried the blowing up the balloon trick and it immediately lowered my heart rate which was at 100 beats a minute whilst resting so thank you for the tip.

  51. its simply the cause of anxiety or you are tired . . calm your self and relax dont think that your gonna die no! . . its just a heart palpitation . . take a deep breath and calm your self. . .

  52. Ive had palpitations for over 23 years and every year theyve gotten worse. My stress got worse too so I blame it on that but I wanted to share with you guys that I tried EVERYTHING and the only things that have worked for me were ANTIDEPRESSANTS, took them for 10 years and I stopped because of fear of addiction, and over the counter anti inflammatories (ALEVE). I dont know why these work but then again they seem to relax me and take the stiffness in my body away… So I also have a stiff, weak neck that hurts ALL THE TIME, and these two take ALL that away and I feel comfortable and calm when I take either or.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. I am really sorry to hear that you have had to suffer with heart palpitations for 23 years. I’m glad you have found something that helps somewhat. I don’t know much about antidepressants, but I wonder if the root cause is anxiety and medicine like that simply helps you relax. I’ve heard that when the vagus nerve is inflamed it can cause palpitations as well, so maybe that is why the Aleve helps. Have you tried natural antidepressants?

  53. So I’m sitting here, its 4:38am (UK time), and I can feel my heart pounding annoyingly with, of course, the occasional palp happening. I really just want to get to sleep. I feel light headed, exhausted, sweaty, nervous and annoyed. Already rung my dad’s phone twice (he’s in the next room) in panic but he’s asleep and it’s unfair on him, he’s probably going to rush in at 7.30 when his alarm goes off to see what’s up. I’m at about 55/65bpm right now so no need to worry about that, it’s just the anxiety.

    So five or so years ago when I was I went to the ER after feeling very weird with what I was told was palpitations. Next couple of months I got so many tests – ECG’s, a 24 hour ECG and an ultrasound on my heart to check the structure – all fine, wasn’t diagnosed with anything or given meds or anything.

    Recently though, like the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling very “conscious” of my heart, if that makes sense? Like just neurotically measuring it and feeling my pulse to see if I’m okay, which has now culminated into me being awake at this time unable to sleep, feeling like an idiot. I’m 99% sure it’s stress and anxiety. I’m able to control my bmp quite well and its fortunately not racing, but just feels weird and too strong (the anxiety) with occasional, horrible, palps.

    Reading through these comments has made me feel mildly better but I just don’t know if/when I’ll be able to sleep, and also, I don’t know whether to go to a doctor or a psychotherapist? or both? I would love some advice, I go back to university on the 13th and want to get a handle on this before I go otherwise I won’t be able to function.

    I feel so terrible right now :(

    • *five or so years ago when I was 15/16 (20 y/o right now)

      • Jamie, thanks for sharing your story! Really sorry to hear you have had a rough go with your heart palpitations, especially when you are trying to sleep. I know it can be maddening. I have spend long nights feeling each heartbeat, each palpitation. It was horrible. I don’t think there is any harm in going to see a doctor or psychotherapist, especially if you feel like your symptoms are getting worse or you cannot control your anxiety (I have certainly felt like that before). I went back to my doctor and cardiologist a number of times until I finally got it in my head that my heart palpitations were harmless. But if your doctors have already told you that they were harmless and benign (and it sounds like they have) then go in confidence. Focus on managing your anxiety through exercising (doctor permitting), deep breathing exercises, healthy eating, eliminating stimulants, prayer and meditation, naps, etc. I personally believe that once we experience benign palpitations and focus on them they quickly become a habit. So every time we experience stress of any kind (fear, anxiety, big meals, heavy workouts, etc) it becomes our body’s response. The key is changing our habits. I hope that helps a little. I wish you all the best with your heart palpitations. If you have any other questions or if you find tips or tricks that help you manage your palpitations be sure to let us know!

  54. I am so over these palpitations this last week. I have had palps for over 20 years and this bout this week has sent me yo the ER already and I have an appointment with the cardiologist. But, answer me this…how is it that while reading these posts here om your blog and while typing my post, ZERO palpitations. The mind truly is a ridiculously powerful thing! Thanks so much for a great blog! I am happy to have stumbled upon it and will refer to it frequently! :)

    • Thanks Amy! Sorry to hear you had to make a run to the ER. I hope your cardiologies appointment goes well and everything comes back normal. Our minds are amazingly powerful. It is a good reminder to continually rest them and fill them with positive thoughts and truth (rather than be controlled by fear and anxiety). I wish you all the best. Thanks again for sharing your story! Keep us posted on how things go.

  55. Ella Mae franjas April 21, 2014 at 8:26 am

    When I try to sleep past midnight my heartbeat gets fast and all of asudden I black out, I haven’t sleep for the past 2 days. If you had experience this, can you help me…….I really want to get over with this, it’s really hard for me to sleep

    • Ella, I am really sorry to hear about your heart and sleep issues. I have never experienced anything like what you describe, so the best thing I can advise you to do is get checked out by a doctor or even better a cardiologist. If you have to, go to the ER and let someone there take a listen or look at your heart. It could be related to anxiety but you first need to rule out anything serious, so I would get it checked out as soon as possible. I hope you feel better soon!

  56. Thank you for sharing your research. I am a 20 year old girl who goes to sleep with palpitations, wakes up with them and lives with them. I absolutely hate them. I am doing anything in my power to get rid of them. I am researching constantly and am making changes to my life to keep it as stress free as possible. I have looked into Buddhism and meditation which as really helped. I am currently attending cognitive behavioural therapy and am practicing how to understand my thought process. The triggers of negative thoughts which ultimately lead to anxiety. I have trouble sleeping. Sometimes I sleep for too long and sometimes I can barely sleep. Sometimes I try to make myself sleep longer so that I don’t have to face anxiety. What I want to say is that life is a blessing and as humans we are capable of doing miraculous things and reaching achievements we once thought were impossible. Those who are suffering anxiety – we can do it. We can control it. We can manage it. We can eliminate it. Sometimes I try to pretend I’m having a battle with the devil, me being me and anxiety being the devil. I always make sure I beat it down and eliminate it. It’s me vs the devil and I won’t let it win. Anxiety is minor compared to our abilities and we sometimes forget this. The human mind is great enough to overcome anxiety. In addition to this we have great people in the world that share their stories and their inspirations, helping us feel more like a close-knit community. This is a beautiful thing. We can relate to each other and with our findings and inspirations to one another.

    • Luciana, thank you so much for sharing your story! Your words are very encouraging and I know others who struggle with anxiety will find them helpful as well. I agree with you that our minds are incredibly powerful. I think it is great that you are dealing with your anxiety head on. In my opinion, it is the best way to go about it. I wish you all the best, be sure to let us know how everything is going, especially the cognitive behavioral therapy which sounds really interesting.

  57. Before spending a dime with a Cardiologist or Electrophysiologist This helped my constant heart arrhythmia stop. Magnesium Malate 1250mg. The doctors wanted to do all this testing, holter device ect.. They even talked about surgery. I started with 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening for a couple of weeks at first, then brought it down to just 3 in the evening..

  58. OMG thank you! Been having palpitations for a week but not now, I did 1 and 4. Heres hoping it sticks.

  59. thank you for your great advice, it helped me a lot. i had an argument with a friend and after that thought i was dying. I had dvt 6 month ago, so always a little worried. feeling much better now

  60. This is a great post. This past week has been completely miserable for me primarily for the fear of having and anxiety attack. It all began two Fridays ago when my doctor wanted me to get a HB scan (checks your gallbladder). I was a nervous wreck. She also said I have anxiety and prescribed me escitalopram. I didn’t start taking the medicine until that following Sunday. I had a panic attack at work and cried. Crying helped because it made the chest pains pretty much go away. Well I had my HB scan on Tuesday. I was a nervous wreck because I am afraid of needles and am closterphobic. This is a two hour long test where I have to lay still for the duration of the test. I panicked of course. Pulled myself together somehow and did the test. Went home tired and weak. That night I had a panic attack and freaked out. I called my doctor and he prescribed me hydrooxyzine to calm my nerves. Well I took two and they make you sleepy. I woke up the next day and thought “I cannot deal with this anymore!” So my husband took me to the ER cause I was scared. They said I was experiencing an anxiety attack and they gave me 1 mg of lorazepam. So I scheduled an appointment that day with my doctor. She prescribed me the lorazepam, only 10, .5 mg. Well I got time approved off from work this week so I spent three nights with my aunt. This helped. I came home today and that, I think, threw me into the palpitations and panic. I told my husband my fear in my mind is fear that this won’t go away and I won’t be able to control it. This blog helped because I read almost every comment and am relieved that others are on the same boat and I’m not alone. I am lost my appetite and have had such a nervous issue it’s affected my bowel movements. I am relieved now because the palpitations have passed! Thanks for the advice :) I rather do natural remedies rather than reaching for the medicine I was prescribed to take if I cannot control it.

    • Thank you for sharing your story with us! I am so sorry that you have had such a hard time with palpitations and anxiety, but I’m glad you found this post helpful and that you found a little relief. You are certainly not alone! Know that you can overcome anxiety and manage your heart palpitations. It can take time, but it is possible. I wish you all the best on your journey! Thanks again for sharing with us!

  61. I am also experiencing it while i talk to someone or when i am relaxed !! Seeing all this info calms me down from not thinking thats its dangerous !

  62. I have awful palps taking metroprolol for them but out today, lack of sleep is a huge trigger and being a mom of 4, yeah lack of sleep is nightly, been, oh, 7 years since I’ve slept longer than 2 hours a night. Sitting here now and tried all the above, got 4 hours until the kids go to bed and the palps bringing me to my knees, feeling it thumping away since I woke up this morning in my throat. Nothing helps, the cough helps for a few seconds I guess I’ll just cough the net 4 hours then go to bed lol. Thanks for your post, it does help!

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry you are having a difficult time with your palps. Hang in there! Hopefully you will be able to get some rest soon!

    • Cut out Starbucks their espresso is loaded like 3-4 times the caffeine as most espresso blends as they use more cheaper grade beans robusto it’s why it tastes awful.

  63. Linda Lovelush May 28, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    Glad to find this place.

    My palps started in my 20’s and I’m now 50. Still have them. I also have anxiety disorder, which just makes it worse. And lately the palps have been hitting me with more frequency. I’ll try these techniques.

    Because of my anxiety, I’m prescribed Ativan (lorazepam) and that definitely helps. But I don’t like taking it JUST for heart palpitations, I like to save my Ativan for anxiety attacks. But sometimes the palps become so annoying that I need one. It definitely works because it relaxes me and the palps go away for a while. But I can’t be taking those pills every time it happens, so I’ll try your techniques to see how they work.

    Thanks :)

  64. Oh my goodness! Found this page when trying to stop palpitations that I get now and again (anxiety related I think) and used the ‘blowing up a balloon into your fist’ and it worked! The cough didn’t but I’ll remember these tips, thank you!

  65. The cough is the tried and true winner for me.

  66. immortalheart June 14, 2014 at 2:35 am

    Thank you for the BIG help, i’ve been having heart palpitations for almost 3-4 months now, i brought myself to the emergency a couple of times ( 4-5 times) due to my high blood pressure and scary heart palpitations, by the way i can also hear my brain like beating ( i don’t know how to exactly explain it ) but when it’s quiet and i’m having my palpitations i can hear my brain beating plus my heart beating fast, so scared that my heart might give way :( . Anyhow I tried the cough technique it did help. Thank you :).

    • Glad you found it helpful! Sorry you have had a difficult go with heart palpitations. I hate those times when I can feel every heart beat, especially when I have a headache. Every skip pounds in my chest and head. It’s miserable. But if you have been to the doctor and everyone says you are ok and you pass all the tests then do your best not to worry about it. Our minds are incredibly powerful, and anxiety and worry will only make everything worse. Thanks for sharing your story!

  67. I just found this page and thankful for it! I occasionally get a delayed or skipped heartbeat when I’m feeling bloated or my stomach is in distress (a fair amount of the time). I’m pretty sure it’s my Vagus nerve causing this mild arrhythmia as just this morning I experienced it- breathing in deeply I could stop my heartbeat and overall it felt kind of ‘fluttery’. No pain or other weird symptoms…strange stuff. The holding nose and mouth closed thing seems to be most effective for me.

    • Glad you found it helpful!

      • I have had palpitations all my life since I was a kid. I was diagnosed with PVC’s and Palpitations when I was 22. I believe the PVC’s and palpitations caused me to end up with panic attacks. Lately I have been going to be and waking up with palpitations and paused heart beats, this is freaking me out. I take cardizem for the pvc’s and it doesn’t help, but I would rather take something to prevent more heart problems.
        My doctor said on my last stress test that I was throwing pvc’s every minute or two but it was fine, they are benign.
        Its the paused heart beats that are freaking me out now. What does that mean? Why do I have to wake up with paused heart beats? I’m letting these symptoms disrupt my daily life, Its a morbid lifestyle to live this way but I don’t know what to do anymore.

  68. Blowing like blowing a balloon worked instantly! Thanks! Heart palpitations don’t hurt but they’re so annoying!

  69. I am so glad to find this post. I am 24 and I feel like the palpatations are controlling my life. I can’t help but be scared even after a thorough check up. My heart is fine and the palpatations are benign. I feel very alone and finding this helps a lot. Thank you all for sharing your stories!

  70. I find it strange but my palpitations happen when i breath out! never otherwise, and for a very short time, like 2. breathes or 3.

  71. Thank you for posting this. I will try one or all of these and see which one works. At least I know this is here if I every forget what to do.

  72. I’m a 20 year old who has had palpitations ever since I was 18 years old. These fits of mine usually last between an hour and I’m not sure if that’s normal. I can’t sleep at night at all and it just raises my anxiety levels. I’ve tried all of these and it seems as if it makes these palpitations worse.

  73. im going to see if this is going to work

  74. I have these too any they cause me to have panic attacks. I have thyroiditis. I also have low potassium my Dr says.

  75. wow!! :D it’s working :D

  76. Varsava maneuver leads to blackout! avoid that.
    (Is used a lot in stupid fainting games)

  77. There is a name to what you all are speaking about. It is called senorymotor obsession. There is a technique called ERP (exposure and ritual prevention) that is used to help people like us to deal with the fears and anxiety the obsession (the palpitations) and the compulsion (taking your pulse) create.

  78. before i start off before all this happend i suffered panic attaicks and anxiety so this all started 6 years ago..i was a 22 yr old male.
    i bowled in a lbowling eague and every once in a while when i threw the ball fast my heart would start going crazy..this normally only lasted a min or so before it just “stopped” almost instantly and went back to normal, except this one time it wouldnt stop..as almost anyone uneducated about what was going on i thought i was having a heart attack.

    went to er, waited and waited to be seen, meanwhile heart still thumping weird and fast…so i get to see a doc and at that point i start ti freak out even more because not a fan of hospitals as it is. first they gave me some ativan to calm be down..didnt work, then they gave me these needles (not sure what it was) but it made my body go numb for a few seconds, that didnt work either…so eventually they shocked my heartrate back to normal.

    they say this isnt harmful what had happend, but to me it has scarred my for life i think :(

    i was sent to a cardio doc who sent me for ekg (prob have had about 3 done in this time) stress test, ultrasound…all which came back normal.

    he says i have atrial tachycardia and its nothing to worry about and that i could do anything full force if needed.

    however 6 years later i still fear of going thru that again…i never in my life thought i was about to die as much as i did that night.

    the words atrial tachycardia scare me so much to this day even though they say its nothing..just the thought of having somethign wrong with me worries me so much.

    sorry for rambling but you seem very smart on the subject and could just use some insight from others who have similar stories…your site has taught me somethings that have helped a lot.

  79. mineral_water_solution August 13, 2014 at 7:52 am

    I believe I have solved my heart palpitation problem. I have had minor palpitations off and on throughout my life (and minor muscle twitches), but when I moved to my new home in Norway, they increased. Every time I left Norway, they almost disappeared, and every time I came back, they reappeared.

    I discovered that the tap water in my Norwegian town is soft and very alkaline (pH 8.7). I started drinking only bottled mineral water, and my heart palpitations almost completely disappeared overnight!

    If I understand it correctly, if your drinking water is soft (few minerals) or alkaline (or both), then the magnesium, potassium (and probably other key minerals?) in your body (positive ions) get depleted. These are key minerals that prevent heart palpitations and other general muscle twitches/spasms. As I drink mineral water, my other muscle spasms have also decreased.

  80. ive had these palpitations for almost 15 yrs.when it 1st happened,i saw every doctor i could,wore the halter severals time,ekg,songogram,.everything.i make sure to get checked every 2 yrs or so.i hate them,im going through a patch now,so i thought i would do a search,i did i found this very helpful thank you.

  81. I have struggled with heart palpitations for about 4 years now. They all started when I found out I had Mitral Valve Prolapse and this diagnosis made my anxiety soar. Over the years, I have learned how to deal with the palpitations. They come and go and after going without them for a while, I forget and struggle all over again when they rear their ugly head.
    I am now 6 months pregnant and they have come back with a vengeance. For the past week, I have been up all night with skips and pauses. No matter how many times I tell myself they are benign and can’t harm me, they still get to me. I too, am a Christian and believe in the healing of God, but unfortunately fear has gripped me. I have prayed and prayed for deliverance, but it still haunts me every day. I know I shouldn’t be this way, but it just happens.
    At this point, I am just taking one day at a time and trying to take care of myself. I have an appt with my cardiologist next week, so I am hoping for good news. He usually does an ECHO, stress test, and has me wear a holter monitor. My results have always come back normal (aside from the MVP).
    Prayers would be appreciated and I am glad I found this page, it has helped to calm me a bit. Blessings to all.

  82. I used to suffer from nocturnal anxiety for several, agonising years (too many thoughts that won’t go away, breathing out of sync, palpitations, tingly feelings and even chest pains etc) I would think I was going to die. Here’s what cured me. 1) Go to bed at least 2 hours before midnight. 2) Decaf tea or coffee after 5pm. 3) No PC or anything that will hyper-stimulate the brain at least one hour before bed. Reading is fine. 4) No News programs after 6pm and don’t watch anything remotely violent or disturbing. 5) I take 5HTP twice a day but with a break twice a week. This stuff is amazing. It has also helped to deal with my ADHD symptoms (adrenaline disorder and stingy chest pains). 6) Very slow deep breathing then breathing out slowly as though through a straw about 5 times. I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me.

  83. Hi all I used some of the techniques yesterday and they helped thank you. I would seriously suggest to anyone that gets palpitations to get yourself checked out. I have a heart condition…I need my aortic valve replaced this is the reason why I get palpitations (gene runs in my family) I’m waiting for a date for my heart operation. I’ve had Palpitations for about 5 yrs. At first now very often and more so in the last 5 months. I didnt know I had a problem untill in April I had a very bad dose of the flue and a serious cough 24/7. I wanted something for the cough as I was so weak from coughing all the time was two weeks off work. My Dr sent me to our local hospital for bloods and a chest xray. From that they found my heart problem. So on a serious note keep in mind heart palpitations are there for a reasons it could be a serious one, It could be just on exertion at first, but may occur at rest if it is more severe.Tiredness, dizziness or episodes of fainting.
    Abnormal heart rhythms which can cause palpitations and other problems.
    Swelling of tissues due to fluid congestion.swelling of the ankles and feet
    Chest pain or angina.being out of breath, If you have any or all of these you could have a heart problem/condition. Not saying you have saying its a maybe. Trying to get rid of it and not finding out the root of the problem could end up serious like mine. I know what my limits are and when to go to the Dr’s hospital A & E during this waiting period for my op. Not trying to scare everyone just make you aware you dont have to have serious chest pains to have a heart problem. So people have no signs or only one or two palpitations being one of them. Take care keep on ticking :)

  84. Thanks for this blog. I have had palpitations for several years now on and off. I was wondering if anyone else experiences dizziness during the pause?

    • Hey Lynda, thanks for your comment. Sorry you have had to deal with palpitations for the last few years. I have definitely had times where I felt dizzy during palpitations (not always, but occasionally) but my doctors thought it was because of the anxiety. However, dizziness can also be a sign of a more serious problem, so be sure to get it checked out just in case.

      • Thanks Tom, I have an appointment with my heart doctor tomorrow so I will be sure to tell him about the dizziness. Thanks for the quick response.

  85. I am a 47 year old female and have been living with PVC’s since I was in high school. I was a runner and would get them after running for several miles in competition. They didn’t start back up until after my first child was about two. Cut out caffeine then and began to subside a bit. Five years later they returned during pregnancy. Once again subsided for several years. Since then at about age 33, I have had every test, saw many doctors and several ER trips. was put on anti anxiety meds (Xanax), beta blockers (atenolol), and acid reduction meds( nexium). no alcohol and no caffeine and was told not to exercise. For years I lived with taking those meds ( the anti anxiety pill, I was given 12 and took two years to take them all). Our home had a water filtration system that used sodium to soften. After reading a book on dehydration and the need for pure water, I stopped drinking tap/faucet water. It has been seven years since I have taken any meds and have been palpitation free. Last night they came back with a vengeance. I have noticed that when small episodes came, it was due to stomach illness.( the palps would be relieved with bowel movements) I am still having them 15hrs later with only a couple of hours sleep so far. I did have some stomach flu symptoms along with these and hoping that is why these are so busy. The information on this site have come a long way since I was looking for relief all those years ago. They have reminded me and helped me to calm down and realize this too shall pass. Thank you. Just a note to my diet: I do not drink soda, caffeine, or smoke. I have been known to enjoy a beer once or twice a year with no reaction. I also try to eat healthy (we raise all our own meat) and eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I don’t eat out more than a few times a month and try to stay away from processed foods. I have noticed that these stomach issues are associated with straying from my food lifestyle when I am pressed for time. I hope all this is helpful to others as they have been helpful to me during this episode. God Bless and Live On!

  86. Hello!! I’m 25 and have been dealing with heart palpitations for many years. My palpitations are not just flutters in the chess, or high heart rates. It’s literally like my heart was shocked, and the wind is knocked out of me. Does anyone else experience this? The doctors yet have been able to identity what kind they are because they haven’t been able to pick it up on any ECG’s machines. The next step is where a event monitor to see if they can pick it up. Anyway. The cardiologist seems to think nothing it wrong with me. My heart is healthy and free of diseases; however I think differently. She wants to be on a Beta blocker to see if that helps my palpitations, but I don’t feel okay in doing that. Another option is anxiety medicine, since I do suffer from anxiety and can’t determined if they are caused my the palpitations. I”m thinking about trying the anxiety just to see if it will help. I can’t deal with these palpitations anymore. They are getting the best of me and it’s pretty frightening. Has anyone found that anxiety is the trigger for the palpitations and medicine for anxiety completely takes the palpitations away??

    Thanks again!! I love that I found this blog!

  87. I have tried you suggestions and it work!thanks

  88. I have tried you suggestions and it work!thanks

  89. IM feeling better now… nice one.

  90. I have had rapid heartbeats for a few weeks, on and off, due I think to taking medication (Amitriptyline) for depression. Doctor told me to stop taking these tablets but my palpatations got worse one night and I felt faint. So I started taking the tablets again and my heart rate slowed back down again. My doctor now says I have to come off them slowly and after a week without them (he should be so lucky) I can start taking another type of medication called Clonipramine (oh heck might be the same as the others). Anyway, have tried this bearing down exrercise. My heart made a bit of a jump and then slowed down to something a bit more normal, hooray. Doctor said drinking cold water might help my fast heart beats! So, thanks for this info on the website – appreciate it.

  91. I suffer from SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia) which isn’t serious, just very annoying. I used to get it randomly and severely, to a point where I’d almost black out, but then I started seeing a Naturopath who helped changed me diet and put me on supplements. It definitely helped, though I still get them, just not as frequently and severely.
    I personally find the best way to stop mine is by sitting on the ground with back up against a wall, head between knees and eyes closed. I focus a lot on my breathing; slowing it down and keeping it steady while ignoring the hammering of my chest. In my mind I repeat to myself “Slow down..” and eventually it will go back to it’s normal rhythm. A lot of the time I find it easier to stop when it’s at it’s worse (beating extremely hard and quick). I’m not sure why that is. It’s like you build it up and then pop it back into normal gear.

    If you can mentally calm yourself down and imagine your heart beating normally again, it should be enough to stop it.

    I also learned the hard way that laying down is a BIG no no! Not sure if this is the same for everyone else? I tried lying down once, and when I thought it had stopped I stood back up. And then out of nowhere my heart started beating extremely rapidly and heavily against my chest. My shoulders and neck started aching and burning, my heart was beating so badly against my chest that I was quite breathless and my throat felt clogged up. I lost a bit of vision and almost passed out (and I have never fainted in my life). I eventually went to sit down and it took about 2 hours to stop. It was awful. But thankfully that was the worst I’ve had!

  92. It is actually very reassuring to read that other people suffer from this, though I wish no one would have to.

    I suffer a lot from palpitations. Once I had em all the time, hard, knocked the air out of me. Panicked, called an ambulance, and they monitored my heart. They could see the palpitations, but they couldn’t understand that I felt them so clearly. I got examined at the hospital, with the answer, there is nothing wrong. I have also been to a cardiologist, got all the checks, nothing wrong…

    It is very frustrating that something so scary, so hurtfull can be nothing, because we all feel it a lot.

    I have a tendency to hyperventilate which causes a lot of disturbances in the body, including also amplifying anxiety and there by increasing palpitations. But it can be hard to stop hyperventilation, when you can’t fell it sneaking up.

    Have anyone else tried, that when they do the Vasala maneuver they get bright spots before their eyes??

  93. Hi there, reading through these are making me feel so much better that I am not alone in this, I had my first “panic attack” June 13 2014 and it led me to the ER, I have always been an anxious person but never felt like I was going to die (which happened that night) I was eating and suddenly felt like I couldn’t swallow which let me to think that I wasn’t getting any air in and of course BAM full on heart racing panic, I was dizzy and could hardly speak, felt like someone was taking my breath away. At the ER they gave me an Ativan and did a workup and I was fine.. I do see a therapist but these are still happening, we went on a 2 hour trip yesterday and my worry was that something was going to happen and I wouldn’t be able to get to a hospital fast enough :( I hate thinking like that!! Cold water on my face does help and typically talking to myself saying “we are fine, and we aren’t going to panic” helps talk myself out if it, I am actually thinking of buying a little pulse ox monitor just for peace of mind.. Any other tips would be appreciated, thank you!

  94. I love you so much for posting this information and comments. I have had serious palpitations and bounding pulse since my last gluten detox (I have celiac sprue). It’s my fault for having coffee and tea. It goes away when I fall asleep. But up until May this year I could consume a lot of coffee with no side effects. I have super low blood pressure because of my active lifestyle and heart tests reveal nothing. I thank you so much for your reassurances. You’ve said just the right thing to make me feel better.

  95. exercise works best for me, sometimes I do it right before bed even though it’s not recommended for overall health, but it seems to work great for my palpa tations

  96. I’ve had awful palps the last 3 days & nights making it difficult to sleep. Trying the blow the ballon a couple times & actually seems to help. Going to take some aminos, also grape seed extract helps I always had nose bleeds & really helps with that. For the mediation I get Howard Glenn on my phone the heal your body is great. & once you pay the $3 u can use it over & over. Use earphones which cut out someone else’s snoring too HA but thanks for the information it seems to help I just might sleep tonight. Candie NE CO USA.

  97. I have been palpitating for the past 4month. And I have try the 6 way out but is like not to work for me . How can you help me.

  98. I would also recommend revisiting the effects inherent in performing the Valsalva Maneuver as it is important that an individual not have contraindications to it. It is physiologically powerful.

  99. Wow.. it is comforting to know I’m not alone because I was convinced the ER doctor was wrong. I just turned 33 and had a horrible night of palpitations a few nights ago and they have not stopped at all- actually I think they got worse! So anyway, I took out my stethoscope (I’m a nurse but no nothing in cardiology) and freaked myself out. I had my husband listen and he convinced me to get checked out. Still in denial, I went to an urgent care clinic to get an EKG and it was perfect and they were going to let me go on my merry way… I told the doctor, no, you need to listen to this and they did. From there, they told me to go to the ER immediately for more testing. 3 hrs later, I was told they are benign heart palpitations and was prescribed anti-anxiety meds.. I really didn’t want them and even argued about it saying I didn’t think it was stress or anxiety. I mean, we all have this thing called “life” and we all deal with small stressors daily so why now? I haven’t had anything big happen since Feb when I was behind a fatal car accident (but not involved). I saw a therapist for it and thought that was that. Anyway, I’m not excited to hear they haven’t gone away for some people. I am a light sleeper and a “worrier” by nature. Last night, I realized I didn’t have a white dress shirt my 4 year old needed for his field trip and that sent my heart into a crazy episode. So this is worrisome in itself knowing that even something small as a shirt or what to make for dinner will cause these for me. I’m still going to go to a cardiologist to make sure the ER doctor was correct and then I will “let it go” like you all have suggested. I can feel an extra beat every 2-4 “normal” beats and they seem to get worse when I breath out! Has anyone out there (probably directed at women but I know husbands/boyfriends read this too) noticed that birth control pills caused these to get better or worse due to hormones?

    • Tanya, I have had non stop palpitations for 2 weeks now. Just like you mentioned, every 3rd or 4th beat skips. I have been to my cardiologist that did an EKG, told me to increase my toprol, and told me he would see me in a YEAR, AS my heart continued to skip away in his office! I am going to my OBGYN today to see if this could be hormone related and if birth control is recommended or not. I am 35 and haven’t been on birth control since I was 24. Hopefully, I will get some answers. I constantly read that this is hormone related but no one suggests how or why or what to do? I will keep in touch. Thanks for sharing.

  100. Believe it or not this strange phenomenon know as the heart palpitation has not really been extensively researched. The reason is because the overwhelming majority of cases result in little to no consequence. And let’s just face it the diseases responsible for hundreds and thousands of deaths get most of the attention. Now that’s not to say it’s never the result of a more serious matter but if you look at the statistics they truly are overwhelmingly in favor of the benign palpitation. All I can say is try and seek out something that works for you. I say this because most visits to the doctor result in a ECG and maybe wearing a little gadget on your side for a week or so for you to return to the doctor and them tell you there is nothing wrong with you. Your having benign heart palpitations here are some beta blockers or anti anxiety medication which you will ultimately find to be hit and miss as well. The reason for this is because the doctors and specialists don’t really know why people develope this condition and don’t currently have a sure fire fix for the condition. So try as many safe remedies as you can there is a good chance at some point you will find something that works for you.

  101. I am so glad to find this website also!! The techniques have helped me immediately. Relief, thank God! I don’t like lying around but with palpitations zapping my strength, I have no choice. I believe that genetically modified foods is one of the culprits. Also I noticed that the bacteria from onions after being cut and not used until later, triggers my attacks. (Also soy sauce, msg, salt, and sometimes caffeine. I believe it is allergy (or tolerance), related possibly. One friend said that she had a cyst on her thyroid that was not detected by blood tests that caused her attacks. She had the cyst removed and no longer has palpitations. Go figure. I too believe in the power of prayer!! God bless you and thank you.

  102. Whenever I have palpitations I lie down and they go away immediately; otherwise they just keep going… not sure for how long as I always lie down, no matter where I am.

  103. I will never try to blow through my hands ever again that made my heart palps go through the roof i was so scared had to take a diazapam

  104. I cannot believe I found a site like this. I am so glad that I did. The doctor and my specialist have both insisted that I have a really bad case of anxiety because what started out as headaches and proceeded to chest discomfort (which persists in the middle of the chest but is never a hurtful pain) has now progressed to these palpitations that many of you describe and I feel awful about it which is probably making it worse. I have a combination of paxil and coversyl 10mg daily for high bp and have the bp stabilised now at around 124/70 most of the time but the palps have persisted for most days for about 3 weeks now and are horrible. I am positive as I can be, but because i never had this before I feel horrible and it makes it worse. I feel like the paxil and coversyl combo are perhaps causing this but the Doctor and Cardio won’t even consider this option. My rhr is about 65-75 every time i check on my bp monitor but I get the irregular heart beat sign now quite often when I check during the palps, but have been told that it can happen, and is normal for people to have these things happen. I also feel like maybe now I am on too much coversyl – 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the night but the Doc just says to continue with it. I feel horrible as 3 months ago i was doing cardio every day and lifting moderate weight twice a week and everything seemed great. Never smoke, hardly ever drank alcohol apart from the odd beer now and then, and here I am. I am 38 male with two baby boys and I am now in a position where I feel that things aren’t getting better for me but i am praying they get better and really feel for everyone in a similar situation.

  105. I am happy reading all post knowing that am not alone, I have had heart palpitations 17years before now it comes and before 30minutes it will leave me, but time past it starts staying longer, I have go to the hospital they carry out many test on me and find nothing but now am in the process of divorce and my ex husband threaten me tht I shld come back to him, so am having this palpitations regular and I cant sleep at night, although wht work for me is prayers and cold shower even if the room was cold I will not feel cold and I will feel like going to toilet before I get to the toilet I will feel shortness of breath but once I use the toilet it will disappear, but the feeling is bad and am scared, thank you all,

    • Its good to hear from you ng. I guess we just have to believe things will get better. Its amazing how many of us are suffering from such heart issues. I was exercising before every day and now I am frightened to do so. I have had tests, and had an event monitor and was told I have extra beats and on top of that i get discomfort in the middle of the chest most of the day. I was told that the major cause of all this STRESS and ANXIETY but i find it hard to accept at times because it really does ruin your days and nights. I sleep with earplugs and on top of two pillows just so i can’t hear my pulse so i can fall asleep somehow. I have also been told to try magnesium so I am starting that from today which on top of coversyl for high bp and aropax for the apparent anxiety with Lorazapam to help with the nights.

    • Hello, Ng…I went through a divorce four years ago. We lost our home and filed bankruptcy as well. It was a terrible year. Interestingly, it is lately that I have had the most palpitations. I can’t figure out why. I can also relate to your problem of not being able to sleep at night because my heart is flipping. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water but of course not too much. Water can wash out salt from our bodies. I hope you feel better! Carol

  106. Did anyone try magnesium tablets (200mg) or an EPSOM SALT BATH?

    • Hi Rich! I have never tried magnesium tablets for palpitations. I would imagine it’s best to ask a physician before beginning taking them? Do they work for you? Thank you for your feedback..Carol

  107. Hey! I wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories and what helps. I’ve had palpitations since my 20s. They’ve come and go ever since. Lately they have been everyday. Sometimes every beat or every other beat is different. Doctor in emergency room said they were extra beats and thought it was anxiety. I find that Benadryl works wonders. I take about two teaspoons when the palpitations start and approximately 30 mins later, the palpitations are gone. Benadryl works better for me than anti anxiety meds. Plus Benadryl is not addictive. I have had doctors say it is ok to take Benadryl for this problem. Palpitations are frightening and sometimes I wonder how anyone carries on with their day while their heart is beating strangely.

    • Carol, I guess at the end of the day, the medical practice knows too little to have anything close to a solution for us who suffer from such problems so we put up with it and in the best case scenario, we accept them as part of our lives or something like that. I know that they are hell on earth to live with and disrupt even the smallest of things such as conversations with other people. I know that doctors will say to think about something else when they occur because they happen a lot because of anxiety but it is such a problem when the anxiety fuels more anxiety. There are days where I just think that surely this must be it, and i will have some sort of attack or something fatal will happen. Yet I go on. I am currently trying magnesium so I hope that over time that will help. Being a nurse, and know a little more than I should, does not help. i wish I didn`t know anything about the human body in detail.

      • Hello, Choice! I have never read about magnesium as a possible cure. I do hope it works for you. I can relate to what you say about the heartbeats interrupting moments in our lives. It’s strange how the beats can go on for days and even weeks (or months) then be gone for awhile. What makes them stop out of the blue? I sure wish I could figure it out for my benefit as well as others. Carol

        • Hello there Carol and all of you coming here. I thought i would post the latest. Since starting the magnesium I have felt the palpitations ease up a little in that they occur a little less frequently. I am not sure whether its the actual magnesium or positive thinking and beginning to exercise again despite the palps, but they are not as bad as they were, though they still exist and interfere with everyday living. I have been told after numerous tests that I have PVCs and have been told by my doctor and specialist cardio that people get these all the time and basically to live with it. I am angry more than anything now that there is no magical cure or at least a proven explanation for this or some sort of proven treatment or whatever. I have been told that there are medications but they usually end up making things worse in the long run. I have stopped thinking that I will die because of this and have really been trying to think positively because I see there is no other choice as I want to live for my two young boys. I am trying. It is hard and i really do sympathise with you Carol and all others out there. This thing has been a nightmare. I still think that it is the meds that have caused this for me somehow but there is no way to prove this and I need my coversyl because originally my bp was very high and i had to get it down and I was already living actively with lots of exercise and what i thought was good nutritions – fruit and veg etc. I also take aropax for the anxiety that i had when all this began and continue to do so, so I am not sure which medication or if is a combination that caused all this but i am still convinced that this might be my problem. Anyway, I hope the magnesium will help as it is a muscle relaxant apparently. Frustrated.

          • Reading your post, pretty much sounds like what we’re all feeling

          • Hey, Choice! Happy to hear from you again and glad that your palpitations are a little better. Mine went away for about a week and came back today. I was told I am pre-diabetic so I must watch the sugar. That was disheartening to hear since I usually watch what I eat. I also have a vitamin D deficiency so he doctor prescribed 50,000 units of that. About fell off the examining table when she said she wanted me to take that high of a dose for two weeks. Then after taking my first pill this morning, thought it might cause more palpitations. But I’m still alive. I asked about the safety of exercise with my palps and she said start out slowly to avoid injuries. So, I plan on walking everyday. I heard running is bad for the joints and afraid it might make my heart flip even more. Somehow I know we all will get through this. Last, I will focus on positive thinking as you suggested, Choice. I hope things continue to get better!

      • Hi I just wondered how much magnesium you take as I have heard that it is good for palpitations but I’m not sure how much the content of magnesium should be. I’d be grateful for your reply.
        Many thanks

        • Hi, judy! On January 24th of this year, Rich replied asking if anyone has tried 200 mg tablets of magnesium but he did not say what is the recommended dose. Choice also mentioned trying magnesium but did not comment on the dose. I have not tried it myself. You could probably ask a doctor or call a pharmacist. They would know the proper amount to take. Hopefully someone else will reply with more knowledge than I have. I apologize for not being able to help you! Carol

  108. good morning

    i used to get palpitations some years ago when i had lots of stress and even then nothing like long after .a few ecgs here and there all fine ,and palpitations during 1 test

    over 2 years ago i had it many times again ,for a few hours ,but 1 evening it was all night chest and back and like flashing lights up and down and across very often and occasionally like if someone puts both their hands on my chest and pushed down .
    i went to work still going ,after work i went to the surgery .blood pressure was fine but dr called ambulance .they did several ecgs while the palpitations were going and .blood tests all fine .

    spring 2014 my neck kept on hurting really weird .not awfully painful but more then uncomfortable ,and like (something stuck and a pressure) and a darkish line on my lips .dr prescreped a cream then another but it did not remove it .the consultant put a camera in my nose and i was told i have acid reflux which i had never heard of . was prescribed omeprazole 20 mg .no neck pain for a short while – the above palpitations whenever – i asked if i can take 2 per day .dr said yes but again it helped only for a while .i am still taking them .

    because i have had palpitations long before neck pains and i wonder if i had reflux already .i told the consultant about palpitations and he did not seem surprised .

    i tried already different things .
    the moment palpitations started i took short fast breaths like when in labour that helpes

    i have been terrible not drinking any water or just a little .i looked on the net just a few days ago if there is a connection ,lack of water and reflux ,palpitations short or out of breath and sure enough it says so .

    i started a few days ago drinking 2 ltr about 8 cups daily again even when not thirsty and so far my neck has not hurt as often ,nor as much and very mild and more rare palpitations .in fact no comparing to before .i thought i pass this on .

    what i dont understand .

    i can run for the bus etc -if not already short of breath -have the normal fast beats in the chest only and just a tiny bit out of breath and not every time .i stopped smoking in jan 2013 and i was hardly ever out of breath before then .maybe its due to the reflux .

    sometimes while relaxing 1 hour or most of the evening ,the palpitations have started like above .and or i can get completely out of breath just walking to the kitchen .it seems like it comes in spouts .

    last month i got the 24 hour ecg gadget and not 1 moment of palpitations typical .

    and only 2 days before i had them all evening till late night ,keeping me awake .later this month i have an appointment at cardiology .

    Sorry this is a long write up .

    • Hi Rose…it sounds as though you’ve had a tough time. I do hope things get better. I had not heard of breathing as if you’re in labor. I will try that. I have had this bout of palpitations for about two to three months now. Constant palpitations unless I take some Benadryl. I have been drinking more water too and cut way down on sugar. No caffeine. Doctor said it’s stress and gave me the okay to exercise. Come back if your symptoms get better or worse. Carol

  109. Hi all, just a quick update. I have had a few good days when the palpitations are not that frequent and some days when they seem almost gone, but the last few days it has been hell again and they are back almost all day. When it happens during the night i take a quick lukewarm shower (or as cool as i can tolerate) and 1 tab lorazapam, otherwise there is no way i will fall asleep with these heartbeats. I find that the cool water seems to calm things down – sometimes. Still not sure if the magnesium is helping but i am hoping it is – i am taking 300mg at 6pm just once a day. Also, trying not to focus on it and de-stress and think positively that no matter what, I will get through this and live with this if i have to. Hope all of you suffering from similar problems are somehow coping.

    • Hello Choice & Everyone….Choice, I am glad you are feeling better. At least it does sound like you have some good days! Must be doing something right. I know it can be frustrating when you have good days and you think the palps are gone. Then WHAM…they come back. That happens to me all the time. BUT, you are getting better! I hope it continues and I hope everyone else who has posted here is doing better, as well. Take care! Carol

    • Hi choice.
      I’m the same with the palps. I seem to have them every day and most of the day, I’m sure it is to do with the vagus nerve. If I find I’ve eaten rather a large meal or if I’m feeling hungry and have not eaten in a while I can almost guarantee my palpitations/ectopics will be really bad. I’m trying to keep my eye on this and note what I eat and how much/little, hopefully I can monitor how I feel and find ways of keeping the palps at a low, really I’ll try anything, it’s true.!! I suppose, that one thing may not suit everyone so I wish you all the best, keep trying to find what suits you and helps keep the dreaded palps to an absolute minimum!! Kind regards to all.

  110. Hey everyone
    Im 23 and have had palpitations since i was 20 years old. I have had a lot of anxiety in my life, not particularly right now but in my early 20s it happened often and a few times lead me to having a panic attack. I have gone to the emergency over 10 times thinking i was going to die from panic and anxiety. So i believe my palpitations arose from that. However, since i am still young i tend to party a lot and whenever i go out i drink to excess. Binge drinking always occurs when i go out with my friends and we get hammered everytime. I feel this has a contribution to my palpitations because lately, in the past 4 months or so, after i night of drinking the next day i always get around 5 – 10 palpitations around dinner time. Also, after i havent exercised in a while maybe a week or so i sometimes get them while exercising. I am very physically active, playing on two hockey teams and one soccer team. I take magnesium pills and omega 3s but they dont seem to help. But whenever i get them i only get around 2 – 4 per day, and not daily. I have also been experiencing minor chest throbs around the left side of my chest for about 4 months now. I have had multiple ECGs and a holter monitor and everything came back fine so my doctor told me it could be my chest wall. Its hard to accept that though when they keep persisting after 4 months. Im very conscious of my heartbeat, i feel it all the time, especially when trying to sleep. My shirt moves in unison to my heartbeat as well thats how much i notice it so maybe that contributes to my palpitations i dont know. I just wish they went away.

    • Hey, Jordan…alcohol can definitely contribute to palpitations and can cause them. Drinking a lot of alcohol can leave you dehydrated, which can lead to palpitations. Do you get enough sleep while partying and the days following? A lack of sleep doesn’t help. I’ve read many books related to anxiety and panic disorder. Each type of attack can cause palpitations. Last, being aware of your heartbeat can make palpitations worse or make you aware of what your heart is doing. So, it looks like you have several things going on that can produce the skipped beats or fast heartbeat. The good news is that your doctor does not believe it is something serious. Try and relax when they happen though I know from experience that is not easy. I would also suggest drinking more water (8 glasses a day at least) and perhaps slowing down on the alcohol. Let us know how you’re doing when you can and I wish you the best of luck! Carol

    • Hi Jordan, we all know how annoying and frightening these problems that you mention can be. I think, that like Carol mentions, you have to cut down (or better yet just give it up) on the alcohol as it is definitely not going to help. I also suffer similar things that you mention and one of the keys in reducing the issues that you mention is to reduce the anxiety which will be there even on a subconscious level. If there is no other way to reduce anxiety, then some sort of medication may be best which your doctor can advise you on and perhaps prescribe. I know, as we all do, that taking your mind off this is impossible but there are things that can be done to reduce you thinking about it as much, and improve the way you look at what is happening. Also a lot of people have their own methods and you will find out what is best over time- for instance, i take a cool shower when things get bad and it helps me at night to fall asleep. Keep us posted how you`re going and best wishes to you and all here.

      • Hello again, Choice! Great post…well said! Splashing cold water on your face is said to slow down a fast heart beat. My issue is more of extra beats or my heart feels like it is flipping. Again, great post and I hope everyone is feeling better! Carol

  111. Saureet Hayill, L.Ac. March 15, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    The classic Chinese herbal formula, Zhi Gan Cao Tang (Baked Licorice combination) stops heart palpitations and nourishes the heart to avoid future ones. Get them from your licensed acupuncturist or at a Chinese herbal pharmacy. Herbal remedies take some minutes or up to a half hour to digest, but are very effective in their results. Depending on the severity of your condition, one bottle may be enough to permanently correct the situation.

    • Hello, Saureet! Is it safe to just start the herbal remedy you mentioned or should we get our doctor’s permission first? Herbal remedies scare me. I have heard and read about side effects plus problems with drug interactions. Ginseng is one I cannot take or my heart goes crazy. Thank you for your help! Carol

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