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Start Here To Learn More About Heart Palpitations

After dealing with an irregular heartbeat for a number of years now (you can read about my story HERE), I decided to systematically work on managing stress, anxiety and heart palpitations.  I spent countless hours online and collected a bunch of research and began to keep records on what worked and what did not.  I have found some things that have helped me, so I thought I would post them online and share them with anyone else struggling with heart palpitations, stress, and anxiety.  Keep in mind I am not a medical professional.  I am just a guy who got sick and tired of dealing with heart palpitations and collected a whole lot of information.  Hopefully some of that information will help you on your question to understand heart palpitations and get rid of them.

First off, there are few things you should know:

  1. I don’t necessarily think there is a magic cure all for heart palpitations (or stress and anxiety for that matter).  Some certainly claim there is and I will provide those for you in detail.  But there are many different types and causes of irregular heartbeats, and what works for some might not work for others.
  2. This is a comprehensive approach to heart palpitations.  I have found things that work for me, and I have done countless research on what has worked for others.  But in the end it is still just an educated guess.
  3. Please do not do anything described or recommended in this website without the consultation and consent of your Primary Care Physician or Cardiologist.  After all, this is your heart we are dealing with.
  4. This website is a work in progress.  And it is a collaboration. So please feel free to let me know what has worked for you!

So now that we got that out of the way, here is a quick overview of some steps to take to manage or cure your palpitations.  I go into more detail on each topic, but hopefully this will give you a 10,000 ft. view of where we are headed.


  1. Go See A Cardiologist.  Not all irregular heartbeats are created equal.  While it is true that most heart palpitations are benign and are nothing more than a nuisance, some irregular heartbeats mean that there are more serious problems lurking elsewhere.  You need to get checked out.  I will say this over and over again, but I cannot stress the importance of seeing a cardiologist and getting the proper tests done.  Get a stress test, blood test, EKG, Hoilter Monitor, and any other test the Cardiologist thinks is necessary.  I know that these visits can be expensive (trust me), but they are worth it.
  2. Examine Your Nutrition.  I personally think this is the best place to start after seeing a cardiologist.  I thought I ate decently healthy until I began tracking what I eat.  Wow, was I wrong.  Also, this is the most cited area when it comes to cures for palpitations (i.e. “Just drink more grape juice and you’ll be fine” or “all you need is more Magnesium”).  So under this topic I will explore three aspects of Nutrition:
    1. Food
    2. Supplements
    3. Medicine
  3. Monitor Your Fitness.  We all have heard that exercise is good for your heart and it’s even better for reducing stress, so it makes sense to go about it the right way. Here are some exercises that I find helpful with my heart palpitations.
  4. Learn How To Sleep.  I think sleep, or lack of sleep, contributes greatly to the cause and severity of palpitations.  So we will look at the latest techniques and remedies to help you get the sleep you need. You can also read a little bit of my experience with trying to sleep with heart palpitations HERE.
  5. Learn Stress Management Techniques.  The area of stress management is vast, but we will attempt to tackle the most popular techniques, which include:
    1. Breathing Techniques
    2. Meditation
    3. Mental Attitude
    4. Rest
    5. Organization
    6. Productivity
  6. Learn How to Navigate Life.  I hate to break it to you, but you are going to die.  Probably not because of your irregular heartbeat, but someday you and I will take our last breath and leave this world for good.  So we might as well make the most of our opportunities while we are here.  So we will explore the topics of dealing with death, faith, and joy, which have an incredible impact on the management of stress.

To get you started though, here are a few of the more popular posts:

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180 responses to START HERE: A Natural Approach to Heart Palpitations

  1. David Tunnell June 17, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. It can be SO SCARY!
    I’m 43 yr old male and have had them since I was in my early twenties.
    They used to come at random but now I realize that they seem to be stress and lifestyle related for sure.
    The problem is, is that now that they are so bad, I cannot exercise without really bad palpitations that literally force my to stop or slow way down.
    I feel like if I could just get a great sweat I would be so much better but I cannot.
    I have started doing yoga again and that seems ok but it is not the real heavy workout cardiovascularly that I feel my body craves.
    Every website says exercise is good so i feel stuck.??
    I also wanted to share with you that I have a bad herneated disk and I wondered if that could be impinging upon the heart nerves and causing this. I have read it can??
    My life got crazy about a year ago. New business, divorce, legal battle etc. It is calming down now and the palpitations are subsiding but the exercise is still an obstacle. That and the fact that I rarely put myself in stressful situations. I rarely go to my own restaurant. I have become an absentee owner which can only last for so long. Because when I do go I often get real bad attacks.
    All the best and any comment would be greatly greatly appreciated.

    • David,

      Thanks for the comment. I am really sorry to hear that you have had heart palpitations for so long and that they are affecting your work. I was also to the point where I couldn’t work out and I thought that I was going to be fired from work because I couldn’t function with all the heart palpitations I was having. I did a stress test and my doctor cleared me to exercise which gave me the confidence to continue to run and workout. Eventually the heart skips went away while I was exercising (but would come back after), but I finally was able to enjoy exercising and that helped a lot on my journey to seriously reduce my heart palpitations. So if you haven’t been to a cardiologist I would strongly recommend that you get checked out. If they clear you to exercise then go with confidence. It look me a few visits to actually believe that I wasn’t going to die on the treadmill. My doctor would continually remind me that they are benign and were simply analogous to muscle twitches that are caused by too much stress and anxiety. Another thing that I found helpful was working out while listening to podcasts. I would listen to something I was really interested in and that would help distract me from listening to my heart skip over and over again. I also noticed that it skipped less when I was running with a friend or with my wife. Anything to distract me from listening to my palpitions (which is extremely hard to do). I wore a heart rate monitor strap and wrist watch too and recored my max heart rate, average heart rate, and the recovery rate (the amount is drops after a minute of finishing exercise). This gave me confidence in my workouts (since all numbers appeared normal). If you don’t have a good heart rate monitor watch, I use this one by Timex and really like it –

      As far as the herniated disk is concerned, I do believe that it can worsen the frequency of heart palpitations either by affecting the nerves or (more likely) because it is an added stress to your body and one way the body reacts to stress (emotional or physical) is heart palpitations. I noticed that when I had a pinch nerve that my heart palpitations increased. I don’t think my pinched nerve caused my heart palpitations. I just think it added to the mountain of stress that I was already buried under. I have heard that disruptions to the vegus nerve can possibly cause heart palpitations. So you may want to talk to your doctor about that as well.

      I hope that helps some. Definitely talk to your doctor about exercise before you try anything just to be safe. I wish you the best of luck in your journey! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    • Hello.
      I’ve been having these weird and scary episodes as of late that leave me breathless. It feels like a couple of strong heartbeats resting on my throat and I can’t breathe. It last for a couple of seconds then it goes away. Then they return but very randomly and usually weeks apart. Even though they seem fairly seperate and short, they still scare me because at that moment, I cannot breathe at all and it takes me a while to adjust. I remember having them around twice a year as a kid but never made anything of it, but now they’re happening around every other week. They usually happen at rest, when I’m sitting down, or talking. Has anyone on here had anything similar and figured out what it is? My ekg came back normal.

      • Hi – your EKG can be normal even if you have PVC. As the extra heartbeats only happen sometimes they may not be caught on the EKG. You would need to have a heart monitor fitted for 24 hours. HTH

      • Hi Andrea, I really appreciate the way you put it about how your hear beats feel because I was searching anyone with similar symptoms as mine, however only read it felt like a skipped heart beat. I have been dealing with those for 6 years now and still alive lol, but every time it happens it scares the life out of me. I was told many times by my doctor that they could not find anything wrong ( sometimes I wish they did) .
        I actually often feel better just by visiting this site and reading other folks experience., it has some calming effect. And the recommendations a very practical .
        I am still looking for answers how to completely get rid of this nasty problem cause it affects my life. My naturopath suggested taking Cardiac Px- a natural remedy, I also take magnesium 300-500 mg daily , try to drink lots of water. All the best .

    • Hi everyone I’m Ian 28 years old

      Can’t believe I found this site. Too find out there is so many of us dealing with this same disorder. When I actual fact we are all perfect healthy. When I get really horrible HP’s my mind and body go into pure panic attack mode and all I think about is my heart and when will I have a heart attack but as you all know it never happens. I definitely think it’s diet related and through lack of sleep. Can’t thank everyone enough for their support and finding out that all of you suffer from the same mind destroying disorder is overwhelming. Hope everyone finds peace and can hold a more happy, stable balanced life.

      • Same thing, I am glad that I have found the group of people that I share same experiences with them ,
        I have had the heart palps since I was 13.,I noticed that after some exercises such as swimming or skating my heart started just pounding ,fluttering sensation in my chest and stomach. I have learnt how to stop it by making some sitting and bending movement .At that moment I felt like a blood was pumped up to my head . once palpitation stopped.I knew it stops for good..I was young and ignored it .I did not mention about it to my parents. I was born /raised in the Eastern Europe and and people there did not really have much concern about some health issues comparing to nowadays.Anyway it tended to happen to me occasionally as a young adult ;especially after drinking and smoking parties .In fact ,Poles drink a lot and I just followed the crowd to have a good time with my friends at university .Once I reached my early 30’s my palpitation sensations turned into panic/ anxiety attacks .
        When I was about 31 I have moved to the states. Over there I ended up several times at ER day or 2 after some work out exercises at the gym. They have run some tests and said that my heart was in perfect . shape, Then I visited the cardiologist >Several times he run echo ,stress test and holter he said that my heart Is fine and strong but noticed just very mild mitro valve prolapse but he said this is nothing ,and it does not affect my heart beats or anything, He siad i can continue my gym workout ,running and swimming were advised. In fact I was so scary to do any type of physical exercises. Anytime I was having anxiety attacks which started occurring so often and I was making appointments to the cardiologist. Eventually he said that I suffer from “high school girls heart palpitation syndrom” and referred me to psychiatrist. I did not go there .After several years I moved to Canada as a landed emigrant and soon after as A canadian citizen with all free health benefits provided by the national insurance plan .I visited a couple of cardiologists ,they run some test and did not find anything even no MVP which seem to be misdiagnosed by USA cardiologist. Now, I am 52 now .About 10 years ago I have the palpitation that lasted more 12 hours. I decided to go to ER,Same story ,same opinion but this time I was prescribed Bisepropol 20mg,I was taking a half of the pill ,sometimes not at all.It looks like my palps got under control. A Few years after my cardiologist suggested me ,based on the follow up results , to get off the pills but I being so anxious continued taking it. In addition ,my family doctor put me onCipralex ..After while using both I was short of breath even after a mild exercises or home activities such walking ,working a around a house, using stairs ,steeps etc, However, I tried to be physically active all the time .Sometimes sweating sensation and being short of breath ,chest pain become unbearable .I thought I was having heart attac symptoms.To sum up my medication history I was about 10 years on beta-blocker and serotonin ,anti depressant meds. I returned to cardiologist last year and year before to run tests. He said my heart was fine. Last October he said that my heart is strong and doing very well but in a case I might keep it this low dose of Biseprolol.
        Currently I have been out of Cipralex for few months -feeling some withdraw effects : hot flashes ,head ache ,sometimes ,mild anxiety but generally I am doing very well.I am still taking only half a pill of Biseproplol after my cardiologist recommendation .I don’t have any major palps , just a short fluttering and very occasionally skipping sensations .
        Finally I wish to stress the fact that this year I visited my mother in Poland. I spent there a whole month and tried to be active thereby to walking around beautiful parks and trials, I noticed that anytime I started walking in the morning I was out of breath , felt a bloating stomach in spite I continued my daily exercise.for some reason I was still taking full dose of Biseprolol and Cipralex. .I was making about 15 to 20 km daily .When I was there I have found about the small. secluded Orthodox monastery run by Father Gabriel,( a herbalist who wrote a book about herbal therapy) with few monks.I am an Orthodox as well. The skit ( a small monastery) is on a island/penislua close to the border with Belarus.I went there ,talked to father Gabriel , told him about my health problems. . He prescribed me the mix of about 10 to 13 different herbs .he did not charge me a penny for the visit. .He also told me he will pray for me.I bought the mix at a small, local pharmacy store in the village. It is note worthy they have sold l hundreds of different herbs in the regular drug store in Poland ,The herbs therapy is so popular and developed there .When I returned to Canada I started to drink the mix following Father Gabriel recommendations. Positive results were immediate ,Now I am out Cipralex at all and on little dose, almost nothing for my weight of Biseprolol, The first time since a long time I have been treadmill, walking stairs, elevations, hiking without fear of heart’s sensations .I have not experienced any palpitations , just very rarely ,maybe twice over few months heart skipping, I have sleeped well ,I usually did.I see that the herbs works well along with father’s prayer..Another good thing I would like to tell you about is a book by Russian therapist, Sergey Bubnovsky(who himself suffered from heart palpitations ) .It was a gift to me from another Orthodox priest who translated it to Polish .The original is written in Russian. Bubnovsky has several clinics,”KInezilayt” in Russian and treated people successfully. .As the author recommended I have been taking cold shower in the morning ,I started from 30 seconds to 4 -5 minutes now, Plus I follow his diet general guidance. I see tremendous different in my health conditions, I cant believe it that I am not getting hearts palps after number of physical activities ,generally extensive walking and /or swimming .My shorthess of breath is totally gone .Huge improvement .Besides I am planning to translate that book into English and propagate This my story of the treatment that works for me so far…I hope with God help that the progress will continue .God Bless you All guys ,,,

        • Thank you so much for your testimony and all the information. I hope you continue to improve. This arena is a great place to share information with this community and to support each other. I pray you have a blessed life.

        • What are these herbs please

    • Bob Frischkorn June 5, 2017 at 3:35 pm

      I have always been very healthy and was able to compete at sports with players half my age. I started getting heart palpitations when I reached 60. I have played soccer twice a week for over 30 years and they started after playing one day. My heart wouldn’t stop racing and I almost fainted. I put off doing anything about it but they continued to be bad and so I decided to go to a cardiologist. They did all sorts of tests and couldn’t find anything wrong with my heart. The doctor said try some potassium, so I did and they did help some but I continue to have occasional problems. I also tried taking magnesium and this has helped as well. Many types of food that I have eaten have seemed to affect how my heart was doing, I have always tried to eat very healthy, especially eating organic fruit, vegetables, milk and other good quality food. These foods seem to trigger more problems for me: almonds, almond milk, chocolate, walnuts,caffeine, too much sugar… These foods seem to help me to have less problems: salad with avocado, bananas, raisins, hemp seed, flax seed. One of the things that I found that might be causing these problems with our hearts is all the extra radiation that we are living with now including 4g LTE signals and Wi-Fi. Here is a link to a study that shows these sources of radiation, especially when we are being bombarded at night.

      Cell phones should be placed far away from our beds, Wi-Fi from home internet and neighbors signals should be avoided if possible.

      • Bob
        Thank you for the information. It seems you have found the answer to your problem and avoid the foods that may trigger your palpitations. I have found almonds to be a good delicious source of magnesium. I found caffeine triggers mine as well as stress events good or bad. I love this forum, it helps me to voice my condition and listen to others hopefully too help one another. Have a blessed day. Sharon

    • All I got to say is I am glad I found this blog! Thank you!

  2. Hello
    I typically get HP approx. 2 hours after exercise. I have tried all the other 6 methods to stop the HP with little or no success. One method that I have been successful with, is laying in bed on my right side. I place a soft ice pack on the pillow and position it against the right side of my head above my ear. This has stopped the HP many times for me.

    • Dave, thanks for the comment. I am sorry to hear that some of the tricks above don’t help much with your heart palpitations. Your ice pack idea sounds interesting. I’ll have to keep that in mind and try it out if I ever have a bad run of heart skips again. Thanks for the tip!

      • Hi, my name is Kevin. Ive learned I can stop the HP by wearing a tight jacket, bending over and keeping my arms tucked in a bit. I can feel a “pull” inside my chest when I do this. I have to do it numerous times, sometimes it takes hours.
        Great site and thank you!


      • Actually I have. And ever since I started both, I went from feeling these terrible things all day long to a week or longer without any. God is the answer. And grape juice is a plus. (;

  3. I am studying my food and supplements currently trying to determine if there is a correlation to HP. Your website states that you “will explore three aspects of Nutrition”, but I cannot find it. Is it posted somewhere that I am not looking or does it not exist?

    • Hey Dave,
      I have done a ton of research on foods and supplements that can make your heart skip, but I haven’t had any time to post anything because of a big project at work that I am currently wrapped up with, but I will hopefully be posting soon. So sorry that there is nothing yet, but hopefully in the near future. I have found that foods affect people differently, but generally alkaline foods (like green veggies) help reduce heart palpitations as apposed to acidic foods (breads, meat, etc…). Also, how much you eat makes a big difference too. If I over eat it makes a big difference after the meal as well as the next day. I have a list of foods that I have noticed makes me more prone to heart palpitations (like potatoes for some reason) so I try to steer clear of those when possible. Good luck on your journey. Be sure to come back and share what you find out.

    • I found that not eating peanuts or peanut butter, bananas, red wine and beer makes a big difference as they have a chemical in them that causes HPs. Also some cheeses especially parmesan cheese.

    • Hi Dave…not sure you’ll see this more than a year after your posting, but I just learned something useful that makes me think the HP I have a occasion is related to nutrition; more specifically, something my body is lacking. I’m on a VERY low sugar, lower carb diet, and last night I ate a big chef’s salad. Not to long after, I started to have HP that lasted throughout the night into the morning. I’ve had them before and like most of us, they tend to be really concerning.

      I read that a lack of magnesium might be a cause on another site, so I mixed up an Advocare Spark energy drink (high is vitamin/mineral) and the HP fully went away in a matter of minutes. I learned that my diet isn’t giving me the B12 that I need but I’m not great at keeping up with my supplements. The drink has 750% daily value so maybe there is a connection? I don’t know but there seems to be a correlation…at least for me. Hope this helps.

  4. I don’t wanna die. I know what the government has hidden regarding life after death (afterlife). Don’t let this comment I’m writing to you now just be thrown away from you. I’m very scared and I just want these HP to go away, I don’t want to die! 🙁 Their saying I have to go.home and.most likely just going to discharge me, figures. I.have worked in goverment military branch for 4 yrs now. Please.understand.that yes this is just a.comment.on, but believe me its all.true n

    • What secrets do you speak of Sargeant?

    • Get people with HP and weak hearts scared about the afterlife.. Aren’t you a bundle of pleasant :l

    • I know the feeling—when they started happening to me I went into full panic attacks—-and after a quick hospital stay they would go away—ekg’s all OK, But I FEEL them and that scares me no matter how hard I try to stay calm. Then I spend 2-3 days worrying about the “attack”. Only ended up with actual A-Fib once, but it was enough to scare the daylights out of me. Now it is like a cloud over me so much of the time. Doctor tried to put me on anti-depressants——but that brought on panic attack after attack—just on blood pressure medicines now, doctor assures me they are “baby doses”—-but the “spells” still happen a bit too often for my “comfort”. Right now I am going to try giving up sugarless gum, as I have been chewing several pieces a day and according to some other posts this may be a cause. But believe me, I know the fear, the panic and the disorientation these can cause—they keep saying, you’re fine, but the fear remains!!!

  5. Thanks for this page – im just 17yrs old and consider myself reasonably fit and healthy, but had heart palpitations for about 3-4 hrs recently, at speeds ranging from 90-180bpm, while being very irregular in pattern. Great read, i definately wanna keep breathing so ill be putting these ideas to practice! Kik me: zaccorbett or email on

  6. Hi. This is a great blog, thank you so much for it, for your compassion and willingness to write it, and have a “forum” of sorts so that everyone can learn things and share their experiences. I am a 58 year old woman and I will tell you a little about what it was like for me and how it is going now; I am doing better now and maybe what I have learned will help others. I had skipped heartbeats most of my life, but they were few and far between until the last couple of months. Last week was the worst week of my life—they would happen every 1/2 minute and “thud” in my chest, making me jump, especially when trying to sleep. During the day they left me anxious, dizzy and fatigued. It was awful. I am feeling so much better today and for the last few days; I finally think I am “coming out of the woods”. I never had my heart tested, not even an EKG, feeling intuitively that it was caused by other things, many of which are nutritional in nature, (I tend to not eat right or enough) and some of which are emotional. The first thing I did was quit all stimulants, mainly coffee and chocolate. Then, I started eating better, like protein in the mornings (EGGS!) and 3 meals a day. THEN, I discovered last week, that my heart irregularities were reduced for several hours (by almost 100%) simply by having a really good cry (and holding nothing back). I know that sounds weird, but I must have had some really repressed grief in my heart because crying released a lot of energy from my chest; (perhaps the repressed emotions caused the electrical function to go haywire? I don’t know, all I know is it worked). I would play sad music and think of people I love very much who were suffering and I would cry and cry and cry. Anyway, after a few days of that–crying when I needed to, I was half-way there. The next thing I did was I went to see my osteopath, a brilliant doctor, and got a cranial-sacral treatment–which helps in all ways. And when she heard about the crying and how it helped my palpitations (or irregular heart-beats), she decided not to pursue testing. Then she made the suggestion to drink (for those who CAN drink dairy) organic whole milk, warmed on the stove to which is added Chai spices: cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, ginger and nutmeg (all of which are good for the heart). Then she told me to add a 1/2 tsp of maple syrup or honey and 1/2 tsp of molasses (the unsulfured kind, with the minerals), and if you wish, 1/2 tsp of almond extract to the pan. It’s delicious, and have taken to drinking this brew 3x per day (as a substitute for coffee) and it has really helped. She said that the fat in the milk is delivered by the sugar to the nerves of the heart which control the electrical impulses that control the rhythm. I then started taking the following supplements some of which I learned about from an article which I will paste below this list: Natural Vitality Calm, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Citrate, Amino acids: L-Argenine, L-Theanine, L-Taurine, then CoQ10, and Hawthorn, and when I am having a spell, rescue remedy and/or motherwort tincture. You have to be wiling to spend a few dollars at your local health food store, but I was willing to do almost anything to avoid the cardiologist, and this terrible syndrome, and the results (for me) have been very encouraging. I will post that link here. I hope someone finds the information helpful. Good luck and God be with you. Joan

    • Joan,
      Thanks for the reply and for your kind words! I am really glad that you have found some things that have helped with your heart palpitations. I have never tried crying my palpitations away, but maybe I’ll give that a try if they ever get unbearable again. And I’ll definitely have to put down your recipe for the drink you recommended. It sounds good! I am glad you shared it with us. I love it when people share success stories. It’s always encouraging. Keep us posted on how things are progressing. Thanks again!

      • Hello again! I thought I’d add a recent discovery that kind of blows my mind. I didn’t realize that Aspartame and Phenylalanine (found in sugarless gum and soft drinks) contributes to heart palpitations and arrhythmias in people. They’re very controversial substances and there’s a lot of information on the web… not to use anything containing these substances since they have been linked to heart problems………..perhaps you already know this but I wanted to mention it! I was chewing gum with aspartame in it and I did notice my heart started beating irregularly again. Throwing that stuff in the garbage–never again.

        • Thanks Joan! I have heard that Aspartame and Phenylalanine but this is a great reminder. I have heard of people cutting back/eliminating diet soft drinks and their heart palpitations go away, so it is definitely worth looking into. I always forget that sugarless gum means that is has one of those two substances as a replacement. That is good to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing that with us!

    • Thank you so very much for sharing and for the Huffington Post article Joan. I think that article is the best thing so far on the subject and I have read them all.

      I just got back form martial arts practice, had heart palpitations off and on all through class. Made me dizzy and feel kinda crappy and had to leave early. I’m 48 and Ive been an athlete all my life and didn’t start having them until my early 30s while in the military doing exhaustive physical exercise. I know I was under a lot of stress so that has always been a possible cause. But I really believe it is really based on something else now as they almost always happen while I am doing some form of exercise. Especially if I have to twist my torso or while leaning over or crunching up in to a ball thus creating pressure inside my body. I have back injuries from the years of lifting and sports and I truly feel that may be where my problem originates.

      I saw a chiropractor last year that took an x-ray of my entire spine. When I saw that x-ray I almost fell out of my chair! It looked like a giant letter “S” and I started crying right there in the office. Then the cracking began. Or should I say correcting. Did seem to help a little, but just a little.

      I did see a cardiologist and had all the tests with all the bells and whistles but he couldn’t give me a straight answer, all he said was that I was quite fit but had A-Fib when my heart was palpating and gave me drugs that didn’t work either. The whole thing has been disappointing and depressing as I have always wanted to use this body well into my old age and came home quite depressed until I found this great website.

      Thank you Joan and thank you Life Off Beat I love you guys for this! You have giving me a new hope.

      • Both my father and father-in-law have had successful ablations to cure their A-fib. FIL had to have two procedures to get it all, but my dad’s went away with one. A-fib puts you at significantly higher risk for stroke, so you should seek treatment. It is not the same as the harmless “skipped beats” that many people experience. Good luck!

    • The milk with spices, molasses and honey worked for me! Not to mention it was delicious! My palpitations happen generally when I have had too much caffeine~ coffee or chocolate are the usual culprits. I haven’t had them in quite some time but this weekend I ate a gluten free brownie. They went through the night last night and I couldn’t get them to stop even this morning after trying the breath trick. While I wasn’t worried (I’ve seen a cardiologist and been cleared) I still couldn’t focus on much else. They make me feel tired and out of breath. So, thank you for that information!

      • Hi, can you pleas give milk and spices receipe?

        I know Iron Deficiency can cause HP and I’m having good results with Blckstrap Molassaes (significantly fortified in Iron, Calcium and Potassium)

        I would like to know about the spices you use with the milk and honey.


    • thankyou so much for sharing this…i feel its a good cry i need as since my daughter let me down in such a horrible way i have held it all in and made myself ill…my blood pressure has risen and i have horrible palpitaions sometimes feels like my heart is coming through my chest !! its scares me so much i panic which makes it worse..i have tried excersise which works to an extent but they come back to haunt me especially at night so i dont sleep well..i think im going to have a good cry

  7. Hi-thanks for writing this! I feel more comfortable knowing most likely this is normal and I have been having more anxiety lately so I’m thinking that’s what’s causing them. I did just start taking coq 10. Could that make it happen? I heard fish oil may start them. tried the technique where you hold your nose and close your mouth and that actually seemed to help a bit. I’ve been eating good and exercising and I’m not drinking alcohol at all or having caffeine. Hopefully I’ll see more posts from you! Thanks again!

    • Hi Lindsay, thanks for the comment! I’m glad you are feeling better. Hopefully your anxiety and heart palpitations have gone down and you are getting back to full health. I haven’t heard anything about CoQ10 causing palpitations, but that doesn’t mean it can’t. I know CoQ10 is supposedly good for your heart in moderation, but supplements affect people differently so you may want to take a break from them for now and see if it helps your palpitation go down. Please let us know what you find out. I plan on putting up some new posts here in the next few weeks so be sure to be looking for those. Thanks again!

  8. I really love all the advice you have given in both articles on how to cope with heart palpitations. I just recently started getting them for like 2 wks straight my heart will race and palpitate off and on all damn day long till finally today I went to the E.R and everything came back normal :/ So, yep its back to working out and now just today I added starting to learn to meditate which there are great videos for it on hulu on Yoga Zone… Grrrr SUCKS! I have to learn to deal with this now as if the anxiety and stress was not enough lol.. Good news is I have managed to not lose my mind I wont try any anxiety meds as I feel working out and Yoga and now meditating should help me better cope with everything. Its like the Buddhist say you really have to re-train your mind to be calm and peaceful it really is possible. So no more time to freak out about this and more time just doing what I can to get myself on the right track 🙂 Im only 27 so yep time to do it right…

    • I agree, the biggest part of defeating anxiety and stress is learning to retrain your mind. I am glad that you are finding exercise and yoga helpful. I am also glad to hear that everything came back normal after your visit to the ER. That’s definitely a blessing. Hopefully after a week or so of meditating, yoga, exercise and rest you can get back to your normal self and be palpitation free. If you find anything else helpful along the way, be sure to come back and give us an update. Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Hey
      I have just recently started having heart palpatations and it makes my anxiety rocket skyhigh. I’ve read most of what people have commented and said and it calms me down which is great but does anyone know how to deal with ignoring the problm many thanks

      • Hey Gemma, sorry to hear that your anxiety is skyrocketing. If you talk to your doctor and your heart palpitations are found to be benign (which sounds likely since they seem related to your anxiety) then some of the best ways I have found to ignore my heart palpitations is to exercise regularly (especially during those times you feel most anxious), enjoy time with others, prayer/meditation and deep breathing exercises (it’s nearly impossible to relax with palpitations constantly knocking, but I use a back/neck massager and the vibrations make it harder to feel the skipped beats), and lastly I try to do what the Air Force says to do in times of fear: Hug The monster. Wrap your arms around fear, wrestle it under control, and turn it into a driving force in your plan of attack. Try to view it as a blessing rather than a curse. A friendly reminder to calm down, a reminder to eat and live healthier, a friendly reminder to live life to it’s fullest. If benign palpitations really can’t harm your heart (and it seems all or most doctors/studies believe that to be true) then continually remind yourself that these palpitations will not be allowed to rule your life. If anyone has any other ideas or thoughts, please feel free to share!

      • Hey Gemma,

        I also have anxiety and it got really intense after being diagnosed… I think the best thing to do is NOT to ignore it. I became proactive, started eating right, exercising and I began to change my circle of thoughts, when I have palpitations now instead of letting my brain go to the, “oh my I might die” I started a new train of thought, can I breathe, yes, am I in pain, no, am I dizzy, no. Then I’m okay. Big deep breath and that seems to help control it. Hugs, good luck!

        • This is great advice. I think it is great to be as informed as possible and then go through a mental checklist when anxiety sets in. I find it helps calm me down too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Can there be a connection with the vagus nerve?

    • Absolutely! I believe there can be a connection to the vagus nerve, but the problem is that the Vagus Nerve runs throughout your whole body so it’s hard to figure out if it is your diet, acid reflux, or you vagus nerve running through your stomach that causes your heart palpitations. I think the best way to approach it is to treat all three and cover all your bases.

  10. Hi I would like to say good on you for having this site! Just a little about
    myself I am a male 50 years old and have suffered from Pulps for over 35 years
    in the beginning it used to scare the life out of me and as we all know would
    make my symptoms even worse! in the early days I went to hospital put me on an
    ecg keep me over night and let me go in the morning! saying nothing could be
    found that was wrong! I even wore a monitor for 24 hrs showed many pulps but
    not problem I thought to myself how will I be able to live my life with this
    happening to me. So here I am 35 years later 2 grown children and happily
    married to my lovely wife of 30 years who has had to put up with some
    interesting times with me over the years, I guess what I am saying is I am
    still here! I have not died, I did not lose my mind! and I still lead a family
    normal life after I have seen countless doctors and taken every vitamin and miracle
    cure for pulps they never went away completely, you all have good points what
    works for some may not work for others ! but I have learnt over the years to
    take life a little slower! stop to smell the roses, and find time to relax! I
    know if I eat the wrong foods I will get my pulps, if I drink too much beer I
    will get pulps, as well as not enough sleep etc! just like we all know that
    have been listed here today! but the biggest thing that helped me handle these
    times was to accept that you get them and that they will not hurt you ! THEY
    WILL NOT HURT YOU! if you can get this in your head and realize this then they
    become more bearable less stressful with this in mind and applying some of the
    ideas spoken in this site will help you a lot ! it’s all trial an error ! and
    yes I do still get them but I can control them a lot better hey sometimes I
    will go for 6 months without them, so try not to let it get you down! I’ve been
    there I know how hard it is!!! but at some point you need to take control and move on learn to live with them not agaist them I believe its your mind and what you eat that creates the problem.
    I wish you all good luck and a long life.

    • Michael, thanks for the great reminder! It is terrible that you have had to deal with heart palpitations for so long, but I love hearing from people who have learned to effectively manage their palpitations. It is so true that once you rule out the dangerous causes of heart palpitations (like heart disease) then the best thing we can do is relax and not worry. It is incredibly difficult with our hearts skipping beats, but like you said, it’s possible and eventually they fade over time. I still think some people can simply take a supplement and have their heart palpitations disappear for good, but those people are rare (at least that is what I have found). Anyways, thanks again for sharing your experience. I know a lot of people will find it helpful!

    • Thanks for this, Michael. I have suffered with palpitations, anxiety, and more, for 3-4 years now. At 21 It feels like a long time and it’s hard to remember what I was like previous to developing a nervous disposition, or to think about dealing with it for the rest of my life.

      Reading your post has put me at ease some 🙂

      All the best.

    • Thanks brother for your words of wisdom and comfort… really man

    • Have you ever had rot canals or amalgam filllings , dental work?

  11. I was diagnosed with sinus tachycardia and heart palpitations in October and it was the most frightening thing that had ever happened to me. At first, I had given up, but then like you I did hours upon hours of research into why I got it, how I got it and most importantly how to make it stop. My cardiologist is not a big believer in pushing medication so he left it up to me about starting beta blockers, I chose not to, I wanted to try a natural way. Unfortunately, he didn’t really give me a direction to go in. I eventually began a heart healthy diet and started interval training and have naturally lowered my resting heart rate from about 100 bpm to 68 bpm. I found this sight as I was trying to find out why I seem to still get palpitations when I’m sick, but this information is solid, I’m glad it’s posted somewhere. People like us need support. 🙂

    • Katrina, I’m glad you found the site helpful! That’s amazing that you were able to lower your resting heart rate from 100 to 68 bpm. Diet and exercise make a huge difference. That is great you are finding natural remedies for your heart palpitations!

    • I am on a beta blocker. It has side effects for me that have increased over the years. I hate my palpitations and I want to get off meds. That is interesting that your palps get worse when you are sick. Whenever I am really sick, I don’t feel my palpitations. I know I’m getting better when they come back!

  12. hello . first thing is about 3 days ago i started feeling my heart skip now after reading all this i defently know its HP my doctor is putting a holder monitor on me this coming tuesday.. really i have tried everything these other people have tried and it tends to keeping coming. i feel confused stressed and just want this feeling to go away. if there is a secret or anything someone can tell me … more less how do i keep my mind of it when I’m relaxing watching tv ? or just putting down my daughter to bed. it seems to bug me when I’m just about to relax:s. thanks

    • Derek, thanks for the comment. I think we experience more heart palpitations when we are just about to relax because that is when we finally slow down and it’s easier to hear (and feel) our own heartbeat. To try and get my mind off the palpitations, I try to rhythmically tap different areas (like on my hip, stomach, neck) and think about that, and for some reason it occasionally helps me take my mind off the heart skips. I’ve also heard that some people hum or sing and it helps as well.

  13. Thank you very much for all the time, effort and care you put into this site. The information is great. I have been experiencing HP since my early twenties. Over 15 years now. Currently I am 11 wks pregnant and they are rearing their ugly head more than usual. My last pregnancy they disappeared completely. Not so lucky this time. I try not to panic but all the extra work my heart is under, pumping more blood and faster resting heart rate to accommodate that, just bothers me so much that I catch myself thinking about my heart all the time. I hate obsessing over this and not allowing myself to enjoy life and the life growing inside me. I too wish these HP gone, but it looks like maybe acceptance is the only way. Thanks again for all your support for all of us dealing with this.

    • Bri, thank you for your kind words. I am glad you found LifeOffBeat to be helpful. And congratulations on your pregnancy! That’s wonderful. The only time my wife ever experiences heart palpitations was when she is pregnant. Apparently it is very common. Many doctors believe that it has to do with changes in hormones or pressure and stress that is being placed on the Vagus nerve. I would recommend talking to your doctor about it and seeing what he/she says, but I imagine that will just want you to get it checked out again after the baby comes just to be cautious. So try not to obsess over them, especially if they have been benign for over 15 years. Our bodies are amazingly resilient. Hopefully they will go away as the baby grows. I wish you and your growing family all the best!

  14. Heart palps are the worst!! I, too, have had them on and off for years. I also had them increase in frequency and intensity as I got older (I’m 44 now). Went to the ER a bunch of times, then the cardiologist. Had 3 different monitors, bloodwork, xrays, stress test, EKG, ECG….the works. Diagnosis: “Glitchy electrical system” (literally a quote from the cardiologist). My heart was healthy though which reduced anxiety and helped reduce the palps for over a year. I also started taking Bystolic which seemed to help a lot. As I felt better I began to drink more caffeine, more alcohol, etc etc. Also tried to slowly reduce the dose of the Bystolic. Lo and behold, they are back…why do I think I can go back to old ways when I start to feel better?? Anyway, anxiety and stress are all time high as well…trying to relocate back to MA from CO after 7 years. Not super happy but my wife’s dad is sick and we feel it’s a good time to head back and spend time with him. Getting a job, place to live, saving up for the move have been horrible stressors. Lately, every night when I lay down they kick in. Other times in my life, laying down stopped them. It’s never consistent!! This morning was really bad, hence my research and stumbling onto this site. My heart was just bouncing around like a ping pong ball. I hate the palps but my chest also felt like a balloon filled with ginger ale was inflating in it…weird, I know. I did have a few beers last night so I’m pretty sure that was the trigger on top of the trigger sundae.

    Anywho, took a full dose of Bystolic and drank a bunch of water and things are calm again. Now I want a coffee….how bad is that? It’s one of the most terrifying things to deal with and yet I can completely forget about them as soon as I feel better. Not sure if anyone else has the same deal.

    To anyone new to palps looking for help, my advice is to see a cardiologist. If it’s not anything serious, just that news alone can help. If it is, knowing that you are taking steps to fix it can help as well. Sitting and imagining what the Dr will say if you go is the worst. Anxiety over the “could be” makes palps which makes adrenaline which makes anxiety which….you get the idea.

    I think a site like this is great for us war-weary veterans who often feel that the “big one” is right around the corner. It truly is calming to read about people going through the same thing. I also think newbies will draw strength from stories of people who have had these for decades and are still kicking.

    Thanks for letting me vent and I can’t wait to pour over this site more. Lots of good info!

    • Thanks for sharing your story! It’s great to hear from the heart palpitations veterans out there. I think your advice is great! And I can totally relate to your experience of going right back to the same stressors the minute I begin to feel better. I too completely forget about the horribleness of heart palpitations once I have been palpitation free for a little while, and I think that I can go back to my old ways. I eat a bunch of sugar, stay up late, drink coffee, big meals, etc. And, like you, the palpitations always reappear. I should know better by now. It’s funny how we can rationalize things. I hope your move back to MA goes well and that you get to spend a lot of great quality time with your wife’s father. Hopefully, things will calm down for you and your palpitations begin to subside. Be sure to come back and keep us updated. All the best!

  15. Jason O Connor May 31, 2014 at 10:20 am

    i suffer with severe anxiety yesterday i had to get an ambulance to E.R my heart was racing out of my chest i couldnt relax i could feel the panic get worse and worse my stomach started to spasm shaking sweaty hands i sometimes get pvcs also some do be mild but also i can get chronic bouts of them everyday for a week im finding it hard to relax if i feel a strange pain or sensation its like an auto swith comes on and anxiety kicks it i really want to beat this curse

    • Jason, thanks for sharing your story! Really sorry you had such a difficult week. Anxiety can be overwhelming at times. I have had numerous trips to the ER too thinking I was on the brink of a heart attack (better safe than sorry I always think). But hang in there! Keep fighting anxiety. There is hope. I have seen my anxiety go from severe to mild to minimal. It still flares up occasionally but nothing like before. So keep doing those things that bring peace (for me it was eating right, getting the right amount of sleep, exercise, prayer and meditation, etc). I wish you all the best! Be sure to let us know how things are going.

  16. jus found ur website.. had same prob since january this year.. hopin ways to deal wit it….

  17. Thank you so much for all this useful information. I’ve had palpitations since I can remember and they mostly went away. Had a bad stretch when I redeployed from Iraq in 2010 but went away. I broke my back two years ago and have had three surgeries last year and looking at another. I am thankfully able to walk with a cane most days now but can do very little in the form of a good workout. I was bed ridden for 9 months when all this went down and it was really hard on me. I’m now being medically boarded from the Army after 16 years of service and awaiting the results of the board which takes forever. Problem is while waiting I can’t make plans for when I get out because I don’t know when or what I’ll be able to do when I get out as far as work. I can’t look for work or a home to live in so in against the wall I feel and my life is on hold till they tell me what I get as far as disability and when I have to be gone by. I guess I have a lot of stress but I felt as if I was doing a good job of keeping stress down. Anyway sorry story is longer but don’t want to bore you with it. Anyway I had an attack two weeks ago that scared me enough to go to the ER where of course they stopped the minute I walked in. EKG came back normal which was the second in two weeks (one prior was for a physical which i wasn’t having issues at that point). Anyway was sent home from er after blood work came back normal. Had a holter monitor put on that was meant for 48 hours but of course fell off about 24 hours in. I did have an episode or two while I had it on. They of course went away for a couple weeks and came back Saturday and have been non stop since. I have an appointment with the heart specialist tomorrow which I’m sure will get me little to no answers . Anyway I am obsessed with the palpitations hard not to be. They are constant which I know is because I think about them and nothing else. I go through searching about them to I’m dying to getting mad to making deals with god or whoever to ok fine there nothing. It’s crazy. Thank you for your blog. Writing this to you on my phone has actually occupied my time and haven’t noticed any while writing this. I know it’s mostly in my head and I and hoping nothing serious is wrong with me it’s been a hard two plus years and just ready to feel normal again!!

    • Jim, thank you for sharing your story (and for your service to our country!). Really sorry that you have had such a hard time with palpitations, but its great that you have had good test results and that nothing was found out of the ordinary. Heart palpitations can make you go crazy, so do your best to remember that they are benign and likely the result of stress and anxiety. I hope everything goes well with your military transition and that they take care of you like they should. But don’t let these palpitations get you down. Keep working on your anxiety, get good sleep, exercise (if possible), eat right, look for what triggers your palps, pray and meditate, focus on the good, and enjoy every second of your day. Don’t let these heart skips rob you of a great life. I wish you all the best. Be sure to come back and let us know how things are going!

  18. Just found this site! I am so glad for all the work and research you have done. I have had PVC’s off and on for about 20 years. I have been to several cardiologists and had many types of testing done, and they don’t find anything wrong with my heart. Since the doctors could find no problem, I don’t find them especially frightening, but they are annoying, especially when they go on for weeks and weeks at a time. Your articles brought up the connection between the vagus nerve and the HPs. I had never thought of it before. I have been experiencing PVCs for about a week now, about 8-10 per minute, and after reading your article, realized I have had the hiccups about 5 or six times this week. I understand that the hiccups also have something to do with the vagus nerve. I don’t use caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco, and I don’t have problems with anxiety. I am going to try some changes in my diet to see if it will make a difference. Thanks very much for this site, I never realized there were so many people with this problem.

  19. Just found this awesome sight! I was diagnosed 3 years ago with tachycardia and high blood pressure. Did all the tests, wore the heart monitor for 30 days, nothing was really found. But monitor showed all the HP. I was having. My cardiologist told me they were not serious but I was having so many all day long so I was put on an arrhythmia med twice a day. The med pretty much had them under control 99% of the time. But recently I’ve started to experience them again.On May 6th I had to call heart just started fluttering all over the place, heart rate went to about 160 or more and blood pressure was thru the roof! I was terrified!! Didn’t think I was gonna make it! The episode lasted about 45 minutes, stayed in the ER, did all the tests, nothing was found! I was wore completely out! My cardiologist said it could be a side effect to the med I was taking! Who knows! So I’m back to square 1! Lost my confidence when exercising after this last episode. I’ve gradually starting working out again. But all it takes is for me to have one or 2 palpitations and my mind immediately starts thinking non stop about my heart! So frustrating! Even though the palpitations are harmless my cardiologist did say if not under control they can cause problems! So now I’d like to get off the med and look at other alternatives. I am seeing an arrhythmia specialist at end of month.

  20. My palpitations usually happen when I eat. Sometimes a 1/4 glass of Chardonnay will give me 2 to 3 hours of scary palps. Other times wine causes no palps. Its so random. 15 years ago when my palps lst started, the heart Dr. put me on Toprol. that didn’t do the trick, so he added Rythmol. Im 59, not overweight, & otherwise good health. Now I wish I could wean myself gradually off these meds, as the side effects are bad. They make me very winded when I walk for exercise. Has anyone had any luck slowly getting off their heart palpitation meds?

    • Hello everyone im 29 years old and i suffer from acid reflux. A year ago i went to the er thinking i was having a heart attack only to be sent home after test. I was still afraid so i followed up with my pcp who then referred me to a cardiologist. After ekg, stress test, wearing the monitor my doctor tells me im fine. I have a fast heart beat and i have been very stressed lately but i can manage the palps now i would hve anxiety attacks if i sat and thought about it all day. Stress does alot to the body and all of this started at a time in my life when i was very stressed drinking lots of water slows mine down if i have to much sugar or sodas they come right back. Afer your doctor tells you tgat u are fine u hve to learn wht makes you have them and wht you can do to stop them or slow them down because it is scary but you cant let it consume your life. Im healthy as can be just need to learn how to cope with stress more and i will be fine. Take care everyone.

    • yes,Amara it is rather depressing when you have been healthy your whole life and get hit with a diagnosis of “Afib”! And nothing they prescribes works! So here we are hunting for the natural cures because for me,anyway,they seem to have the best results.And I tried the meds! I am 63 years old,diagnosed right around my 60 birthday! Maybe sometime soon the real cures for things will be made available as that hasn’t happened yet! But I think it will come soon! We are all “awakening”! And the world knows it! Better times coming! Hang in there! I’m going to try the grape juice next! Magnesium and Taurine and “Heart Calm” supplements have all helped tremendously bu they are not the macic miracle pill! Still have episodes of “Afib” periodically.Not as often or severe. Good Luck hunting!

  21. Hello. I am 22 female. I have been having benign HP for the past 6 years and 2 years ago they got really annoying, so I went to see the cardiologist. I also did the hoiltor monitor and of course having those circle things taped to my chest triggered anxiety/stress which lead to having HP every 2/4 minutes, I was keeping track on the paper and had 25 of them on 24/h chart. It is stressful and annoying and sometimes I give in an burst in tears not knowing what to do.
    My brother has WPW (an extra hole in heart) so the Dr thought that what I had but came out negative. He said my HP are nothing serious and have few suggestions.
    I also tried magnesium, and other supplements but has not helped. A good power walk for 20 min has done the trick (everyday or every other day) yoga/mediation has done the trick as well, a month of yoga and they would be gone for 1-2 months. So I am back to yoga, no coffee, no alcohol and no fast food. I read the website and comments and found them very helpful in copping with HP and learn to live with them and hopefully just minimize them completely.
    Hope this helps for others

  22. Hi everybody..yes..I’m another person suffering from this terrible problem..I noticed mine about 3 yrs ago..Same symptoms as all of you have..( were basically all alike)..I’m going to put a link in here that I found to be very useful when your palpitations are coming on.It works for me..PLEASE PASS THIS ON..

  23. Hello all, I have had heart palps the majority of my life. Recently I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and they put me on armour thyroid. The HPs went berserk! I practice yoga and learned to at least be calm when they were happening. Yoga Nidra specifically the body rotation part is a fantastic way to keep your mind off of the racing skipping heart. As you go through each part of your body you learn to release it. Creating a state of total relaxation. I just mentally rotate around my body one or more times depending on the length of the HPs and eventually my body relaxes so much that they go away, usually all day! I have found that even if you do not feel mentally anxious that does not mean you are not storing it in your body. Mind and body are linked. Also bananas! I can’t tell you how much eating one or two bananas a day will help!
    If anyone wants a recording of a body rotation yoga nidra session I am willing to record it and put it up on drop box. feel free to ask. I know how hard it is to have a normal day when you feel you are about to keel over!
    Much love and hope

  24. Oop! I forgot to mention that sodium nitrates and sodium phosphates also seem to set my heart a-patterin’. Any sort of additive to preserve foods I am wary of, though it makes it hard to shop. Too much sugar isn’t that great for HPs either, also starches like potatoes (yams or sweet potatoes in moderation seem to be fine) avoid rice and wheat family as well as oats. Squashes are fine as well as super delicious, there is squash called spaggetti squash if you want pasta you just bake it in the oven and scoop out the insides which are stringy and have a very nice consistency very like noodles, as well as very tasty with tomato sauce. I am on an entirely grain free diet. Just try it for a week and see if it doesn’t help. 🙂

  25. Within the last two weeks I have stopped taking .05 miligram of estradiol after taking it for 7 years. I weaned myself off quickly and have started to experience, I guess, heart palpitations. Let’s say I am very aware of my heartbeat and it can be uncomfortable. It usually starts in the afternoon at work. I am already on, and have been for many years, atenolol. I would imagine that’s why I feel ok in the morning. Will these palpitations go away once my body is used to being without the estrogen. I am 60 years of age and went on estradiol after a hysterectomy at 52. Didn’t experience these until I went off the medication.

  26. Hi all,
    Just found this site. Very interesting to read everyone’s experiences and how they are coping with their HPs. I recently started experiencing HPs – I’m 43 years old. I never really noticed them until my physical in August. Is it all in my head or am just cognisant of them now. My HP are little different than the others I’ve read about. I feel my chest pounding and get lightheaded when my heartrate rises above 55. my resting heartrate has been captured as low as 41 and as high as 52 (depending on the day). Today I’ve been experiencing the fluttering for about 4 hours and it’s a little unnerving as my heartrate hasn’t even reached 50 during that time. My cardiologist says there’s nothing wrong with my heart. It’s functioning normally and my BP is ideal. She thinks that my low heartrate can be attributed to an over-developed vagus nerve (from being athletic in my younger years). I’m not young anymore and starting to get worried that I’ll need a pace-maker sooner rather than later. Do you have any ideas?

  27. This is a great is hard to find people you can relate with. Ive had HPs for two years. Went to the cardiologist had all the test come out normal exept the stress test, at the end of it got chest pain and was diagnosed with abnormal HPs. Now I take beta blockers but they make me tired. My HPs come most of the time if am sleep deprived, tired, stressed or just randomly. I walk 5 times a week makes me feel better but am always scared of going too fast, my Doctor told me if my HPs last more then couple of minutes call 911 that makes me more nervous. Am sort of in between of heart disease and not. Not enough to say that I do and too much to say that I don’t. Hope someone can relate and have some advise.

  28. I’m 20 years old and I’ve had HPs for about 2 years now. It started out as just 1 or 2 a day and now they go on for hours at a time. Every time, I think I am going to die.
    I’ve been taking magnesium supplements, but I never know if it helps or not. I feel like exercising exacerbates my palpitations. Anything that changes my breathing pattern like allergies, illness, and exercise also makes them worse.

    I really need to do a diet assessment because I think that might be part of it… I’m also quite anxious so that probably doesn’t help. But I don’t think I can stop being anxious. It’s part of me- I worry about things I don’t need to. I wish there were a magic pill that would cure these HPs, but nothing really is ever that simple.

    I really enjoy reading this blog.I’ll try out some of your suggestions and hopefully end up as a success story like yourself. Thanks!

  29. Hello my name is Jack, and first off I’m glad I am not alone in my heart palpitations. I am 19 years old and have been dealing with palpitations for about a year now, almost two. I used to smoke a lot (and I mean a lot) so I feel that definitely plays a role in my HP’s, but since I completely quit smoking, I’ve realized they only happen when I eat a lot of sugar or caffeine, as well as an increased heart rate. It’s scary stuff, when you feel like your hearts gonna stop beating and you’re gonna hit the ground right then and there.

    I’m so glad I found this blog because everyone writing on it has been so helpful, completely explaining everything that’s been happening to me. The main reason I came on to this blog was to find out if I could exercise with my heart palpitations because I haven’t exercised since I got them…and I just want to thank everyone for the comments and of course a special thanks to the author of this page!

    • Hey Jack – I recently just experienced a heart rate of 100 beats per minute. It was triggered by Coke and Lemonade (caffeine and sugar). Definitely stay away. 1 pill of Atarax at bed time did the trick to bring me back to normal.

  30. Hi Thomas and everyone

    I also have palpitations (supraventricular, my worst measurement was 27 thousand per day) and developed the same obsession about research as everyone here!

    I am Argentinean but live mostly in Hong Kong. There is no precise way to know when palpitations started but it seems to be related to a strange incident when I was electrocuted by an aircon back in 2009. I was 35 years old and “in perfect health”.

    I am a mechanical engineer and put my health in the hands of cardiologists. I was really disappointed by the way they approached the case. Long story short: Chinese medicine gave me hope “you have irregular heart beat but the problem is in your neck not in your heart”. I followed the Chinese holistic approach and many many other things along the way. I bought a holter device and did dozens of 24 hrs measurements to try to figure out what activities were detrimental and which ones were helpful.

    For what I read in the blog Thomas, I agree with you that we are mostly in control of this. But of course there is a little something still missing and this is why I ended up in your blog.

    I decided to document all my research, experiments, and experiences along this journey. It is all in Spanish…but reading your blog and seeing so many people in the same situation motivates me to re-write it in English someday. Hope that some of the stuff I’ve done can help more people out there.

    All the best. Hope we can meet some day and exchange ideas.


  31. Hi all, another Jack here 🙂
    To be blunt, I used cocaine for 9 months until an awful episode 7 months ago where my heart raced and was measured at over 300 bpm briefly. I was unable to stand and had to lie still or face losing consciousness. I genuinely believed that was the end for me.
    Since that night (and, concurrently, stopping the use of cocaine), I’ve been plagued with anxiety, ectopic beats and the general feeling of unease and nausea that seems to sit on your chest with all this. I have had every test already mentioned, plus two chest x-rays, and I’m in the same camp as all you sufferers; my symptoms are benign.
    I’m in the middle of an attack that’s been going for about 4 hours as I type this (this ‘phase’ of attacks has lasted about two weeks, prior to which I enjoyed about a week of reduced symptoms), and I feel helpless and that my life has been ruined by this awful non-condition. This attack is one of the nastier ones, in that I’m having the breath knocked from me (both from the palps and the anxiety combined) and I feel ‘separated’ from the real world. My heart is doing that familiar ping pong thing in my chest. I’m overnighting at a hotel with work, hundreds of miles away from home. I’m lonely, I’m scared, I’m frightened to eat…
    But I’m alive. And I’m reminding myself, just how many times have I felt this way? And lived to tell the tale.
    Let me put something to you all… Have any of you noticed that this condition almost completely disappears from your mind when you’re between attacks? So every time it rears its ugly head, it feels as awful as the first time. It almost tricks you into thinking you’re cured, then WHAM. I can go from feeling on top of the world, to suicidal, within 24 hours. And that’s down to the symptoms alone, not anything going on in my head.
    I feel bloody awful right now but that’s not my point – I’m not typing this for sympathy, because no amount of sympathy can make you feel better when this is happening.
    Guys, my point is that none of you are alone. The chances are that every one of us posting here will suffer from this for the rest of our lives to varying degrees. But tests don’t lie and time is a great healer of the mind. At some point, all of us will learn to stop fighting this and live with it. We’ll all feel like we’re dying at some point in the next month, yet we’ll still be worrying after decades of good health. Silly isn’t it 😉
    I’ll echo what others have said. For me, step one was complete reassurance that exercise wasn’t going to kill me. You CAN do it. Trust me, I was terrified of raising my heart rate, but slowly but surely my confidence is coming back. The irony is that I feel 100% for a short while after exercising, it’s the only time my heart feels in rhythm! Also, it’s normal for your heart to run off beat after you finish exercising for a while as it slows down, it’s a recognised complaint but, like ectopics, completely harmless.
    Good luck to all of you. I’m Jack and I’m hearing all of you. You are not alone.

    • Thanks Jack for sharing your experience here with us. I can relate with a lot of the symptoms you’ve had. I’ve had it rough myself but the good thing is we always fight through! Lets all hang in there,it will get better .Wishing you and the rest of us peace and total restoration

    • Hello Jack. Thanks so much for sharing your experience here with us. I can totally relate with all you’ve been through. It can really be scary especially when you also suffer from anxiety as well. Good thing is there comes a time when your life gets back to normal again. Let’s keep fighting this and eventually we will understand it better and it will have less hold and effect on us. Best of luck with your health and i wish us all good health of mind and body

    • This was a great way to explain them. I pray you are doing better today.

  32. I have a some success in ignoring the palpitations, they meant less and less when I got them, but I had some bad ones today.
    I just had a visitor and we were watching a movie when I got some palpitations. (Actually, I think I might have been hyperventilating, without noticing), I often feel the palpitations, when I feel short of breath. Then I can actually provoke a palpitation by taking a deep breath. Do any of you also experience this?
    Then I closed my nose and blew, like the tactic described in here, and I got small bright floating spots before my eyes. Has any one others tried this?
    I have been to a heart specialist, and my heart is fine, I have some 1. degree heart block, which I don’t even notice.

    If any one else, can answer me, and tell me a bit about my questions, either here or in a mail, I would GREATLY be comforted and be able to relax a bit more.

  33. This was a God send! I’ve been having palpitations sporadically for about 6 years but lately they got to close and often for my comfort. I am a vegetarian but I’ve been contemplating lack of vutamins , minerals and stress.

    I wanted to thank you, I tried cold showers and other remedies but they were temporary relief. I tried the pushing with your stomach exercise and IT WORK! INMEDIATELY!!! God bless you! I am changing my life style but the main thing is stress management. I will let you know about my progress. Again thank you!

  34. Hi. I have never experienced heart palpitations of skipped heart beat, but I’m getting to know a man has & has been going through this recently. I didn’t know how to handle it, my first instinct was to run away because I knew I wasn’t strong enough to help him as I didn’t know anything about it, and as you mentioned, the most common thing you know is that you are just dying. Although I didn’t believe that in my heart of hearts, the lifestyle and patience it requires shook my faith in the relationship. Tonight, he sent me a link to this site and I’ve read every inch of it and have a greater understanding, respect and appreciation for him and for everyone who had to suffer from heart palpitations. Thanks soo much for sharing your story, and your tips. Words can’t describe how much you’ve put my and my bf’s heart at ease. Be blessed

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  36. Wow I am excited to read your comments. I have been dealing with skipping heart beats for years. I hesitate to get excited about anything ( weddings, football games ) to name a few things that get my heart skipping. I do not want anyone to experience this however finding this website helped me realize I am not the only one with this problem as I have felt for many years. I hope someday they can find a rock solid cure for all of us.

    • Hi there Everyone

      First of all I want to say, I love this website. Here is alittle background about my Heart issues.
      I ended up in Emergency with a heart rate of 225 bpm. Saw the EP there who ended up telling me that I had an extra electrical pathway that I shouldn’t have, causing these very high heart rates and that it could eventually be a matter of life and death. As a result, I had a successful cardiac ablation for SVT in 2009 however, now, every so often, I get epidsodes of palpatations (innapropriate sinus node) my EP tells me. Usually these episodes only last a few days and then my heart seems to reset itself. My last episode was in October 2013 but this one has been going on for the past 7 weeks. Very exausting. Typically, I am fine while sitting or sleeping but my heart starts to race with the least amount of exertion. I saw my EP on Februayr 20th and had an Echo, ECG and BP ~ all normal. Blood work and another stress test to follow. I am currently on day 12 of 14 wearing a holter monitor. Very frustrating and very scary. I can relate to all of you!! I have found that diet has a profound impact on this condition. MSG ~ this chemical which seems to be in everything these days (has approx 52 different names to disguise it) is definately something to avoid if possible. My EP has confirmed that even if you do not have issues with the heart, it can cause palpitations. I am trying to eat only single ingredient foods that I prepare myself. No processed foods ~ you simply do not know what you are ingesting with them. Keeping hydrated is very important as well. Adequate rest and stress reduction I agree are paramount. I also agree that anxiety makes this condition so much worse. Sometimes in my case, anxiety is self induced. I have a heart monitor watch (MIO) that I wear to check my BPM and sometimes I think that because I am contantly checking my heart rate it makes my symtoms worse. The anticipation of the result is stressful in itself. I have to work on this for sure. Anyway, I am glad to have found all of you and it gives comfort hearing how everyone manages their particular symtoms. It feels great to be supported by a group of people who can truly understand the challenges of this condition. Have a wonderful day everyone!!

      With Warmest Regards,

      Deborah Soulier

  37. I apologize for all the typo’s. I didn’t proof prior posting.

  38. I have palp. for over 30 years. At first,I simply ignored,because it could come and go fast.I have continued to do what I did.
    But with the time,the palpitation became more severe,and for longer period of time.Cardiologist prescribed beta blockers after some test,though the heart pathological changes and/or the reasons for palpitation has not been revealed.
    With med.the palpitation couldn’t stopped completely. It is randomly still happening.I have found that Tylenol sometimes could stop unpleasant conditions,but make me sleepy.

  39. Unfortunately they come and go as they please even with medication there is break through episodes. I thank Jesus for the good days which after more then 30 years of these seem to be coming more often.

  40. Deborah
    Sorry too hear your having problems again. This site is comforting in networking with other individuals who experience what I have silently delt with for years. God bless you. Sharon

  41. I am also interested in foods and additives that may cause HPs. Thanks Sharon

  42. You have an amazing website here. I started having heart palpitations the same way you did, one day I just woke up with it. It began in 2009 with SVT of a 150 beats then a year later started having PAC’s and PVC’s from out of the blue. I’m 38, have 5 children and have tried by best to live life healthy I’ve also had lots of testing the treadmill walk, echocardiograms and 30 day heart monitoring. All tests showed the SVT, PVC, and PAC’s but with a normal sinus rhythm. I’ve noticed anxiety from this and extreme but anxiety can cause this as well. You have some great information here, I think it may help us who suffer from these issues. I feel the same way as you do on a daily basis, it’s not something that you can just pass by with when you never had this before. I found this site about a month ago it helped, the best help is physiotherapy which I just started, due to feelings of anxiety related to this whole mess with heart arrthymias.
    Please view this website, it will help others understand anxiety and heart arrthymias. I appreciate it. I will look over your website since you also have some great tools to use.

  43. Laura thank you for the information. You probably feel as I do. Any info to help stop the palpitations and live a normal life.

  44. Hi everyone. I’ve had palpitations since my mid 20’s. I’m 60 now. I’ve had every test under the sun – to many to list here – to check on the condition of my heart. Cardiologist even told me a few years back I have the heart of a 20 year old. But, the palpitations continue. I’ve learned that caffeine, diet soda’s (Aspartame and Phenylalanine) ‘sometimes’ cause it but not always. I have noticed in my 50’s and now 60’s they have gotten progressively ‘stronger’ when they occur and recently longer in duration. They’ve always caused me stress and anxiety but they do seem to be benign in nature. I also found out recently my father had them. He is now 82 . So for those of you who have palpitations early in life, and the cardiologist says its benign, I think its probably safe to say you have a good chance of not dying from this. (fingers crossed). They ARE scary, believe me. Almost feels like your heart wants to stop but some of the remedies some have posted in this board should help in restoring rhythm. Hang in there and try not to worry too much about these. See your doctor often regardless and ensure there is no underlying ailment causing them. If not, they should be just a nuisance we have to live with.

  45. Thanks smiley jack.

  46. Hi, I’m going through a real rough patch atm, does this happen to anyone else? I had been doing real well the last couple of months and then I ended up taking to much potassium that was added to my normal magnesium dose, a new brand I wanted to try…..I stopped taking it immediately when I put two and two together and thought I was coming right, then I had them all day yesterday and really bad last night to the point where the fear and anxiety made me throw up 🙁 I also have loose bowels and I’m assuming that this because of the potassium still in my system. Just really wanting to know if others have had really good months and then all of a sudden boom! PVC city and your confidence is shattered. Just want someone else to talk to really that knows what this is like.

    • Yes Stacy they just come and go as they please. Some for longer periods of time unfortunately. I have also found deep breathing helps and watching those pesky food additives, caffeine, and over doing it on the potassium. I hope you get too feeling better. God Bless

      • Thanks so much for your reply, feel really alone with this condition at the moment. I’m glad I found this website.

  47. I haven’t had heart palpitations for almost 3 years, but today it came on quick. I laid on my recliner and breathed through my clenched fist. It started to subside so I got up slow cause I had to pee. I got so dizzy that everything was starting to go dark and the pounding came back. I grabbed my phone,laid on floor and raised my feet up. Another 10 minutes later I scooted to the bathroom with phone & searched the web for natural cures for palpitations. Then I came upon this site. Still sitting on the toilet and my heart pounding, I first did the “cough” and that did help. Another 5 minutes I got cold water and splashed on face. Feeling better enough to walk to living room.. I held my nose & closed mouth and tried to breath out. then the heart pounding really stopped. As I read all the post I read that aspartame is really bad (which I knew). I used to chew a lot of Eclisp gum when I worked at a elementary school. I left in 2012…and then stopped chewing this gum up until about 2 weeks ago. So..this really could be a trigger for me as I don’t drink coffee or pop and very careful about eating junk food. I take Adderall also..but have been on that for many years prior to getting palpitations in my late 30’s. Thanks for your site, it’s very informative.

    • Laurie
      Sorry to hear about your heart palpitations returning. I know what it’s like to go for long periods of time palpitation free only too have them return with a vengeance. I have also noticed over the years artificial sweeteners can cause them. I have switched to honey as a sweetener and totally make every attempt to avoid anything with mono sodium glutamate in it. However I also have them when I get really excited about something so mine are also adrenaline driven. Taking deep cleansing breaths during an episode caused by an adrenaline rush helps me. I pray for a cure for us all. Have a blessed day.

  48. This is a appealing post by the way. I am going to go ahead and save this article for my brother to check out later on tomorrow. Keep up the high-quality work.

  49. Have had afib for 13 years. Have begun using wild orange essential oil from doterra. Had begun using alot of aspartame in cereal and coffee in July! Afib became chronic! Cardiologist office said aspartame can cause HP in some people (also mentioned that oil to doctors assistant and she was favorable to it)! Suggest you read online an article by Suzy Cohen, R.Ph. called Abnormal Heart Rhythm? The Heart-Talk You and Your Doctor Need to Have. She is a Pharmacist who points out the deficiences we with afib most likely have and need to combat this! Got off of aspertame, began using oil, magnesium, CoQ10,and fish oil and things are so much better!!! I want to address SSG,s comment from 2013 and all others out there who are so afraid of death because I was just like this one time. Read in Luke23:39-43. This criminal admitted he was a sinner, and asked the Lord to remember Him in his Kingdom (in essence he asked CHrist to save him) and the Lord said “Today you will be with me in Paradise”. Acts 2:21 says “And it shall be that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be SAVED”. Admit your sins and call on Him to save you and follow Him daily.He can give you the peace you need!

  50. I’m glad I have found this site which I can ask for some help.for the last 4 months of this year I been into to much stress regarding my health.i have a conn’s syndrome which was diagnosed 4 months ago.i been so afraid knowing that this was the cause of my high blood pressure ,even though that I’m taking meds spiro a potassium diuretics pill but still I’m having flactuations with my bp ,I tend to always think too much about this,and often whenever I worries I will feel this palpitations ,it feels like I’m running out of breath feeling like Its the end .i always end up in emergency but after doing all test it will end up normal ,holster is normal ,ecg is normal,2d Echo shows that I have a healthy heart but sometimes for no reason I’m having a palpitations also .can anyone help me or suggest me something worth trying so that I can live a normal life 🙁

  51. Hi. I’m a 41 year old male. I’ve known about my pulps for about 3 years now. Previously I thought I had a digestion problem as when I got my pulps the made me burp until I felt the skipped/missed beat. I have been on an ecg and also had a 24hr trace and been told everything is fine. But it is still hard to believe this when they start. I too go through a lot of worry when they happen. Reading this forum has helped my mind a lot that they probably are ok. Just unpleasant. Thanks for this and I’m going to try some of these things to see if they help.

  52. I’ve been having skipped heartbeats for about 10 years now. They started suddenly one evening. Skipping several each minute. It went on for an hour or two and settled. The about a year or so ago they came back again…the more I worried, the worse they got. I noticed they were especially bad after drinking alcohol (although ironically HAVING a drink stopped them at the time) and during stressful times. I had oral surgery this week and in recovery could hear my pulse and was shocked at the number of skipped beats. My anxiety has rocketed and I seem to be spending so much time taking my pulse, worrying, googling etc and being afraid I am about to die, but wanting desperately for it all to settle down again. I just want to cry…

    I saw the doctor who did an ecg which showed the skipped beats. She prescribed me betablockers which I’ve been taking the past 3 days but haven’t really noticed much improvement. I’ve also started taking coenzyme Q10 and magnesium having seen recommendations online. Here’s hoping things will be ok.

    I just wanted to thank you for this site and your work on it. It felt human, if that makes sense. It’s good to know I’m not alone in feeling afraid or in having this experience.

  53. Yes it can be scary and uncomfortable at times but know you are not alone if that helps. Thounds of people experience what we do. This site was also a blessing to me because I felt I was alone and no one else had this problem. Just keep a positive attitude and take your melds, it actually does help when the dose is adjusted to fit your needs. God Bless

  54. I started having skipped beats last June, 2015 after a bout of food poisoning. My cardiologist said they were not dangerous after wearing a monitor, but boy are they miserably uncomfortable. As long as I don’t eat, I am okay. As soon as I eat about 20 minutes later they hit. I have cut down what I eat considerably as eating to much is a disaster. Just want them to stop. Will try some of the supplements and remedies on this site. So glad to find this spot, with other people feeling the same thing. Some comfort.

  55. My palpitations started when I was 27, a few months after coming back from New Zealand and punish by body/mind/soul doing stupid slavery jobs like dairy farming just to make a few bucks and have “fun” while travelling around the world.
    After repeated ECGs, EKG, Chest X-ray and 1 24hr Holter, everything was OK. Perfect heart. I do have severe tinnitus (ringing ears) which contributed to many panic attacks which worsened my heart palpitations (I had to stop marihuana completely because of that…and it looks like I’m the weirdo every party I go to…something I learned to ignore with style)
    I’m a fan of basketball and I played it with passion since I was 8. But, since this thing kicked in, I don’t feel secure while playing anymore. After an explosive move or a fast break sprint my heart’s palpitations go to the roof and I’m breathless after that. I put excuses to go to the bench, like having a calf crump. I do that because I was previously banned from another gym when I explained that I was having heart palpitations. They didn’t want someone with “high risks” of having a heart attack running in their facilities.
    My wife was, is and will be always supportive. She broke in tears many nights thinking that I was going to die. My mother die from a myocardial infarction at 33 in her sleep so that was another phantom behind all my/her worries. But I guess that after two years, I’m seeing her frustration seeing me waking up in the middle of the night and laying awake for hours.
    Stress, anxiety, depression can deprive ourselves from many things. But doctors say that the brain has plasticity. Practice juggling for 3 days and your brain will look different on your next brain scan. I’m slowly going back to normal, but it takes the hell of a mental and emotional effort from our side. It’s not only up to us…good luck is another big factor. I’m happy today, because I was lucky to find this website. We can do it.

  56. I’ve been having hear palpitations since I was 15 and have been trying to figure them out for 20 years. I have had every test in the book. I stopped drinking caffeine when I was 15 because of my first episode at basketball practice. I was put on a beta blocker at age 23 for my blood pressure and that has helped. I’ve had two tachycardia episodes in my life and to other severe irregular beats episodes during basketball in my life. The beats have given me anxiety with exercising and sports. I do not take any other meds besides the BP medication. I have thought my episodes were caused by binge drinking and dehydration and even was thinking it was the time of year and allergies along with stress. However, recently I realized how much chocolate I eat and how much more I eat during Oct-April. I always knew there was caffeine in chocolate, but thought it was a small enough amount that I could handle it. Well, I cut out chocolate in October and it is now February. I play in an over 30 basketball league. I am 35 years old. I have not had a single irregular beat. Last year I had irregular beats everyday Oct-April. I have not changed anything else, but no chocolate. I hope this is what has been causing my irregular beats the past 20 years. I will keep you posted! No cocoa anything for me or caffeine. Hope this helps some others.

  57. Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out
    some additional information.

  58. I agree this site does have a calming effect when reading other post that someone else is expericing the same symptoms, however it would be my prayer that no one would experience the feeling of your heart skipping beats. I want to say thank you for sharing your story. Sharon

  59. Very shortly this site will be famous amid all blog people, due to it’s pleasant articles or reviews

  60. Like most on this site, I’ve been battling heart palps for years, and finding this website has been helpful, especially in calming my fears. I felt today though that I needed to make a post, because I have made a personal breakthrough – after years of being told ‘I’m fine’ and ‘not to worry about it’ by doctors and cardiologists, as a last resort I sought out chiropractic treatment. I’m happy to report that after years of suffering from palps, they are now all but gone!

    Obviously I realize this may not be the solution for everyone, but for me, finding a caring chiropractor has been a God send! Through neck and spinal adjustments over the last few months, it’s my understanding that the resulting improved posture and opening up of my spinal nervous system has got me back to normal. I was skeptical when I started, but was willing to try anything – and after a few months of chiropractic treatment, I can attest that my palpitations are pretty much gone!

    Again, I can’t guarantee that it will work for everyone, but I wanted to share that it has worked for me in case it might be helpful for anyone reading this. It takes time – my improvement has been gradual, but after about 4 months of weekly adjustments, I am no longer ruled by my off beat heart! If you are open to chiropractic care, this might be a good next-avenue to try for you.

  61. Thank you for the information. It’s funny my skeptical husband has been seeing a chiropractor for 2 weeks for a back problem and he is sold. I just may try it also for my heart palpitations. I would love to live a normal life again and not be ruled by the heart palpitations. God bless you.

  62. So glad to find you tonight. I’ve been dealing with palpitations for over 30 years. I’m surprised to see no one mentioning Mitral Valve Prolapse, which is at the root of all my problems. I am now 65 years old; and have dealt with symptoms since the birth of my first child (went on to have a total of four). Some time periods are worse than others. As with nearly everyone else, I have seen multiple doctors & cardiologists, done every test, worn a heat monitor for a month – etc, etc, etc. Lots of PVCs, lots of PACs, sometimes in isolation, sometime lasting for an entire day have been found; and yet the doctors say they are harmless – “life-style threatening, perhaps, but not life threatening.” After multiple trips to the emergency department, overnight stays, the whole nine yards; I am totally exhausted by the lack of medical help. I was prescribed beta blockers which I tried for a few years, but they made me tired, made my feet swell, added weight, and did nothing to help the symptoms. Menopause was a nightmare – truly a nightmare. Things calmed down a bit after that; but it goes through phases – manageable at times and out of control at others. Right now I’m in a bad space – lost my business, forced to sell my home, in debt up to my ears – the stress and anxiety is horrific; and naturally, so are the palpitation and racing heart episodes. The only things I’ve found that really help are breathing exercises, 30 minutes of power walking a day…and, recently, the addition of magnesium. The magnesium has been a life saver. I’ve read that MVP patients are magnesium depleted, though no one is sure why. Looking forward to hearing from other mitral valve prolapse patients. Thank you so much for all the information – lots of ideas to explore.

  63. Welcome Susan. I’m am so sorry too hear of your problems. I was diagnosed years ago with mitral valve prolapse which also was attributed to my PVCs and PACs ; however later in life they could not find any evidence of a prolapse but I continue to have the palpitations. I have noticed that though they have not stopped they have become less frequent since I am on the other side of menopause. I also have been on beta blockers for years but I am one of the fortunate ones who does not have negative side effects from them. This site is a a god send. Even though I would like all of us a cure, it brings solace networking with people who are experiencing the same as me. You are in my prayers.

    • Thank you do much, Sharon. Yes, as I aged, the MVP is harder to “catch” on examination. My cardiologist days that as we age the heart valves calcify and so are not as floppy. Still the palps and racing heart continue. I so appreciate the prayers, especially now. I will remember you in mine as well.

  64. It’s hard to find educated people for this subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

    • A good networking site for support and suggestions from others. Welcome. I hope we can all give you some insight and know you are definitely not alone. Sharon

  65. Thank you for sharing your knowledge; I’ve found your website very helpful.
    It’s taken two years to methodically trace the roots of my palpitations, which only occur while I sleep. EMFs exacerbate them, so we sleep with wi-fi OFF, in the basement, on a grounding pad. Dietary changes (eliminating gluten, sugar & excitotoxins), targeted supplementation (magnesium, motherwort & others), & homeopathy helped. Ironically, stimulants like coffee have no negative effect on me. The final puzzle piece fell into place when I realized they stop IMMEDIATELY when I lie on my back AND remove my pillow. Which led me to Kirk Eriksen’s theory that your cervical spine, if misaligned, can irritate the HPA axis and cause a rise in glutamate activity which cascades to other brain areas & body systems. I do have a “forward neck.” This one theory explains all my symptoms. So, I guess it’s time to work on my spinal alignment…

    • Thank you for the information. I am also thinking about seeing a chiropractor for adjustments. I read an earlier post and they were also seeing a difference in their HPs after see a chiropractor. Have a great day.

  66. Referring to your post on spinal alignment, for me that has made all the difference. I posted above how chiropractic treatment has helped me immensely. Give it a try. After a few months of weekly adjustments, my palps have reduced to a bare minimum, and no long control me. I now swear by chiropractic adjustments (was formerly skeptical), and hope and pray that it works for you as well! If your palps end when you remove the pillow, I suspect chiropractic is definitely a solution for you – part of my treatment is actually using a traction block each day, which is basically hanging my head over an edge to open up the spinal nerves. Seeing a caring chiropractor is the only thing that has worked for me after years of seeking a cure…

  67. Hi All,

    Thanks to all of you sharing your experiences; it has really helped me to feel less fearful about the situation and helped me to find a way of tackling these bloody things.

    My palpitations had happened only very occasionally since my teenage years and seemed to be during periods of anxiety. I’m now 35 and in pretty good shape but in the last few months they had started to happen during my daily walk. I recently switched to a lower carb diet, which I considered as a possible factor due to low potassium, but my electrolytes were fine.

    Then around a week ago something changed (perhaps due to lack of sleep) and I went from occasional skipped beats to full on 24/7. I’m talking LITERALLY 15 skips EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!! non stop, all day long. Its been driving me completely and utterly bonkers.

    UNTIL this morning, when I noticed something significant. I woke up and there were no skips; until about a minute later when the damned things started again with their usual teeth gnashing regularity. It was as that point that I mentally just submitted to them and before long I was planning out my day in my head, palpitations and all.

    Then I noticed that they had gone again!

    I’ve experimented with this throughout the day and have come to the conclusion that my brain is the biggest contributing factor to them of all.

    I know there are many different causes and types but I believe that for myself it’s some sort of subconcious hiccup that my brain is sending out to my heart as an anxiety response. I now think that through a combination of acceptance and also distraction I’ll finally be free of these things.

    The cognitive process for me works like this;

    1. Focus on my heart and become aware of a skip; this then begin the cycle and they lock in with annoying regularity.
    2. Really believe deep down that they can do me no harm and are a simple irritation.
    3. Distract myself by fully immersing my mind in thought or activity (even typing this is helping).
    4. Skipped beats are still there first but before I know it, I mentally check in with them and they have gone.
    5. Following this mental check in, back they come
    6. Rinse and repeat!

    It’s like I’m playing a game with my brain. If you’d have told me that such a distinct physical symptom like this was caused by a subconcious thought process and not a physical problem I wouldn’t have believed you; but I’m now starting to feel otherwise as it’s just too much of a coincidence that distracting myself gets rid of them in such a repeatable and predictable fashion.

    I also think that the overwhelming fear I had of them was helping to fuel the fire and create something of a feedback loop between my brain and heart as I was anticipating every one and recognising the pattern.

    Acceptance and distraction is incredibly effective for me.

    I hope this may be of assistance to some of you.

  68. Mike
    Thanks for sharing this story. This forum is a great place to share your thoughts and experiences with individuals who are going thru the same things with rythmn disturbances. Blessings to you. Sharon

    • Thanks Sharon,

      Two days after my other post and I’m already feeling 90% better. I’ve been pretty much skip free today until this evening and even then they are more like one every 20 seconds rather than every 5.

      Feel much less fearful of them now.

      I also went to the docs yesterday to get my heart checked. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that as soon as I booked the appointment for later in the day, they completely stopped and so were no present during the examination.

      It seems that my brain really is out to get me after all !!


      • Thank you for this great website and all the supportive comments! I have been suffering from HPs now for 6 weeks and truly think it is related to my hormones, having stopped birth control at the same time. My condition has got much better recently but the only thing I am having problems with now is sleeping. As soon as I try and relax, the HPs start and although I try and accept them, I lie awake for hours feeling more and more tired……I am trying some of the tips I’ve read about and hope they will work soon! Thanks again for this brilliant site!

  69. I don’t know if it’s just me or if everyone else encountering problems with your blog.

    It appears as if some of the written text in your content are running off
    the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know
    if this is happening to them as well? This could be a problem with my
    web browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Thanks


  71. Luv39
    Thank you for your healing prayer. God Bless. Sharon

  72. Hi there – I come from a family of anxiety sufferers. I’ve had anxiety myself since I was a teenager and am now in my late 40s. Thank you so much for offering a wholistic approach to dealing with palpitations. For me, it feels like a chicken and the egg scenario. Is anxiety causing the palps or are palps sometimes causing the anxiety? They really kicked in about 6 months ago. I was driving and all of the sudden my heart starts beating really fast, completely out of the blue – no warning at all. (Keep in mind that palps have always been a part of what happens to me when I have a full blown panic attack, but this felt different this time since it started with palps). Since then I’ve had about 3-4 other occurrences. My question for everyone is: do you experience any other physical symptoms right before your palps start? The past few times for me it starts with a kind of rubbery feeling in my legs (kind of like I’m stepping on something squishy). I’ve also experienced the feeling you get when you get up too fast, but it occurs just when walking along. The good news is that the episodes don’t last very long (less than 5 minutes). The bad news is that I’m left in a hyper sensitive state for hours, sometimes days. It feeds my anxiety and creates all kinds of “what if” scenarios in my head. I have an appointment with a cardiologist in a few weeks, and of course, that is frightening to me. Again, anyone else have any other physical symptoms ?

    On another note, I know that diet absolutely affects this. You can do a pulse test after eating foods. Certain food items definitely increase my pulse rate.

  73. It’s a great website to network with other people who are experiencing the same things. Makes me feel a little less isolated with this problem. Hope you continue to feel better. Blessings to you.

  74. Charles La Rue June 14, 2016 at 12:07 am

    It might be curable. As I got older, the palpitations got worse; I had to go to emergency four times to get an injection to lower the heart rate. After a lot of research, I found that 95% of people with palpitations also had the h pylori infection. This explained my digestion problems as well as the rapid heart beat.

    Next my research discovered that the olive leaf extract, d lenolate, selectively kills the h pylori and also acts as a calcium channel blocker. This was exactly what I needed to find. I stopped taking the heart medication, diltiazem, and I’m only doing the d lenolate, two capsules every four hours (like an antibiotic).

    My digestion has improved and no heart palpitations anymore. Try it and see if it works for you.

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  76. I have been suffering from heart Palpitations since I was 6 years old. I can actually remember the first time. I have seen numerous doctors over the years. They have found nothing wrong with my heart. NONE of the remedies help. I found that after menopause they just got worse. Physical activity does help alleviate but does not make them go away. There is no remedy for me. I have tried every remedy I have ever found Now days, it just gets worse and worse for me. Hours long episode, up to 24 hours. I wake up with them, I fold laundry and I get them I sit at my desk at work and get them. There hast to be something that can help me. 3 Times in the last week after a month with none. There has to be something.

  77. I have been suffering from heart Palpitations since I was 6 years old. I can actually remember the first time. I have seen numerous doctors over the years. They have found nothing wrong with my heart. NONE of the remedies help. I found that after menopause they just got worse. Physical activity does help alleviate but does not make them go away. There is no remedy for me. I have tried every remedy I have ever found Now days, it just gets worse and worse for me. Hours long episode, up to 24 hours. I wake up with them, I fold laundry and I get them I sit at my desk at work and get them. There has to be something that can help me. 3 Times in the last week after a month with none. There has to be something.

    • Lorie
      Sorry to hear of your experience. I have also lived with them for many years and I have also noticed they have increased after menopause. I don’t know what the answer is however I do know it is very comforting to me to network with people on this site who are also having the same problem. My doctor has increased my heart medication which seems to have helped me at this time. We all will keep searching for a treatment the cures or at least controls. God bless.

  78. What i do not understood is in reality how you are now not really
    much more smartly-preferred than you might be right now.
    You’re so intelligent. You already know therefore significantly with regards to this topic, produced me individually believe it from a lot of numerous angles.
    Its like men and women are not fascinated unless it is something
    to accomplish with Woman gaga! Your individual stuffs nice.

    At all times take care of it up!

  79. Hi Tom (sorry not sure if that is the blogger’s name) and all,

    I am so depressed/anxious right now. I qas wondering if I am no the only one who gets the palps like 4 times a minute ALL day long??
    They give me a huge pressure in my head, butterflies in my stomach….horrible!!!!!

    • Tanya
      Yes I think we have all experienced that unfortunately. It can be scary and make you feel anxious. Thank goodness we have this site with a lot of individuals who have good information that may work for you. God bless. Sharon

    • Hi Tanya……in response to your letter here…….I just wanted to say you sure are not alone in experiencing palpations all day long………I have experienced palpations on and off for a number of years now…….but never to the point that I experience them now……the last eight months they have become almost chronic…….I will experience them steady…… every third or fourth heart beat for hours on end……sometimes days on end……I also experience little races……where they will beat very very quickly for 5 to 10 second periods……it can feel very scary……..I have been put on beta blockers……they have not stopped the palpations……but have lessened the intensity of the palpations……..they are very scary and frustrating…….sometimes worse than others…….so I certainly understand how you are feeling about them……..and was wondering if you are still experiencing them…..and wondering how many people experience them in this chronic way?

  80. Thank Ian. This is a great place to network with people who experience HP like we do. Here’s to praying we all live happy HP free lives.

  81. This is to Tanya and the person who also commented o tanyas blog. Yes they are frustrating. They come and go. Last long periods of time in some instances. I am also on beta blockers which take the edge off but don’t totally stop. I have experienced now for approx 38 years. I understand your fear and the discomfort they cause but I push through and enjoy life. Thank goodness we have a place to go and voice in this forum other people who experience the same. God bless you. Sharon

  82. Hello!

    I have just stumbled upon this amazing blog. I have suffered from palpitations and anxiety for a year now. It is very comforting to see that other people share the same story as me. –As other people easily dismiss these problems. I will definitely be trying out your suggestions. Keep on posting and helping others! Thank you 🙂



  83. Welcome Lucy. This is a great sight. Even though you do not want anyone to suffer from this condition, it is a comfort too know you are not alone. God bless

  84. Hey all. Great blog. Im reading comments and laughing ( i find myself in them ) hope you all get better and better

  85. You are а vᥱry smart individual!

  86. Hi all. I have been suffering with PVC’s for about a year and a half now. I did have them in the past while taking an anti-depressant, but didn’t worry as I knew they were a side effect. Now, I get them randomly (the only pattern we noticed was that I would have them more frequently in the days before my menstrual cycle would start). Had the holter monitor done, along with a sonogram of my heart. Everything was normal, but cardiologist found that my potassium was low. Next month I am due for a stress test to rule out heart disease.

    The only reason I really worry about these is because I have also developed high blood pressure. I feel like once I am sure that I don’t have heart disease, I can just accept these as the nuisance that they really are. I have been in the emergency room too many times to count because of my PVC’s, and I just want to move on.

  87. Celina
    Welcome. I always knew when that time of the month was approaching due to the PVCs. Lived with this for approx 35 years. It is annoying but know your not alone if that helps.

  88. Thank you thank you thank you for this blog !

  89. Just curious if anyone knows anything about or has had my condition called Accelerated idioventricular rythym

  90. I have not heard of that condition myself. I hope you can find someone to relate too. This is a great forum.

  91. Hi everyone,
    I have suffered heart palpitations as well and occasionally I visited this website looking for answers and stories from other people (all of you), so first let me thank you for the support you gave me 🙂
    Currently I don’t have heart palpitations and I haven’t had them from almost a year (when I say that it scares me a hell because I am still scare to have them again). I am 30 now and I I first started to feel them in my early 20s). I tried a lot of things (cardiologist, psychologist, etc) but no one seemed to have any answer for my heart palpitations. The only thing that really helped me was Magnesium Chelated, in fact I still take 2 pills per day because I have low levels of Magnesium in my body (every year I have a blood test and Magnesium level is low although I take pills supplements for that).
    During those years my palpitations were not always the same but I was going for seasons. Some weeks were worse than others and sometimes had some months of tranquility. I didn’t understand at all what was going on with me. Sometimes I felt them more after sport, after a night of partying, in times of less stress, when I did not sleep enough or went out to dinner for example.
    One day I began to relate it to the digestive system: according to what I ate I felt more gas and in relation to that I had more palpitations. This was the thought that led me to attend an osteopathic doctor specialized in nutrition that I had been told (it took me almost 10 years to understand that relation inside my body!!). This doctor took me several tests and the reason for my palpitations was that I had high levels of histamine in my blood. Histamine is an enzyme that we all have up to a certain amount (all foods we consume contain histamine) but normally our body produces another substance, DAO, which is what eliminates high levels of histamine. In my case, I had practically no presence of DAO, so my histamine levels were not regulated and had too much in the digestive levels of histamine produce, among many other symptoms, digestive dysfunctions such as those I had and, sometimes, can cause palpitations too. I started a diet low in histamine (if my body did not process it I had to consume foods with little presence of this substance). In a few months I started to improve. I practically stopped consuming wheat, cow’s milk and acidic foods like kiwis, oranges, pineapples, etc. Reducing alcohol was also important (I now consume a couple of drinks when I dine out or some beers on the weekends and nothing happens, but it’s because my body has stabilized). I started to notice improvements very fast, even my digestive system started to work better. There are many pages on the internet where to find the most recommended foods for a low histamine diet and it is easy to try. Obviously, you shouldn’t obsess because it is very difficult to carry out a diet low in histamine but at least, if it works for you, you can try to compensate what you eat.
    I want to understand that I felt my cure to this problem that works for me and I wanted to share it with all of you. Maybe it could also work for some of you. Please if you need more details or support I can write you privately, you only need to ask!

    • It is such a blessing for you the heart palpitations have stopped. Thank you so much for the information addressing magnesium and histamine. Who would have thought histamine would cause problems and they are in our foods. I am a firm believer the preservatives and chemicals in our foods are the cause of many chronic illnesses. Again thanks and future blessings. Sharon

  92. You made ѕome nice points there. I looked on thee internet for the iѕsue and found most individuals will approve with your website.

    • August 14, 2017 at 1:06 pm

      Its nearly always just stress & anxiety people. Deal with the panic attacks, work on your Karma. Any muscle tension & palpitations will stop & you will be a happy chappie!

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